Scottecs Toons – Il Bar del Petrolio

– Hello!
– Good evening! – Greetings!
– Hey there! – Hi.
– Good morning. – I’d like a coffee, please.
– Here it comes! Here’s a glass of oil! B… but I asked a coffe. I said: “here’s a glass of oil”. – But.
– Mh!
– Bu…
– M! – B…
– Ehhh
– ?
– GRRRRR. Can I at least… have a brioche? Another glass of oil? Of course! *THUD* A… a glass of water? Here’s a glass of oil. A… a pastry? Glass of oil incoming. – A small sandbag?
– Glass of oil! – A …
– GLASS OF OIL. Excuse me, can I have a glass of oil? Coffee and croissant, ready! Can I also have a glass of oil? You like oil, don’t you? *8-bit music* It’s one thousand two hundred euros. *Music, but not the same as before*


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