Sandals Resorts in Jamaica Reviewed by Travel Experts

Hey Tripsters good morning I’m here
with Tana
my Trispter sister it is Tripster
sister Saturday we are starting a new
segment so we bring our coffee on
Saturday morning and we just check in
with ya’ll and give you some travel
updates and this week we have a super
exciting update because Tana just got
back from Jamaica I did see my tan it’s
not fake I love it I love it so great
so how was the trip oh it was to die for
yeah everything you see in these
brochures it’s real the water is that
pretty and I’ve been to other sites but
it was absolutely gorgeous hospitality I
loved it sandals really does a great job they do
and they market so well and it’s kind of
like you see those ads on TV and it
doesn’t really live up to the
expectation that you expect so we do
educational trips but Tana got to go on
this one and I’m super jealous but I’m
curious to hear there’s a lot of resorts
on the island of Jamaica so which one
was your favorite I went to all of them
for sandals except for Ochos Rios so it
really is hard to say which one is my
favorite it really depends on what
you’re looking for so if you want to go
to Jamaica that’s why you need to talk
to us so we can say do you like a little
nightlife ooo ooo or do you want to sit there
with your with your honey and just stare
into their eyes and relax look out on the
ocean each property kind of had a
different vibe I will say that I really
loved South Coast which is in white
house Jamaica a lot of reasons don’t
laugh is because they had
air-conditioning in their Lobby thats
important to some people that’s so good sandals has a
philosophy where they want you to walk
in and see and be next to the ocean be
part of nature part of nature if you
will then they take you into a concierge
office which is also air-conditioned
they’ll give you a rum drink or a little
champagne upon arrival greet you and
take you to your room but the south
coast property I thought was really
good now it is probably for those who
just want to maybe just got married and
be romantic yeah they did have some
music and karaoke and bars but it was
probably the most romantic setting and
am I talking too much no I’m loving this
you can tell how excited I am they have an outdoor
over the water Chapel so pretty yes so
you are outdoors you can see through the
ocean with the fish underneath you like
on the floor right in the floor and it’s covered
so every day or night so do you remember
about how many people will fit inside
just for our brides-to-be I do they
probably could fit about 25 okay so it’s
intimate yeah which if you’re doing a
destination wedding that’s generally
about the amount of people that will
travel and for smaller weddings I saw
the pictures it’s gorgeous and of course
they have stock photos online but we’re
going to have some on our site as well
it’s just so pretty
I wouldn’t hesitate to book a bride
there for sure now if you want to go to
Montego Bay they actually have a chapel
on site and they’ve redone it with
beautiful chandeliers and you’ll see it
in the photo album that we’re posting as
well as stained glass and it fits 100
125 people so it’s
non-denominational I’m assuming it is nice
yes so for those of you who want to be
married in more of a church type setting
that might be and indoors
but beautiful in a garden setting now
quick question on South Coast and I’m a
big fan of South Coast just due to the
property size the number of pools the
number of bars on paper it looks like it
checks a lot of boxes and for those of
you that are newer to the sandals brand
remember sandals is a couples resort so
if you’re a family you can go to sandals
a sister property which is beaches and
they have different properties as well
but so and we’ll talk about that in a minute because I went there too
that’s amazing so with South Coast did
you feel like it was really big or could
you navigate it pretty well and what did
it seem you know too big or just right
I think that’s a
question because I went once to a
property and they had golf carts or you
waited in line or the big sister here I
had to walk three miles to get to dinner
and my hair was out to here and it’s hot it’s hot in Jamaica yes
I thought it was a perfect size okay um
you can definitely get there what maybe
would be two or three blocks worth but
there’s a beautiful breeze and they can
take you in through the resort where
it’s shaded or you can walk on the beach
to get where you’re going and all of the
restaurants are in one spot which I kind
of like because you don’t have to
remember which part of the resort for
this restaurant it’s all right there
kind of like a little outdoor village
nice yes yeah that was very pretty and
Tana actually did a room tour that’s on
our YouTube channel it’s under our
YouTube channel is travel trip uh Trispy
Travel Agency so you can find her actual
room tour of the unit if you want to get
a room a feel for the room and the
amenities and it just looked lovely it
was so that’s amazing if you go the
concierge or the butler elite level then
everything is all your drinks unlimited
are included so when you get there you
open up the refrigerator they have
champagne, white wine, red wine which has
the Sandals label on it
for Robert Mondavi who is their partner
and it’s wonderful some of the other
people who were there said it’s better
than what they get back home so I don’t
know if they have a special selection or
not for the wine connoisseurs it all tasted good
to me I tried them all and then red
stripe beer because I also like beer
which is also in the video and they have
light red stripe and really regular red stripe yes but
you know bikinis watching my calories and
not in a bikini but yes I love it no I
love that that’s so that’s nice so with
