Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game Gameplay Runthrough

hey everybody today rado runs through scott pilgrims precious little card game which is a very very unique deck builder all about a very very unique comic book universe Scott Pilgrim vs. the world actually I have to admit I’ve never read the comic but I have seen the movie and I loved it loved it to death and playing this has definitely gotten me interested in seeking out the comic as well and I’m going to show you how it works a day in a solo run through although before it gone I strongly recommend you turn your subtitles on to the Klingon channel so that when I make rules goose you’ll know what they are okay be done so and welcome to the world okay I’ve mostly got the game set up and there’s actually a nice little summary on the back page of the manual board game publishers I always do this summarize everything on the back page of the manual anyway so we have to choose our starting character and like said I’m playing solo today because well I could do in my normal two-player run through but the solo game works pretty much the same and there is so much going on in this game so much to think about that I just want to try and keep my head from exploding so we’re gonna do so I got to pick my character who will I be will I be Scott Pilgrim or Ramona flowers or Stefan stills the talent Kim pine who will punch your life in the face Wallace wells the cool Gabe roommate or knives Chau I think I’m gonna be knives today I’ve not played knives yet and actually only if you’re playing a 3 or 4 player game can you be Wallace or Kim because they’ve gotten very very cool powers that kind of ties you with one of the other players around the table because they become your buddy even if you’re playing competitively it’s actually really really cool but like I said today I’m playing solo as knives every character has their own starting deck of 10 cards there is mostly same but there is some uniqueness for each of the cards knives here is a 17 year old and she uses romance and work which means she does not make music there are three resources in this game romance work in music music is not good for knives she is young and does well with drama inner deck but not too much that’s another defining feature of the characters some characters like Scott like a little bit of drama and other characters like Ramona they don’t want drama in their lives at all and knives she’s a little bit true all right so I’ve got her starting deck I know what she’s all about this means as I’m deck building I really want to chase after romance and work cards for donnelly I’m more to the point I should say I am weak in music there are no music generating cards in this deck now what is Ramona capable of well everybody starts with one two three drama in their lives and these are kind of cards that just kind of clog your deck up although some characters can make use of that drama I see knives is romantic she has enthusiasm she has a master plan oh she’s in a very special episode maybe she’ll have a teenage meltdown with some high school drama and she’s also very innocent but that’s only half it because all the cards in this game are two-sided if knives goes into combat she can use a surprise she is a 17-year old love does hurt she is harsh perfect pose the chow down or business time so this is her deck I got a shuffled up although extras little bit more I should think about guys I haven’t played this her yet all characters are trying to basically just get through life make their life a little bit better by overcoming um you know trials and tribulations becoming better people and also if they run into trouble directly fighting their trouble kind of video game style which is really true to the movie and the original comic book is just this crazy wild riotous explosion of action and angst but anyway so one thing that’s important if she ever decides to go into combat to to overcome a challenge in her life she has a bunch of different combos again video game style the double daggers requires two left’s yoga Inferno requires up a blur blades is left left left you can think of these kind of like you know Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat style moves Teenage Dream is a BA and all the knives for knives is left left left left which does seven points of damage by it’s by any one combat card by itself if your button mashing can do a point of damage but so you know four left’s could be four points of damage but if you play them in order in a combo there were seven points of damage to overcome obstacles and challenges so that’s something I’ve got a bear in mind that I’m deck-building towards to be able to pull off these combos because at the begin if I look at all four combat guards what does she got she’s got a left to right and a I left or right or right and uh okay it looks like yeah she’s got three rights three left’s and an a which means at the beginning of the game it would be impossible for her to do yoga inferno because she doesn’t have enough it would be impossible for her to do Teenage Dream because she would need another a and a B it’s impossible for her to do all the knives because she needs at least one more left that’s arcing none of her combos need rights or downs so that’s something I should bear in mind she does not want to add cards to her deck that are a right or a down for the purposes of combos so she has a better shot of pulling off combos when