Scary Games – The Illuminati Card Game

To start off, I would like to say that this
card game really exists, and it can be bought.
You can decide for yourself if you want to
believe that it is a theory and we’re all
gonna die, but you can’t deny that this card
game can’t be coincidence.
Before telling the whole story, you need to
know what the Illuminati is.
If you already know it, congratualtions.
If you don’t know it, it is useful to listen.
A short explanation of the Illuminati (also
known as the New World Order) is that it is
a conspiracy theory.
It all begins with the Mayas.
You probably know about their prediction that
the world will end in 2012.
However, the world won’t end in 2012, but
the fifth major cycle will end in 2012.
And that means a big change.
Believers of the conspiracy theory say that
the Illuminati will start to rebuild the world
in 2012.
Their main goal is to reduce the world population
and create a better world by doing that.
Now that you know what the Illuminati is,
I’ll explain yet another coincidence (my previous
story was about the Illuminati and Denver
It all started in 1995.
Steven Jackson decided to make a new type
of card game, called Illuminati.
When the game was completed, something weird
happened; the American government tried to
stop the game from being marketed.
The reason never came out.
Well, a few years later things became clear.
Six years after the release of the card game
something terrible happened.
Planes crashed into the World Trade Center,
as result of a terrorist attack.
Many people died.
The card game exactly predicted this.
Have a look at this card.
Even the position is correct.
Another terrorist attack that everyone remembers
is the disaster at the Pentagon.
The card game predicted that too.
And do you remember the BP oil spill?
Yes, the game knew that it would happen.
Have a look at their ‘Oil Spill’ card.
You can see contaminated water, a sinking
ship and a bird that’s dying because of the
As well as the cards I mentioned before, these
things happened to reduce the world population
and the Illuminati would’ve made them happen.
Could these be the reasons why the government
didn’t want it to be published?
What does the game predict to happen in the
Does it predict the end of the world?
The game definitely raises questions.
And that’s good for the sales.
But how could someone knew this would happen?
You might wonder what the Illuminati card
game holds for us in the future.
I’ll tell you about the most remarkable cards,
because there are too many to talk about.
There’s one card that says ‘World War Three’.
It says that there would be another world
But in this one nuclear weapons will be used.
It sounds logical that if there would be another
world war those weapons would be used, because
there was a threat of a nuclear war before
(between Russia and the Warsaw Pact and the
USA and the rest of NATO).
And there are more nuclear weapons than in
the past world wars, and of course they have
been developed.
You can also find a card that’s says your
goal is population reduction.
And that of course is the Illuminati’s goal.
Under the picture, in the explanation of the
card, it says ‘Too many people making too
many problems and not enough love.’
The Illuminati sees the reduction as the solution
for those problems.
And there is also the ‘Rewriting History’
card, the ‘Illuminati University’ card, the
‘End of the World’ card and many more remarkable


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