the alcohol difference so if I’m not in
the concierge or butler what’s included
in terms of my drinks just basic so
you don’t get any in your room
once your on the property yes then
you can have everything I’m talking
about just in the room I had a fully pretty
much a fully loaded stocked bar and refrigerator
and fruit upon arrival I had fruit one day I had
chocolate chip cookies my favorite and
they just leave it on the little table to
by the table and then you know they
make the towel into an adorable oh
super cute that’s my favorite yes it was not they knew I
was there alone trying to get my groove back so it was a
snake a Cobra but that’s that’s right instead of the heart
it’s vacation it’s all fun yes so and that’s the
that’s we do get that question like
we’ll have people call in I want to go to
sandals with my friends it’s not a
friend’s destination it’s a couple’s
destination so that’s a good point and
probably not one you’d want to go if
you’re a single traveler either because
it’s more for its couple it is mostly
all adults all couples and no
rooms with double bedding all the rooms
have king beds right um yes I had to
think about that a minute yes you’re
right that’s kind of what sandals is
known for is romance yeah if you want
family or group then you would go to beaches beaches which I went to in the grill
you ready to talk about yeah lets talk about that okay
what I think if you have kids who love
like water parks this one was adorable
it was a pirates theme and they have
like a play area play area each like a
nice water park nice slides and little
pirates there and they have also a land
area like putt-putt golf oh nice and
checkers and they have like the
giant lawn checkers yes
the chess board and then they also have
daycare where they if you let’s say you
have a short excursion that you want to
go on and the kids are a little bit too
young for that they have an Xbox
facility for like for teens teens and
tweens yep nice it was wonderful yeah or
if you just want to have a dinner with
your significant other have a little
romance with family setting nice
I like that yeah I’ve gotten good
feedback for the families that we’ve
sent there they really enjoy that
property good what a what well I want to
say sandals has pristine beachfront
locations so all of the beaches though a
couple of them in the grill are on the
public beach
they really don’t go on the beach
because it’s on the property right but
if you wanted to venture out then you
can walk out and go on the public beach
and there’s no solicitation allowed on any
of the sandals properties and let’s talk
about the tipping for a second okay good point
speaking of solicitation of gratuities
and you know not that but sandals
does not allow any tipping it is
all-inclusive and they mean that and I
know that some of you are thinking well
I went to maybe Mexico a Resort here where
it was encouraged sandals doesn’t want
you to feel solicited at all when you’re
there so you don’t tip anybody it is
all-inclusive and it’s paid for in your
package and they share that with
everyone from the bellhop to the
bartender to your waiter yeah so when we
really give you that price as your
travel agent say this is the
all-inclusive price it really is all you
have to budget for really is souvenirs or
if you want to do extra outside the
resort type of excursion or like a
massage would be the only extra thing
yes which speaking of the spas I brought
you back a little care package Cindy to
show you the amenities it is called
well in first let me say I don’t
interrupt but Tana knows I’m very bougie
when it comes to the toiletries so we have our own ranking
system for resorts here at tripsy but
one of the one of the pineapples because
you can get one to five pineapples is
are the the extras like toiletries
toilet paper shower pressure are those
things all top-notch and we are harder
on our review system we’re pretty tough yeah we
don’t review anything that’s four-star
you know in terms of the regular
internet or less but we want to make
sure for our clients were getting the
best so I was so happy because last time
I went
was a different type of toiletries which
was a long time ago so go ahead and show
everyone and I’m just so happy with these
they’re so great thank you Sandals
redline is an upscale brand and they use
it in their spas they have some other
things like essential oils from Jamaica
that you can purchase but this was
wonderful you get it in your room and
then of course if you go to the spa they
have extra now take me through the
checklist cause let’s talk a little bit
about I don’t know if we cae n edit that
later but that was fantastic well let’s use it I’m going to use it because it smells so good
is it lotion or conditioner
it’s lotion we’re good perfect so she hasn’t
had enough coffee or maybe too much so
thank you so much and the wine bottle
is not open for the record but we
are having fun here this morning that’s
too funny but if you guys could smell this it smells
amazing a lot of hotels that you get
that soapy smell or just that generic
you know like mass-produced toiletry
type scent this is really it’s wonderful
it’s light and moisturizing and skin loving
might I add it kind of has a fruity note to it
fruity not not so much flowery but it’s
very it’s high-quality lotion the smell is
good and look at the size too that’s the
other thing normally they give you
enough to do your hands like that would
cost like $30 at the store yeah for
a nice lotion so okay very happy with
the toiletries let’s talk about the toilet
paper which Cindy and I say very
important right let’s say you need to
blow your nose or take care of other
business okay I mean it happens you’re
on vacation you’re eating different
