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(upbeat music) – Hi guys, welcome back to the– – [Family] Youtube Family! – And today we’re playing Sardines in our hotel resort in California. (cheering) So how do you play Sardines
is we’re actually gonna divide into teams, and
we’ve got some cups here to say whose team is on what. ‘Cause when we’re in public, we don’t want to go out separately here. And so one team will be
designed to go out and hide. The other teams will give them two minutes and then they will go try to find them. The last team to find them loses. – Okay, I’m gonna draw out the teams now. Let’s see who’s team one. Alright, team one is Audrey and Katie! – Ah yeah! – So Audrey and Mom is team one. Team two is Ty and David! – Ooh, we already won. – And team three is Jake and Jordan, yeah! – Middle child! – The middle children. So these are the different locations. – Katie and Audrey are
hiding at, for round one, we’ll be hiding at location one. – Which is around these
buildings, right where we’re at. – And then team two will
be hiding at location two. – Oh, perfect. – Which is over by the
zoo and the pool area. – And then team three is team three. – Team three will be hiding
in the conference center, which could be weird, ’cause I think there’s
a conference going on. – Oh. – Alright, you guys ready to play? – Yeah!
– Let’s go! – [David] Alright, Mom
and Audrey went to hide. Where do you think they’re hiding? – I don’t know, Jake, where do you think? – [David] Tell us your strategies. – Um, building four. In building four. – [David] Too bad you can only hide in building one, two,
and three, so good job. – Building two. – [David] Where do you
think they’re hiding? – Wait, I don’t want to
tell you my strategy. – [David] I’m on your team, shortstuff. – Well, they can hear. – [David] Oh, yeah, we
can’t tell you guys. – Why you can’t tell us? – Alright, so as they hide, we
have to go and run as teams. Because we can’t separate. And so when we run out the door here, Tyler and I are gonna have one camera, Jordan and Jake will have another camera. So you will be able to see
all of our points of view. – Yep. – On where we’re going and
who’s gonna get there first. You guys about ready? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I think it’s time, let’s go. – [Katie] Okay, Audrey,
where are we gonna hide? Hurry, hurry, hurry! We have buildings one, two, and three. – I think we should hide on a balcony on a different building. – [Katie] So just go run to
another building and go up top? – [Audrey] This one right here, perfect. – [Katie] Okay, so then
we don’t have to run? – [Audrey] Yeah. – [Katie] We’re just going
to walk over to building two. – [Audrey] Ta-da. – [Katie] And I guess we’re going like, you mean go upstairs? – Yeah. – Okay, we’re going up, I don’t think that they’ll find us up here. – [Audrey] I don’t think so. – [Katie] Up, up, up we go! – Right here, we can jump onto the roof. Just kidding. – [Katie] Oh yeah. Well, we can see if they
come running through. – This is not parkour. – [Katie] Should we just
be standing here, or? – Yeah, we’ll just be
like, taking pictures. Like, oh, yeah, I’m just a
tourist taking a picture. Instagram! – [Katie] Okay, so we’re
hanging out up top, up here. See who finds us first. – That was fast. We have to be fast, because
David doesn’t give you no time. – Jake and I are headed out now, and Ty and dad are going that way. I say we go the other way. We’re gonna run. ‘Cause we got a plan! Let’s go Jake, we’re gonna win. So we gotta run fast. Building two, I have a feeling
that’s where they’re at. Building two. Where’s that? Do you know? Uh oh. We’re with the two people
that have the bad directions, you guys, like I literally, I literally have no idea
where I am right now. I have such bad direction. – We’re walking to building two. – [Jordan] Where you think they’re gonna be hiding in building two, like if they hide in building– – Upstairs, there’s upstairs, you know. – [Jordan] I don’t think there is. – You want me to show you? – [Jordan] Oh, there is. – See? There was a balcony. – [David] Alright, Ty, you ready to go? Let’s go! Alright. Whoa! – [Ty] Okay, where would she go? – I don’t know, let’s see. Let’s go this way, alright. We’re taking off. This is building number one, and we’re heading to building two. And there’s all these different