she goes into challenges all right actually what’s going ahead and leave this up as a reminder all right he seemed like I got a shuffle up the deck and the first player in a game but no matter what the player count starts normally you draw five potentially six under certain circumstances but the very very first player the first round of the game only draws four so I’m gonna start with one two three four no drama at the beginning okay so I’m neither a to go but I’ve still got some more setup to do we have to find out which of the evil exes we are going up against Roxanne Richter tog Ingraham NV Adams Matthew Patel Julie powers or Gideon graves the counting counting argot Williams Envy as a solo it’s interesting Todd and envy they come as a pair unless they are a solo act so they come out two different ways and then there’s Lucas Lee I see I have not done Julie Powers the original and best let’s have that be our evil ex day so all these other evil exes are out I’ve got my starting character if we were playing for players everybody would start with their own character and now the last thing we have to set up is the plotline it’s part of setup these are all the different cards in the game they’re all two-sided just all of them unique well not all of them but most of them are unique really just tons of variety in this game and I to create a plotline I take the top from each deck so there is an item it’s like that you know like you can think of a video game item or adorable alright these are two cards and each player is going to add more cards to the plotline so since I’m here by myself I’m playing solo I’m gonna add two more cards out here if I was playing a two-player game I would add two and Jen my opponent would add two so when at the beginning during setup I have to draw from either of these two decks to add squishy squish or California roll squishy squish is a B so remember I would like to get a B to be able to do Teenage Dream but the problem is the resource required to get squishy squish and add it to my deck is music and Chao remember or knives Chau has no music she’s not a musician so this would not be a good card for me to add because I’ll never be able to buy it if I was playing a competitive game and I was going up against say Stefan stills the talent who’s you know the lead singer of the band he would love to get this because he is strong in in music and work so I have to add to here I don’t want this one to come in cuz it’s useless to me California roll this is more my speed because hey it requires for work and remember knives uses romance and work to get through life she does not use music to get through life so this would be one that I could potentially go for but the problem is it’s a down uh-huh I’m you know as a combat card it gives me a Down which is not good because down isn’t good for any of knives moves if she has to face life’s challenges so I don’t want either of those cards because neither of them are particularly interesting to me so now here’s the interesting thing as it says right here while we are laying out the plotline take turns drawing plotline before adding a car to flat line players can choose to remove the top card from either deck all right so I don’t like either of those cards I am just gonna remove squid although there’s another thing about this remember all cards are two-sided this side of squishy squish is totally useless to me because it requires five music to buy it and add it to my deck but every card gives a little bit of a hint in the bottom left as to what is on the other side and I can see the other side of this card if I could get it and add it to my deck gives me three music or three work so I might decide you know what while this side is no good to me maybe the other side is good but I don’t know that one’s also a music generator so I don’t think I like that before I have to add one to the plotline I’m gonna remove one I’m gonna remove squishy squish although I do like that be let’s just remove it all right and now I’ve got to add one I’ve got to add California roll or stage fright and now interesting thing stage fright as it’s a challenge it’s a musical challenge to overcome it does not let me know what is on the other side and remember California roll I do like it because I use work to get it and I can see the other side of it potentially generates more work but I don’t like down in combat because it’s not part of my combos so I’m gonna add stage fright and now I add one more to the plotline let’s see here you know fairytale romance ooh so this requires 10 love 10 romance to get this thing but it’s worth 4 points if I get it into my deck potentially because it’s a very cool powerup hmm I think uh yeah uh it’s a bit of a risk as getting 10 love huh 10 romance is a tough thing to pull off but everybody can do it it’s knives so I’ll go on ahead and add this as well all right the plot line has been set up I’ve got my starting deck I’ve got my starting hand of cards I’ve chosen my evil x and I’m ready to go now if I was playing the normal competitive game we would play until somebody scores the target of 18 points and that means they’ve got a well adjusted life they put their life together because they’ve gotten 18 points by collecting power-ups and various things now I I’m playing a solo game today which means to win I have to get 18 points and I have to do it in a certain time frame since I’m not playing against somebody else I’m playing against the clock