foods you’re eating everything because it’s
all included well I’ll do it okay so
here’s my only beef with all resorts
they all whether they’re one-star or
five-star seem to get the same kind of
toilet paper some have one ply if
four-star and above usually has to ply
but it’s not that soft so I will say
Sandals I did already give feedback I’d
like to see it a little softer so I had
to give only three and a half pineapples
for the toilet paper yes
let’s take water pressure this hair I
need I need a good steady stream that’s
right or I’m gonna be, especially when
you’ve been in the ocean which puts salt
and then the pool which has chlorine yes
so I’m going to give four and a half
pineapples for the water pressure good
and I’m giving five pineapples highest
rating for their amenities yay and for
their stocked bar because mama did get
her red stripe and light red that’s so fantastic
I love that what else what were there so
how was beaches well you went
through beaches for the families and in
a grill in the grill and then did you
visit any other properties there’s
another property which is Sandals Negril
and a lot of people said that’s their
favorite beach it’s a little bit calmer
water and they have water sports which I
want to say can I talk about water sports yeah
for sure it is included free of charge
diving listen I’ve known some divers in my
day my ex and it cost 150 to 300 but
it’s for a dive this is included unlimited once
a day you can go it’s already included
that’s a huge value sailboats on the
Hobby cats I’ve been calling it Hobie
but it’s hobby cat apparently and that
is included as well as snorkeling so
they have snorkeling tours couple that
you can sign up for wow that’s great as well as
paddle boarding and I went tubing for
the first time and probably the last time
you didn’t tell me that that’s amazing
yeah did you get flipped over
well I got flipped even before the boat
took off oh so I love it so had to get some help
from some people to help put me in the
in the tube and I went with another girl
who was there with us yes and so yeah it
was exciting I was scared to death and I’m
not sure that I can handle it again but
it was fun to try it was great it was
fun but the point is is it’s all covered
no extra money for that and you might
try more things at Sandals because it’s
included you might because any other
resort where they charge extra
everything is a hundred one hundred and
fifty dollars a lot of times per person
so you know a family of four or even a
you know a couple of two do I want to
spend $300 on this tour if you go with
sandals it’s already included it’s just you know
everything except for pretty much your
souvenirs it is and they give classes so
let’s say you you’re a diver but it’s
been a long time or you’ve never in you
need an instruction free instruction
yeah and with me
I haven’t sailed in a long time and the
girl that I was traveling with as well
she hadn’t either so they gave us a
captain and we sailed with them so when
they were there with it so how many
people were on the sailing they prefer
no more than the captain and two or
three people so four max so small
groups it’s a little small right nice I like
that yes good any other activities
that’s a lot though tubing, wake boarding,
paddle boating wow they have huge
floaties that if you just want to play
they’re in the water and get disconnected yes
oh one thing they had hammocks
over the water really I was a little
scared that I wouldn’t be able to get
myself in without falling into the
water I have flipped before when
you do the flip yes but they’re
connected like to the docks or they even
have docks out into the water and so
it’s just another way and if you get hot
then you just flip on over into the
water I thought that was I like that yeah
yeah I love a good I just didn’t want to
embarrass myself hammock with the breeze
and yeah after the tubing incident yeah
yeah I love it it was beautiful well that’s good
I’m so excited to go again first of all
I was so sad I wish you’d been there I know I
just got back from our giant Disney
extravaganza so I wasn’t able to do that
but um anything else you want to share
with the group about Disney or our fans out
I mean not Disney Sandals excuse me I’m
flipping trips again too much coffee ah
too much coffee I would say sandals is a
beautiful property a good brand
outstanding customer service even when
people didn’t have to be friendly
because no one was around they were they
I’ll give you an example I was having
lunch one day and the table was kind of
wobbly and somebody rushed over and
helped fix secure the table yes yeah
also a
let’s talk about dessert real quickly
yes they have french pastry shop at
every single Sandals and they make fresh
different pastries every day unlimited
with an ice cream and it’s like a coffee
shop wow so that was one our favorites I
appreciate that because you love your
coffee I’m not a big drinker but I love
coffee and you know I love a good
you can’t got wrong there either I did have dessert
every day and it shows but I was walking
that’s right I was sweating it out and
tubing but the pastries are
outstanding so good so if you have questions
we hope that you will call us or ask us
and we feel like we could give you much
more detail tailor any any vacation trip
to your needs
yes and whether it’s Jamaica or a
different island that you want to
investigate Sandals or any other
vacation for that matter we’re always
glad to help you here at Trispy please
comment like and subscribe
we’d love you to follow our channel and
see the different tours that we go on
and we’ll be sharing information on
Saturdays for Tripster sister Saturday’s
yes so you guys have a great day
Happy Travel!


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