places you could hide in. All these secret areas here, and they can hide around
the building, too. Alright, so our strategy
is we’re gonna kinda look around the perimeter of the buildings, meanwhile looking down there,
you see right over there? If you guys spot them before we do, hurry up and type down below, saying we saw them before Team Shortstuff, because I’m on Team Shortstuff’s team. And so far, I don’t see them. Let’s keep going around,
’cause I think Mom wouldn’t hide inside the hallways. I think Mom’s gonna hide
like on the outsides, by a bush or a tree. – [Jordan] Building two, okay, here we go. Let’s see if we can find them. – [Jake] (mumbles) – I honestly do not know
where they could be. I feel like the other team has
already found them, though. Upstairs, nope. Oh, look at that. I hear somebody, you guys. Okay, we’re gonna keep going. I literally heard somebody, though. I don’t know who it is,
if it’s somebody like, in our family, or if it’s a random person. Whoo, the sun is bright today. Let’s get upstairs and just go. Keep in mind, they can
also be hiding like, in between the buildings, so
like anywhere around here. Which I have a feeling
they might be doing. We’re going into building three. – We haven’t seen the other team yet. – [Jordan] Yup. We haven’t run into them. I have a feeling they
already found them, though. Is that a cleaning cart or is that them? I can’t tell. Oh, that’s a cleaning cart. I thought that was them for a second. I thought that was them
hiding for a second, but that’s a cleaning cart. Ah, I don’t think they’re by the pool. Wait a second, nope,
that’s not them either. I keep thinking like, everything is them. – [Jake] Upstairs, they
have to be upstairs. – Upstairs? – [Jake] Yeah. – Okay. Guess we’re going upstairs. – [David] Okay, Ty, we’re
going around the building here. Let’s see if we can find them. There they are! They’re right up there. They’re up on the second
floor, how do we get up there? – [Katie] Nice golf course view. You think they’ll come running around this side of the building? – I don’t think so. This is actually, let’s stay here. I thought that was them on a
golf cart, I was like, wow. This could be an Instagram. – [Katie] Audrey’s all about Instagram, instead of like, this game, come on. – We gotta be quiet,
’cause we’re fake heroes. – [Katie] Oh! They just found us. Aw, they found us. What, how did they find us, no! They’re trying to figure
out how to get here. Aw, man. – We could run. Hide and go seek tag. – [Katie] I think we should stay. That’s true, we could mix the two games. Hide and seek tag, that’s a new twist. You’re the winner! Good job. – Did you hear us? – [Katie] You weren’t
supposed to find us that easy. Yeah, could you hear us, is that why? You just saw us? – [David] We just saw you
guys doing Instagram photos. – [Katie] Aw, man. – We weren’t even taking photos yet. – [Katie] Are you Instagramming, Ty? Ty is taking pictures of Audrey. Nice. Nice, how’d he do? Did he do pretty good? – If he was taller it would be better. – [Katie] Oh, ’cause he’s
looking up your nose? – But for your height, that’s pretty good. – [Katie] Oh, she’s now doing her selfies. – I’m taking selfies of you. – I’ll photo bomb you. – [Katie] You just gave a clue? – I had to give them a clue because they’re like, totally lost. They have no idea where we are. So I gave them a really good clue, I took a picture of this. – [Katie] Gave them the room number, right where we’re at, so. – [David] If they can’t find us now… – [Katie] They’re gonna
know it’s building two, but can they find the upstairs? – Can they find how to get up here? – Okay guys, we picked everywhere. We’re back to upstairs. We found them! No, you guys found them first. – [Katie] Yep, you guys lost. – Jordan and Jake found us and
we thought it was recording but it wasn’t, so check out their, you recording it, you guys finding it. – Some of it, yeah. But we were last to find you
guys, which is kind of crazy because we literally checked everywhere except for the upstairs on building two, because I figured, ah, no,
they won’t be up there, let’s just go straight to building three and we’ll get a head
start on building three. – Wrong.
