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Hey y’all!
This is Stacie from RVTexasYall.com.
Behind the camera is Tom.
[Tom: Hey guys!]
Today we’re at Admiralty RV Resort in San
Antonio, Texas.
It’s on the west side of San Antonio right
next door to Sea World.
We’ve stayed here several times over the last
3 years so we thought we’d take you around
and show you.
Come on in.
[weed eater noise in the background] They’re
doing a little lawn maintenance today so please
forgive the noise.
But it’s always a well-maintained park.
When you drive in with your RV you come in
here and there’s a circle right behind.
You circle around that, you park, you go in
the office, check in, and then they take you
they lead you with a golf cart to your site
and help you get set up which is really nice.
They’ve got trash and recycling right over
here so if you recycle this is a great place
to drop off your recycling.
And you’ll see the military flags behind us.
This park was originally started by a father
and son team.
The father was in the Navy.
He was a Rear Admiral I believe.
And they opened it to be in coincidence with
the opening of Sea World or shortly after
Sea World opened.
So hence the name and also the ties to the
They do give military discounts which is great
so if that applies to you make sure you tell
them about your service.
[the lawn maintenance guys are still working away] So this is the shuttle bus stop here at Admiralty RV Resort.
It will take you to Sea World.
Like I said Sea World is right next door literally a five minute drive from your site into Sea World.
Or you can sign up in the office, come to
these benches 10:00 in the morning they come
with the van, they take you right from here
drop you off right at the entrance right at
the gate to Sea World.
So you bypass all the traffic and cars trying
to get in to pay to park and you’re dropped
off right at the gate.
So it’s a really great thing.
It doesn’t cost you any extra if you’re staying
here at the RV resort.
And then in the afternoon they come back and
pick up.
During the week it’s 5:30 right now and on
Sundays it’s 5:00.
So Monday through Saturday 5:30, Sundays 5:00.
But check with them when you get here to make
sure that those times are still accurate.
When they bring you back they drop you off
right at your campsite which is even better.
After a long day of walking around Sea World
or Aquatica it saves you a few steps.
So this is a really nice service that we’ve
taken advantage of this time and it’s worked
really really great.
Now we’ll go in and look at the office.
So we’re going to go in and show you where
you would check in and also they’ve got a
neat little store and everything on the inside.
So let’s go in and take a look.
If you arrive after hours here’s where you
can pick up information on site availability.
There’s a site map right over here on the
wall which makes it super simple to figure
out where your sites are.
You can see that most of the sites are pull-through.
They’re all 30 and 50 amp, they’re all full
You’ve got a playground, pool, some dog parks,
a half court basketball but we’ll show you
all of that in a minute.
Come on inside.
Okay now we’re inside the office.
The folks here are always really friendly.
If you have any questions about the area and
also about the park be sure to give them an
You can see over here behind us they’ve got
a neat little store.
So if there’s anything that you forgot, anything
that’s worn out while you’re here, anything
you need to replace… everything from toilet
paper to tops for your air vents they can
take care of you here.
They also have you can borrow balls for the
basketball half court or just to play around
right up here during the office hours.
Then they have coffee or tea in the morning
which is a nice way to kick off and not have
to pull out the coffee pot.
Nice little area to sit here and just relax
in the AC.
And then if you’ll follow me around this way.
Right over here they have a computer work
station where you can check your email or
whatever you need to do for a quick computer
And then if we go back this direction you
can go buy bus tickets here for the local
mass transit.
[to delivery man: How are you?]
And then if you’re interested in anything
that’s close by in the area they’ve got all
kinds of rack cards for the local places to
see and do.
Give you some ideas.
There’s tons to do in the San Antonio area.
No shortage.
If you’re bored here it’s your own fault that’s
for sure.
Coming back down this hallway you’ve got restrooms
right here.
And then here’s a small workout facility.
So even if you’re on vacation or traveling
there’s no excuse not to get your exercise
It’s not a big room but it definitely has
a nice amount of equipment.
You could pretty much do anything you need
to do in here.
Then continuing further back again we’re still
in the main office area office building.
They’ve got a room that you can use for a
rally or large group.
They also have there’s a dart board on the
far wall as well as games on there so if you
were looking for something to do if it’s raining
or something like that you can come in here
during office hours and have something to
do on the inside and out of your camper.