there’s a little tat right here playing a solo game you can also play this co-op by the way I’m playing one player I need to get 18 points that means I have 6 rounds I’ve got 6 turns to get 18 points to beat Julie powers and get my life in order so the game doesn’t come with it I’m just using a six-sided die to keep track of the six rounds I’ve got to get through you could also just if you want you don’t have a die you can just set aside six drama cards and use this as a timer or whatever what have you but anyway so we are set up ready to go I’ve got grounds to get everything set up one two three four all righty what am I gonna do now each turn on your turn there’s two halves when I exist there’s four steps main deck elimination acquisition phase combat phase and then resolution so first of all the main deck elimination is of is optional but it’s very easy to forget remember how is talking about I can see what the next two I can see what half of the next two cards are and I know some of them I like more than others like this California roll I kind of like it but I kind of don’t like it at the beginning of my turn if I want I can eliminate the top card of either or both main decks and I might do that because hey these cards are terrible for me I want to find some better cards or if I was playing competitively these cards might be awesome for my opponents and I don’t want to get them so I might eliminate them just to get them out of the way because they’re not good for me they’re good for somebody else and I’d be trying to be competitive so I could get rid of California roll you know California rolls okay but again none of my combos used down in combat so I’m gonna eliminate that it’s just out of the game thereby I’ve revealed crummy retail job oh that is what I am all about I need three work to get a retail job and that’s worth two points all righty do I want to get rid of save point it’s a save point um the video game influences are just rife throughout this game because they are the lifeblood of Scott Pilgrim itself so I can eliminate this as well or keep it this one I need six of any of the three resources and it’s a B and remember I do need B for Teenage Dream if I want to pull off my one of my two most powerful combos so I’ll leave that one there all right so that was the my first thing I do main deck elimination totally optional what I want to do it or not if these were both awesome for me I would have left them both there hoping that they would make it into the plotline so I could get them into my deck after that the first half of my turn is the acquisition phase this is kind of the standard deck builder part of your turn where you look at the cards in your hand you see what they generate a hussy so I could generate for work from a teenage meltdown and some high school drama that will give me for work or instead I could play teenage meltdown and romantic to get one two three four five romance and my enthusiasm it’ll just anything up it’ll be one to anything I want to play so effectively I could either and now and this his teenage meltdown I can have it sigh it’s gonna give me work or romance it won’t give me both so with my starting hand I can generate six romance one two three four five six or one two three four five work and now the cards in the top left they say what general resource they provide in the bottom sometimes they will have special additional stuff they do when you play them what’s it romantic doesn’t romantic just generates two romance but these other ones remember how knives likes a little bit of drama in her life although unfortunate I didn’t draw I had three drama cards I didn’t draw any of them if I had any drama cards I could when I have a teenage meltdown I could pump it up with a drama card and make it more powerful the that’s what the or I’m sorry no no not now that one on my enthusiasm or my high school drama if I play a drama card which is normally just a waste card it just clogs up my deck but I can use drama to power up my enthusiasm or my high school drama to make them more valuable if I play sorry teenage meltdown is my most powerful card that I’ve got but to play it for three or three means I add another drama to my discard pile more drama comes into my life if I have a meltdown right but that will give me a lot of resources to start getting cards and now what do I want to get if I could get ten romance I could have a fairytale romance that would be amazing because that’s four of the pull of the 18 points that I’ve got six rounds to get but I can’t quite pull off that much romance right now alrighty four of anything will let me get an item and I can see on the other side that this is a combat card which will give me a down a down isn’t gonna help me I’m not that excited about that item this is one of the ones that I couldn’t get rid of it just came out somebody else might be excited about it um right so alrighty hmm although it’s a good thing anyway because whenever I play it it doesn’t generate any resources but I draw three cards and then discard so I can try to get a better hand maybe get more romance in my an to pull that off so it’s not bad it’s just not as good as it could be because it won’t help me that much for combat although I don’t know exactly what’s on even though this is a down which does not mean my combos it might still have a cool combat power they could help me on the other side but adorable is a left and if I get one more left I can pull off