Searching for the World’s Oldest Pub

– [Narrator] Pubs. (lively music) There’s thousands of them, but this story is about just four. And what makes them so special? They’re old. This guys thinks his pub is oldest. – I’m a fair bit older, all right. – Nah.
– No way. – [Narrator] I guess we
should look into this. In that case, welcome to the search for the oldest pub in the world. Take the floor, landlord one. – Welcome to Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, the oldest pub in England. So the landlord boards go back to 1760, but we know the caves go back to 1070 when the first castle was built. Up here. Here is the wooden galleon. Don’t touch it though! Everyone who’s cleaned it
has come to a mysterious end. Who knows if we’re the
oldest pub in the world, but we sure serve the
best pint in the world. – [Narrator] Landlord two, you’re up. – Welcome to the Old Ferry Boat, the oldest pub in England,
and possibly the world. – [Narrator] Isn’t that
what the last guy said? – No, no, no, it is. – [Narrator] Fine. – This pub has been
dated back to 1050 a.d. But legend has it, it’s 500 years older. So it’s pretty old, pretty damn old. We don’t have any silly ships here but we do have a ghost. This pub was built on the grave of a young girl called Juliet. But one thing’s for sure:
we do serve the best pint. – [Narrator] Let’s hear it landlord three. – Welcome to Ye Olde Man and Scythe. It’s so old, we don’t even know exactly how old it is. The records go back to 1251, but the design of our cellar is before the turn of the century. – [Narrator] So, you don’t know. – Definitely older than
the others, though. – [Narrator] Right. – One ghost? We’ve got way more than that. We’ve got 53, and one in particular is way better than their’s. In 1651, James Stanley,
the seventh Earl of Derby, was executed right here during the English Civil War. Head (cutting noise). Oldest pub in the world? We think so. But one thing’s for sure, we pull the best pint in the world. – [Narrator] Wait, I haven’t introduced– – I’ll stop you there. There are many who claim to be the oldest. Well, we are fully researched, and dated as the oldest. Come on in. You’re very welcome to Sean’s. The bar itself is actually older than the town itself. Almost all of the owners are on record, even back to the original
owner Lou himself in 900. And he’d drive people across the Old Ford. Just here. Over here on the walls
is a letter and cert from the Guinness Book of World Records. – [Narrator] Have we found it? – You have found it, and
you’re very welcome to Sean’s. Every bar is going to claim to have the best beer in the world, but we can certainly claim we have the
best whiskey in the world. (glasses clinking) – [Narrator] This has
got to be the best excuse for a pub crawl ever. Cheers!
(lively music)


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