If you are having an event in here they do
have a kitchen in the back as well.
So that’s the inside of the office and rec
We’ll take you outside and show you the swimming
Okay so now we’re at the pool and this is
one of the things we love about this RV park.
The size of the pool is amazing.
We’ve never been at another park to this point
in the 3 years that we’ve been RVing that
has a pool this size.
And it’s always very clean.
They take great care of it.
If you want to come a little closer…
Now San Antonio is considered South Texas
so as you can imagine the summers can get
pretty hot.
So like today I think we’re expected to be
in the high 90s, probably feels like maybe
low 100s.
So it’s awesome to have a pool this size.
And in the time we’ve been here every time
we’ve been here it’s never been crowded even
when there are folks in it because it’s so
You’ve got bathrooms with showers that come
right in off the pool which is nice.
As well as outdoor shower heads to hose yourself
off before and after you swim.
Nice shaded area up on the top behind the
office as well as plenty of deck space to
sit outside and catch the sun.
There’s a nice shaded area up on the top over
there by the office.
So we’ll go out this direction now.
So the restrooms by the pool are also accessible
from the outside.
They are actually 3 restroom and shower facilities
on this property.
This is the first one.
Every time we’ve been here they’ve been very
There’s another one straight back down this
And then another one where that truck just
turned back on that far end of the property.
So a nice option if you’re staying and you
don’t want to use your facilities or if you’re
out walking.
Lots to choose from.
Always very clean.
Right down here you’ve got the laundry facility.
I’ll peek in and see if anybody is inside.
Yes they are.
So you’ve got laundry. [to RVers: Hi y’all!]
And also there are books and things in there
to borrow.
You’ve got your playground right here so if
you’re traveling with children.
It’s fenced in.
[to young RVer: You like it, huh?]
[Young RVer: I love it!
First time staying here.
The pool is awesome.
The place is awesome.
Great people.
I mean what else could you ask for?]
It’s pretty cool right?
[Young RVer: It’s nice.]
I love the pool too!
Not a paid endorsement.
[laughs] Okay so now as we walk into the park
you’ll see they’ve got some smaller back-in
sites up here in the front.
And then they’ve got some park models.
Now this is something they’ve added in the
last couple of years.
So if you’re traveling and you don’t have
an RV or if you’re traveling with folks who
don’t have RVs and want to come along with
you, you can rent a park model for your stay
as a nice option.
They all have small porches on the front which
is nice.
A lot of them have shade trees.
And those are all located for the most part
up here in the front.
This park is always very quiet.
And there are different levels of sites.
By that I mean not levels but different price
There are different sizes, different widths,
different lengths.
Some of them have additional parking spaces.
Like this one right here.
This 5th wheel you see they’ve got actually,
it goes with this one.
So here’s a pull-through site right here but
it’s a little bit short.
Next to it you’ve got space to park your car.
So that is an option if you like to have extra
parking space.
And not all of them are this short.
Some of them are long spaces where you’d have
room for say your truck and camper and you’ve
got an additional car.
You could park it next to you.
So make sure you ask them about that if that’s
something you’re interested in if you have
an additional vehicle.
Some of them have shade trees.
Most of them have picnic tables.
You’ll notice on their sites they have a blue
line and what that blue line is… when you
come in they bring you in, they lead you in
with the golf cart, they take you to your
site and then they help you line up.
And the blue line is for your driver side
So they make sure as you park if you line
up your driver side wheels on that blue line
you have plenty of space for all of your slides
and for your picnic table area and your hookups
and everything.
They help to make sure you’re as level as
possible in your site before you start to
level and then also that you’re close to your
Now one thing we like about this park is its
It’s on the west side of San Antonio.
And it is literally right next door to Sea
World like we’ve said.
So if you take the shuttle or even if you
drive you’re 5 minutes from the entrance to
Sea World.
Literally from the gate of Sea World which
is great.
You’re also on public transportation and they
do sell the public transportation tickets
in the office if you’d like.
But to drive we’re about 10 minutes from Wolff
Stadium Nelson Wolff Stadium which is where
the San Antonio Missions play baseball.
That’s the Double A right now for the San
Diego Padres. [to Tom: there’s a car coming,
let’s step to the side] And it’s a great little
ball park.