– It did not work. – No. So now it’s David and Ty’s turn to hide, and they’ve already ran,
so they’re trying to find a hiding spot, and they’re
gonna be hiding by the pool and by the zoo. – Alright, so it’s our turn to hide. And we got the pool slash zoo area. The problem is I don’t have my hotel card, so I can’t get in the pool area. So we’re either gonna have
to hide around the back of it or over by the zoo. It’s kind of a long run,
so when we get over there, we’ll check back in with you. – There’s really nowhere to hide in here. – Okay, so we’re at the
zoo area, and Ty’s right. There’s really nowhere to hide, so. But this is kinda cool. We get to see a tortoise,
but I don’t see him out, oh, there he is, right there! He’s right in front of us. Man, he’s, look at him, he’s running! I thought they were much slower than that. They’re pretty quick. Where’s the rabbits? – [Ty] Yeah, where’s that rabbit? – [David] There’s supposed
to be some rabbits here too. Let’s see if we can find the lazy rabbits. There’s the rabbits house. Oh, there they are. – [Ty] Where? – They’re right back there, in the corner. In the shade, laying down. Oh, we can’t keep playing with the zoo, we gotta get hiding. Alright, let’s go hide Ty, come on. I wonder if we can hide up over here. Let’s hide up over this ridge, right here. Okay, so we’re hiding in the zoo area. But we’re hiding kind of down
behind this little ridge. We’re gonna get down here
so they can’t see us. And then hopefully, this works. Because what we’re hoping they’ll do is they’ll go run in the pool itself, and they won’t run over here by the zoo. Because they don’t know that
we don’t have our pool key and we can’t get into the pool area. So let’s see what happens. – [Katie] Okay, times up, let’s go. – [Audrey] Is it recording? – [Katie] Let’s go! – We’re at a head start. – [Jordan] Go Jacob, I’ll catch up. – [Katie] Go, go Audrey, go! – Let’s go Mom! – [Jake] Go to the shortcut! – [Katie] Running! Oh, no, they’re gonna win. They’re so fast. – Okay, we’re headed
to our first location. Jake’s right behind me. We’re going, I mean to
the second location. Where Dad and Ty are hiding. The pool and the zoo. This is a two in one. I have a feeling they’re
hiding next to the pool, because the pool, they got
a lot of places to hide. What do you think? – Yeah. – [Jordan] Pool? – They’re go, they’ll go in the water. – [Jordan] They’ll go in the water? – With the camera. – I don’t know about that, but. – Oh, we don’t, do we have a card? – I do not have a card
to get into the pool. This is a problem, I
don’t know if we’re gonna be able to even make it into the pool. – [Jake] We have to wait for mom. – [Jordan] We’re here, we’re
at the pool, we got in. Okay, where are we going? – [Jake] In the pool! – [Jordan] Not in the pool,
they wouldn’t be in there. There’s a lot of people here. Okay, we’re gonna look. Okay, look everywhere Jake. We’re following another team. So if the other team finds them first, we’re just gonna follow them. – [Katie] Scan everybody, Audrey. – I am. – [Katie] See if you can find them. They’re not gonna be in
the pool, just a hint. – Or were they? – [Katie] Just a hint, no pool. They’ll be sitting somewhere else. What, why are you guys
going our direction? – I don’t know, I don’t know. – [Jake] I thought that
they were just behind there. – They could be anywhere. – [Katie] Where are they? – They’re either gonna come from over this area over here, or they’ll come right up over this ridge. So hopefully, hopefully we’ve
got a pretty good hiding spot, that we can hide longer
than Mom and Audrey, ’cause we found them really
quick, didn’t we, Ty? – Mm-hmm, there’s a lot of ants. – There’s ants? – [Ty] Uh huh. – [David] Let’s look. – [Ty] Everywhere down here. – [David] Are we standing in an ant bed? Oh, they’re teeny. – [Ty] I think I covered their bed. – [David] Can you guys see them? – [Ty] I think there’s a hole right there. No, there’s a hole. There’s a hole. – [David] Yeah. – [Ty] I think I covered up their hide. – [David] I gotta look,
just to make sure they’re not coming to get us. – [Katie] Oh, guys, snap. We just saw them. Oh my gosh. – I got him! – [Katie] We totally just found them. – Oh yeah! – [David] You guys found us. – I found your head, I was like, it’s Dad! – [David] What? – We came through the pool
area, and so did the other, there are so many people there. – [David] I don’t have the key. I can’t get into the pool area. So we’ve been looking
over here the whole time, waiting for them to show up. And they showed up
through the backside here, sneaking through the back, you guys sneaky sneaked us. – It is so crowded. – It is so crowded, I don’t
want to go swimming anymore. – I tried to go through