all the knives so I definitely want to buy that this is gonna cost me three romance so and if I have a teenage meltdown I’ll add more drama so I’m just gonna be romantic that gives me two and I’m gonna have some enthusiasm that gives me three that is enough to become adorable knives Chow is adorable now um this there’s a reminder on the other side here’s my draw pile here’s my discard pile and here’s where my power-ups live so I’m just gonna put this in my discard pile so I’ve spent those and now whenever a card gets removed I immediately put a new one out and here’s the interesting thing I pick this card or this card and I can put it out either side up so I can put this out as a crummy retail job I can put this out as a save point or if I pick this once I pick this I can i and only I can look at the other side and maybe decide to put the other half of it out now if I put in crummy retail job I will because I’m good at work knives Chau has a good work I think I could get this it’s two more points the other side of it is a challenge that requires I generate eight damage in combat to to overcome the challenge let’s see now the other thing is a save point which lets me draw two cards and then eliminate one card eliminate one card means deck thinning my deck or eliminating something from the plotline that somebody else might like and I could just get rid of it or getting rid of something that’s not good for me so I can make something else up here so that’s what the save point does and on the other side it to be I like this crummy retail job alright so I bought one I have to refill I’m gonna take the chroma retail job I’m probably gonna put it as a crummy retail job cuz it’s good for me but if I look at the other side I could put this as a subspace ambush again sometimes the video game lives of these characters bleeds over into their real life now if this is a challenge and I put it out I would need to be able to do eight damage in combat to overcome this subspace challenge but if I do that it’ll be worth three victory points on the flipside if I can just if this comes out as a job I just need to and three work and get a job it’s a powerup which means it gives me two points now I’m not that sure I mean I say I did just get my fourth left so I could potentially pull off all the knives which does seven damage it’s not impossible that I could beat this subspace ambush but I know for a fact I can just get a crummy retail job so that’s what I’m gonna put out here so so far a lot of choices have been made right from the get-go and I’ve still got two more cards to play and in fact this crummy retail job requires three work if I have a teenage meltdown well we’ll spare you the embarrassment of witnessing that awful spectacle but I’ll get the three work I need to land that job probably cuz I went into the store and had a total breakdown and you know pretty much forced the the video store manager to hire me on the spot just because you know they didn’t want to deal that’s by the way one of the greatest things about this game and in fact the rules even talk about this encouraged this this game tells interesting silly stories as you use your special powers to get cards that have real kind of well half of it half the time they have like real life grounded meaning in the other haim they have weird kind of fantastical far-out stuff but anyway I am gonna have a teenage meltdown to get three work and now this means I have to there was some drama mother to me in my life I’ll have to add another drama card but Knives likes a little bit of drama to spend three to get the crummy retail job now this is a powerup which means it doesn’t go into my discard pile it comes over here into my powerup I’ve got three areas my draw pile my discard pile and where I have all my power-ups I have now scored two of the 18 points I need all right and I’ve played all these cards and I’ve got one more card left over high school drop first I’ve got to add another one so I could add this safe point or the the challenge of crippling debt not all challenges are crazy far out video game things that you use your combos to overcome a lot of the challenges are just regular day-to-day things um so if I add crippling debt which I would need to have seven total combat which it would a single all of the knives I could pull off um basically what happens is it reminds me what the reward is over here on this other challenge I saw reward would have been keep it for its three victory points the challenge of this one is flip it over after I overcome my crippling debt I will get to flip this over and reveal what it is it’s gonna be some kind of reward probably a powerup that I can add and score more points alright anyway so I could take crippling debt or I could take this a point let’s and there’s already one challenge out here musical fright which is the same kind of thing if I overcome stage fright then I will flit and you’ll by doing doing battle with my stage fright I’ll flip this and get a reward hmm um see here or the save point that lets me draw so lets me get a better hand of cards to better face what I want to do hmm no let’s let’s put another challenge out here that just sounds like fun although now before I put it out remember I could put it out like this or I could put it out like this prep cook which requires six works so I can put this out as it challenged over time I’ll need seven total combat or I can put this out as a job to get I’ve already gotten