We’ve been there several times and we’ve got
a write-up about that ball park on our website.
So we’ll put a link to that in case you’re
Also you’re about 20-30 minutes from downtown
San Antonio where they have the famous San
Antonio Riverwalk with lots of shops and restaurants.
You’ve got the Alamo of course if you’re interested
in Texas history.
You’re also about 20-30 minutes or so from
San Antonio Missions National Historical Park
which is an unbelievable set of four Spanish
Missions historic missions.
It basically tells of the founding of this
part of Texas.
So you’re about 20 or 30 minutes from Fiesta
Texas also from here.
So it’s very conveniently located.
Well now we’ll take you down and show you
the basketball half-court and also the dog
Okay so now we’ve walked from the front of
the park back and to the side here.
This is the basketball half-court.
Again if you don’t bring your own basketball
and you want to use it during office hours
you can get a basketball from the office.
Or you can bring your own and throw down a
It’s right next door to the 2 dog parks.
There are 2 separate small dog parks which
is nice for us because if you’ve watched some
of our other videos you might know that Star
loves dog parks but she’s still a lot of puppy.
She’s a 70 pound lot of puppy and so we like
to put her in a dog park by herself without
other dogs at this point.
So if someone is using one of the parks we
can take her to the other.
This one has a light which is great at night.
They both have tables and places to sit.
In between them is another one of the bathroom
facilities with showers.
And they both have a trash can for you to
pick up after your dog and dispose of the
This one’s got a big shade tree in it which
is great.
During the heat of the day we can bring her
down here she can do her thing and we can
sit back at the picnic table in the shade.
So we’ll just take you around a little bit
more so you can see a few more of the sites
to give you a little bit of a sense of the
campsites here at Admiralty.
Some of the sites are wider than others so
if you’ve got certain things you’re looking
for if you want to stay for several days and
you want a little bit more space mention that
to them when you call.
They do give some discounts like Good Sam
and things like that.
But you know so our site is a little bit we’re
a little close to our neighbors but we’ve
got a good shade tree.
We’ll show you our site here in a second.
It’s been great though because we haven’t
had neighbors.
Nobody’s been parked right next to us so that
has not been a problem.
So a lot of the folks there are some folks
who live here in the park.
A lot of those folks tend to be in the back-in
sites on the perimeters.
There are a few in the pull-through sites
but a lot of the pull-through sites are folks
that are coming and going.
They’re on vacation.
They’re stopping through on their way somewhere.
So there are a lot of sites available.
We’ve never had trouble it was pretty busy
this weekend but we’ve never had trouble getting
a site here.
They’ve always had something available even
when they’re very busy.
But I would still call ahead if you’re on
the road just to be sure there’s going to
be a space for you.
So this is our site here at Admiralty RV Resort
for this trip.
We’re in site number 416.
It’s plenty big enough for our 35 foot motorhome
and our Jeep.
We actually could have pulled up a little
bit more.
The site is a little bit longer and we’ve
got a little space between the Jeep and the
So it’s a good size site as far as length.
When I called this time I asked if they it’s
been hot this summer so I asked if they had
a site available with a shade tree.
And luckily they were able to accommodate
We’ve got a beautiful tree at the front of
our site which is perfect for shading the
front cab, the big windshield and everything
for our RV.
Because these As with these big windshields
in the front boy during the summer the heat
can really come in so having that shade tree
has been awesome for keeping our ACs not having
to work quite so hard during the day.
When we pulled in our site is actually perfectly
level from where we’re parked.
We didn’t have to put the jacks down this
We actually decided let’s try it without the
jacks and see how that works out because we
were perfectly level when we drove in.
So that’s been great.
You can see width wise this is a little bit
tight our particular site.
Some of them are wider.
But this is our neighbor’s hookups right here
and this is our patio.
So if somebody were parked here it would be
pretty close.
But luckily nobody’s been parked here for
the entire weekend that we’ve been here so
it’s been a non-issue.
So this is our site this time at Admiralty
RV Resort.
We’ve stayed here several times over the last
3 years and have enjoyed ourselves every time.
It’s always been really quiet.
Great people and very convenient to a lot
of things around San Antonio.
Hope you’ve enjoyed it.
We’ll see you next time.
Thanks for joining us.


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