there without getting everybody on camera, ’cause
I didn’t want to like, put them on if they didn’t want to be on, but I’m sorry if I got you
on, because it was hard to make our way through
there and not get people. – I’m pretty sure they’re
not in here, it’s so busy. So I don’t think they even found a spot. So we’re gonna leave the
pool area and go to the zoo. Ah! This way, wow. I can open the doors, I
was pulling on a push door. That’s fun. Let’s go to the zoo! Oh, no. I don’t know where they are, you guys. Nobody’s here at the zoo. They’re probably back at the pool, Jake. I regret leaving. You guys, there’s just a
bunch of cactuses over here. – So Jordan and Jake just
walked over here, so we’re gonna see if we can
catch them on this angle. – [Katie] They just left the pool area? – [Jordan] There’s Jordan and Jacob! They’re totally going past. (laughing) – [Katie] They can’t get
back in the pool area. – They’re not very good at finding people. – I know, they already
lost this whole challenge, because they didn’t find us or you first. – Yeah, they totally lost,
they’re in third place. And they can’t dig out from third place. – [Jordan] I don’t see them
in here with the turtles. – [Jake] And the tortoise. – No, I don’t see them over here. I don’t see where they went,
you guys, like, they’re gone! Okay, we’re back in the pool area. I have no idea where they
are, you guys, like honestly. (piano music) Okay, I think I know where they are. They’re, thank you, they’re out back by the bunny rabbits, is my guess. We’re gonna go out there. Ahh, this is so tricky! You guys, ’cause there’s
a white fence right here, but I don’t understand. I don’t know, I don’t know where we are. We’re going. Hi, Jake! – A tree! – Hey, are they behind this tree? Ahh, we’re last again! – [Katie] You have no
chance of winning, Jordan! – [Audrey] You guys lost. – [Katie] ‘Cause you hide next. – [David] We told all the
fans that you guys can’t win. Alright, good job though. – [Katie] So you guys get to
hide in the conference area. Be kind of quiet. You get to take off and go now. – [Audrey] Go! – [Katie] See you in a couple minutes. – We just walked all the way here though! – [David] Time to go hide! – You don’t even know how hard it was to get into the
pool area without a key. – [David] That’s why we hid out here, I don’t have a key either. – Ah! – [David] Alright, have fun. – Okay guys, we’re in the conference rooms and we’re trying to find a spot to hide. Jake’s leading the way. I’m just gonna let him take over, because so far, I’ve been directing, and I’ve been doing a terrible job, because I can’t find anybody, so Jake is leading the way,
he’s finding a good spot for us. – [Jake] (mumbles) – So I don’t know where we’re gonna hide, ’cause it’s just open rooms everywhere. – [Jake] Let’s just keep walking. – [Jordan] Jake, these
are all conference rooms. All of these. – Oh, I never knew that. – [Jordan] We can go in any one of these. In here, this huge room. Okay, we’re going in here. This is a lot of space. Time for dance party. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Oh my gosh, where are we gonna go? Let’s just hide. – [Jake] We should go that way, ’cause we need to exit this way. – [Jordan] Wait, are we leaving? – [Jake] Yep. – [Jordan] Okay. Hope we’re actually still in
the conference room center. – Yeah, we want to start heading walking. – [Jordan] We should go that way, into like that conference room. What do you think? – Oh, they’re freaking me out, yeah. – [Jordan] Into here? – This is a board room. – [Jordan] Okay, I say we go in here. Hide over here, underneath the tables? Okay, we’re hiding underneath here. Hope they don’t find us. I’m probably gonna hide outside
that way, it’s a bit easier. – [Jake] Okay. – [Jordan] Okay, we’re
just gonna chill here until they come, so let’s wait. – [Jake] Let’s at least hide right there. – [Jordan] Okay. – [David] Alright, so Jordan and Jacob are hiding in the conference center. What room do you think they went to? – I don’t know. – [David] You have no idea? How about you? – I think they’re hiding by the bathrooms, because there’s like this
little work, business station, there’s like a little room,
foyer in front of the bathrooms, that’s kind of cool that
you can hide behind. – [David] Alright. How about you Audrey? – I think they’re in the room with all the boxes that are now gone. – Alright, so I’m
thinking they’re probably in one of the rooms that we
had open for collaborations, so I’m gonna try one of those as well. – [Katie] Oh, good idea, me too. Okay let’s go! – Okay, here we go, they’ve