one job at a crummy retail job maybe that could lead to me being prep cook now if I have this powerup though there is an important thing I can only have two jobs but I will have scored five of the 18 points I need but I can’t get any more jobs knives can only have two jobs working at the video store and working as a prep cook so alright this is the card I’ve chosen do I make this a challenge to overcome oh this is interesting thing if I overcome as a challenge I get the job or I can just through hard work get the job I’m good at work what the heck I’m just gonna put this here like this alright so um and I’ve still got one more card it’s just gonna provide me one work which doesn’t do anything if I had drama to match it to I could get to work that also in do anything so I am done um this card at the end of my turn any cards I played and any cards I didn’t play they all just go in the discard pile okay I have finished the acquisition phase of my first turn now we move on to the combat phase now this is totally optional if I want there are two challenges available to me to overcome I could try to overcome stage fright and maybe um no knives challo actually I don’t know maybe it’s a maybe it’s a school it doesn’t have to be um you know the band the whatsit uh oh what’s the name of the band sex by bomb I believe is the name of Scott pilgrims band it doesn’t have to be the band it could be anything that knives would overcome that is stage fright and I would flip this over and I would get the reward I could choose to try to face stage fright right now or if I want I could go up to the big leagues and try to take on the evil ex Julie Powers herself now the challenge of Julie Powers is 12 I would need to be able to do 12 damage to be able to overcome Julie but if I do that’s six points six of the 18 points I need to win the game I know and this would be true everything I’ve said now is pretty much true whether you’re playing solo or co-op it’s just when you’re when you’re competitive so when you’re playing competitive a lot of what you’re doing is not drafting to give yourself better cards but drafting to get rid of cards that your opponent’s really want anyway so I could try to challenge her I would need 12 damage I’m not strong enough to do that yet although in Stingley so she is a social and romance character and there’s a special thing +12 social each powerup that is it has a friend trait does one extra point of damage to Julie when she is targeted so if knives gets a lot of friend power-ups it’ll be a lot easier to take on Julie but right now all knives has is a crummy retail job although let’s not forget she is also adorable all right so my choice right now is do I want to go into combat to fight stage fright or Julie powers if I choose to do this I will draw either five or six cards from my deck and I don’t get to look see what’s guide my deck I know what my next card is but I don’t know what the rest are although of course through process was on the nation I know hey all three of my drama cards are in here cuz I didn’t draw any have to be any of the game now I said five or six if during the acquisition phase I acquired any cards that means if I want to do combat I only draw five if during the acquisition phase I said deco that I don’t want any of these cards I’m skipping on acquiring that means if I choose to do combat I can draw 6 cards because I put all my energy into preparing for fighting stage fright or or crushing dead or whatever it might be so if I wanted to do since I did acquire some stuff I could draw five cards and I would not use them like you just saw me use them for the day-to-day life type stuff I’d use them as combat instead to try to generate enough combat damage to overcome stay I mean maybe I could beat stage right maybe but I’m not going to my firt although here’s the thing every turn you effectively get two turns you get your acquisition turn and then use your combat turn now remember I’m playing solo I only get six turns to score those 18 points so if I don’t engage in combat right now I’m basically throwing away one of my 12 turns because I get six acquire and six combat phases so maybe I should go for this anyway now let’s look at this a little bit more closely if I fight it first of all I have to do a versus draw and if I draw a drama that means this will go from a six to a seven this could be if drama suddenly and unexpectedly appears in my life this becomes tougher it becomes a seven for every drama I draw during a versus draw and I’ll explain what that is a second I get one I mean for every drama I get it gets plus one if I win I flip this and keep it whatever type of powerup it is if I lose I discard one card after drawing a new hand so because at after I do combat I’m during resolution I will draw my hand for round two and normally I can get five or six cards but if I lose if I am overcome by stage fright next round I’ll once again only start with four cards in my hand and I know most of those cards will be drama so it’s a dangerous thing for me to engage in this fight but like I said in a solo game I’ve only got six fights I can do and here’s the interesting thing it says before the fight starts it might get more powerful I have to do a versus draw one now if I was playing with another player if I was playing with another player and they were Scott Pilgrim right I would look to the player to my left I would look at their draw pile and what a versus draw means is that