Schecter Blackjack ATX C-1 FR Review with Mariano Alonso

Hi, I’m Mariano Alonso, YEMET’s guitarist
and Schecter endorser. Today, I want to show you my main guitar,
my Schecter BlackJack ATX C-1 with Floyd Rose. As you can see, the body is made of mahogany,
making the guitar sound great and with big sustain. The ebony fingerboard gives a lot of sustain
to the notes also. The pickups are a pair of Blackouts AHB-1. Designed for the high gain and distorted sounds,
but sound great when playing the cleanest and crystal clear sounds. These pickups, and this guitar in particular,
work really cool while playing articulated riffs, riffs with tails, etc. These are Grover tuners, which means the guitar
keeps tuned forever and ever. This is a Floyd Rose Original bridge. You can use the bar as heavily as you want,
and your guitar will keep on tune. It’s really cool. It’s a really good looking guitar. The color is satin Black. It doesn`t have inlays. Just one in the 12th fret. I personally prefer it this way, but as you
can see, the frets are marked in the side of the neck, so that’s not a problem at all. I’m very happy with this guitar. And as a left handed guitar player (your screens
aren’t screwed up. I am lefty!), I’ve found a home in Schecter
Guitars, a brand that, unlike other brands with very limited catalogue for left handed
players, or no catalogue at all, really have a variety of models, shapes, etc. It’s a very “lefty friendly” brand. Now I’m gonna play some tunes from by band’s
first record. The band is YEMET and our record is called
“Y El Malo Eres Tu”. You can find it in iTunes, Amazon, eMusic
and countless online stores more. Thank you for watching and see you next time!


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