got their two minutes. Let’s go, Ty! Okay, mom and Audrey are running that way. We’re gonna run this way. Let’s go, let’s go! – [Katie] Oh, they could be in the arcade. – [Audrey] Yeah, they could. – [Katie] Wait. Shoot, you think they’re in the arcade? – I don’t know. – [Katie] Let’s check, this
could be part of it, you know? We have to check. – [Audrey] Oh, no. – [Katie] It looks like
it’s kind of busy in there. – [Audrey] Jordan, Jake
would want to hide in there. – [Katie] Jake would
want to go, let’s go see. I don’t know. Looks crowded. I don’t see them though. You think he’s behind this thing? They’re not in here, let’s go. – [Audrey] They’re in here somewhere. – [Katie] Kind of like on the outskirts, like where the hover boards were? Oh, crap, it’s locked. They’re locked, this one’s locked. – [Audrey] What if they go
back down to the other rooms? – [Katie] They might. Let’s make sure they’re not under a table. Hey, let’s check the conference room. – [David] Let’s see if we can find where they might be hiding. Run down there Ty, see
if they’re out there. Let’s go. – [Ty] I’m tired. – [David] Alright, we’re
trying to get to them before Mom and Audrey do. This would be an awesome place to hide. Look at this. There’s like, all these
places to like, dip into. Darn, they’re not here. Okay, we can go around. You think they’re down this way? The rooms that we think that they’re in are down here somewhere. – [Katie] Okay, this is where
I thought they would hide ’cause they’ve got this
cool little business room and all these desks, so like,
that’s a cool area to hide. But no, they’re not there. – Are they in the celebrity ballroom? – [Katie] Oh my goodness, this is so hard. – I think I heard Mom. Let’s go see, I think I heard mom. They’re not hiding over there. Ty is like the fastest, he
can run faster than anybody. Look at him go. I found Mom and Audrey. They haven’t found them yet. Ty, okay, Mom would have
came from that direction, so, we’re gonna go this way. Let’s go Ty, let’s go. – [Katie] What, this room is so– – It’s gigantic. – [Katie] It’s huge when it’s bare. Whoa. – This is where all the, it
still smells like (mumbles). – [Katie] It smells,
it smells like clammer. – It smells so good. – I’m losing my partner, he thinks this way’s a
dead end, but it’s not. It goes back around. Come on, Ty, you can do it. We can make this, we’re
gonna find them first. I think they’re down here, look,
go see if they’re in there. Okay. Oh, I knew it! I knew they were back here. Did you guys see us walking by? – No, you walked by out there? We didn’t even see you . – [David] We found them first. – [Katie] Audrey, as you’re
sitting there taking pictures, I just saw them. – [Audrey] Where? – [Katie] They’re down here. We lost. You know what that means if we lost? That means that– – We’re the second winner! – [Katie] David and Ty
won, they won this game. – We’re not the losers. – [Katie] Thanks, all
because of your pictures. – We’re not the losers. – [Katie] You don’t have
to have pictures, memories. – You lie. – [Katie] No, I’m not, they’re right here. I saw Jake, which means Jordan’s here. Probably under these tablecloths again. Are you kidding? – [Audrey] Are you kidding? – [Katie] Yup, I knew it. – I didn’t know this was a room. – [Katie] Which means, we’re the biggest, nope, we’re not the biggest. – We’re the biggest losers, yay! – [Katie] We’re second losers. – Yeah, buddy. – [Katie] Aw, man. – We found them first. – Okay, guys, so how
do you feel that went? – Good. – You know, I feel like
this meeting is gonna be very useful, very
effective, very productive. – [Katie] Should we get better next time, on our next Sardines? – We should because we’re all
the losers here except for Ty. – Because when some of you
wander around aimlessly, we need to add that up and
do a little bit better, okay? – Okay, meeting adjourned. – Meeting adjourned. – Okay guys, so it looks like David and Ty won this challenge. – [David] Whoo hoo, high five. – Jordan and Jake had a little bit of trouble finding
people, I’m just saying. – Just a little bit, you know. – Alright, this is pretty,
it’s a huge resort. So it’s okay that you didn’t find us, there was a lot going on, it was big, there was a lot of people, it was hard. You guys are the ultimate
winners, good job. Audrey and I are with the middle, which is average, not too bad. If you guys want to see
more Sardines let us know where you want us to play,
because we like playing Sardines. This is pretty fun. Or if you have a different
way you want to twist it up, I know you guys love Sardine statues, if you want to see us play a statue version, let us know. Thank you guys so much for watching, make sure to like, subscribe, and share. – And hit the bell. – We’ll see you next time. – [Family] Bye!

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