player will draw X number of cards in this case one will draw one card and it’s X M you know it might say draw three for every drama that comes up this becomes more powerful so if the player to my left in a compare or co-op game I could see their top card oh look this isn’t a drama card so I know for a fact this Estates fright won’t get more dangerous now that’s what I was playing another human being I could see what the card they’re gonna be if it was a drama card on the top of Scotts deck I would know for a fact that I have to be 2/7 because Scott would do a drama would draw this and say oh this just got more tough for you so there’s kind of a little bit of interaction between players not really but here’s the thing in a what would he call it a solo game I don’t have a player to my left so I still have to do the versus draw which means I draw from my own deck and the thing is I know all of my drama is in here but I don’t know where it is if I choose to do calm oh no no you know I’m pretty confident there’s six cards here three of them are drama and one of them isn’t if I say I’m gonna try and fight stage fright I first of all I draw a hand I draw five because I did acquisition so I don’t get to draw six then I would do the versus check which means there’d be one card left in my deck provided the last card in my deck is not drama then it won’t increase this so what’s out X or what the what I just like what that I forget what I just said anyway what the heck folks I am going to try and fight stage fright which means I draw five cards and I do not on my last card to be drama one two three four five okay cool so since I did acquisition these are the cards I’ve got this is not looking very good I’ve only got two attack cards which if I use them to button mash will only do two points of damage and I need to do six but now I have to find out it gets more powerful do a versus draw of one there’s no player to my left I am so I’ll do a versus draw of one and I see hey look this is not drama so this didn’t get any tougher so I still have to beat a six now here’s the interesting thing whichever player did the versus draw that potentially makes my challenge tougher to beat the cards that they drew they have to discard those cards but one of the cards they drew they can put in their hand and discard something else so I just drew a very special episode I’ll discard one of my dramas so my hand just got a little bit stronger I’ve got three cards that I can use to take out stage fright although it’s not what I need for a combo yes it is laughs two left’s lets me do double daggers which is three of the six damage I need to do maybe I’ve got a chance of pulling this off folks we will see because now fight combat starts okay so I’ve got my hand we did the versus check I’m trying to beat a six or hit a six and I’ve got three cards that’ll help me out uh-huh oh wait no no not these sides it’s these sides now folks a perfect pose surprise attack and I could just be harsh you are ugly and I hate you um says knives Chau aha alrighty so right here’s the deal every one of these cards in combat has two functions they’re their combo stuff for the purposes of matching combos and sometimes they’ve got special powers they can do and then also remember there’s a reminder hey if I were buying this on the other side I could see it provides one romance the master plan provides one romance anyway so I’m gonna start playing these things in doing damage and I’ve got two left’s and a right and if I were to draw more cards I don’t know what I’m gonna get necessarily because here’s the interesting thing if I play surprise and play some drama with it match drama means I spin one of these drama cards to pump this up it will do an additional point of damage so that’s pretty cool this one also wants to match drama which will let me draw one more card so I’ve got two cards that feed off of drama to power them up remember knives Chau likes drama other characters don’t like drama in which case they have a card that says hey if you didn’t do any matching drama get a bonus when you play them say anyway I’m gonna start playing and I’m gonna start out doing a combo wait because if I play perfect poise by itself it does 1 point of damage and that’s called button mashing it does 1 point of damage and whatever special power it is so I’ve done one of the six I’m not gonna play that yet though because interesting Lee this is the one card that uses to me none of my combos need a right actually what I will I will I’m gonna button mash I’ve done one point of damage I have five more to go now I’ve got my next two cards I’m gonna play them not together I’m gonna play them as a combo left left is a double daggers that is three points of damage so now I’ve done four damage I’m almost there but I’m not done yet but remember these could both be powered up so I’m gonna power both of them with some drama so this one says hey draw another card and this one says duh do an additional point of damage so I have now done for damage one two three four five I’m sorry I’ve done five points of damage if I and I get to draw one more card if um and as long as I draw a car as long as I don’t draw a drama card all of my other cards can do the one point of damage I need to finish this so I have to draw one more card because I pumped up the surprise with some drama and now I’m gonna shuffle and there’s only I’ve got a very good shot at winning this thing now folks because I pulled off a combo and had some drama to pump up my cards as long as I don’t draw the drama so here’s the thing you might say well being how can you shuffle this game because all the cards are two-sided you can see exactly what you’re shuffling here’s what happens well first of all I found I just kind of closed my eyes when I’m shuffling and I don’t really look but it doesn’t matter you can look all you want because what happens is after you’re done shuffling oh my gosh I got two drama cards in here after you’re done shuffling you then take the deck and you flip it over and this is the card whenever you shuffle a deck you shuffle it up then flip it over so you don’t know what you’re gonna reveal and this is the card I drew it’s the chow down everybody my other right which is useless for any of my combos I’m gonna play this is a button mash that is the sixth point of damage I’ve done it I have overcome stage fright with perfect poise a surprise I was kind of harsh about it and I pulled out the chow down with some combos I did it so I played all these cards yeehaw alrighty they all go into my discard pile and I get to find out what do I win for overcoming my stage fright there’s some buzz like I said I’m gonna assume I was in a school play or something like that um anyway so I have now got some buzz I have scored four of the 18 points and I’ve got two special powers let’s see well first of all I can only ever have two jobs oh yeah I know all right so this the crummy table didn’t have a power this was hey I got it I got the points but I added more drama to my deck buzz the cost to acquire this powerup is reduced by one for each Oh a oh no all right so no this doesn’t have a power this card remember it could have come out like this or could have come out like this in which case to get it I would have had to put on a really great musical performance if I could have produced five music I would have just earned the buzz and this is a reminder that it gets cheaper for if you have more friends more your friends will help you generate the buzz so this gets cheaper to buy but anyway this is not a card on buying this is a card I got by overcoming stage fright so it has no special power and I have scored four of the 18 points in my first of six turns yeah maybe combat successful and by the way I’ve got to put a new card out here so do I want to put out save point or flash back flash back is a right combat I’m not interested in that but I could get it through work I want more or less or bees or A’s so I have a better shot at getting my bigger combos so I could start working up to try and battle Julie powers herself hmm so this isn’t really that great as a combo I I will go ahead and take this a point so I take this because this is also potentially a B now I take this I can add it as a save point which requires six of anything or I can add it as the but slide which deals an additional three points of damage if a second but so if you can get to but slides hide your deck a B for but this is a very powerful card so either way testing either doesn’t matter which way I put it up it requires six of any one resource to buy I’ll just put it up here as a save point so that nobody else knows that it’s a but slide so only I have that information and I have now revealed soul mate another romance base card so that was the end of my combat phase all right and now resolution um right sometimes there will be stuff you have to do with the evil ex and all that stuff but anyway I draw a new hand of five cards and if I get engaged in no combat if I skip the combat phase entirely I would get to draw six so I didn’t skip combat so I’m gonna draw five new cards one two three four five uh-huh and it would be the next players turn or in a solo game we move on to round two I’ve got five more rounds to get those 18 points and here’s what’s out here and once again let’s see I’ve got two drama and I’m not using these for combat right now I could be adorable I could have my teenage meltdown again or more high school drama and remember I’ve got two drama cards to pump these up so this could be worth to work this oh and I mean this will create more drama if I use it and this is just whenever I’m adorable it just helps me become more romantic so I could effectively have three four five romance or four or Foe to five work or four romance to buy new cars which means I could buy this item it needs four of anything I would need six work to get the prep cook job and then I’d have two jobs I can’t have any more jobs I could need six to get the save point or I would need ten to the fairytale romance right okay but you know what on the next turn starting to turn to the first thing I do is once again main-deck elimination I could eliminate one or both of these cards I don’t like this I don’t like this combat I’m just gonna remove it thereby revealing unwavering devotion I do like this cuz I can generate romance like nobody’s business now to be worth three points if I do it so I will leave it at that and now what am I gonna buy how am I gonna deck build how am I going to keep trying to you know live the perfect life and that folks is Scott Pilgrim I’ve just barely scratch the surface but hopefully that gives you a pretty good idea of all the features of the game and now if you want hear some final thoughts you can hit that I in the top-right corner screen or follow the show notes in five four three two one


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