[RUNNINGMAN BEGINS] [EP 12-2] | Jaesuk can’t get away from ‘THIEF CARD’ (۳˚Д˚)۳ (ENG SUB)

Gary you look so tired already
Yeah.. memorizing is so tired..
Who was Donatello?
A sculptor?
How about Jeehyo?/World Design Capital
How about Gwangsoo?
(Jung ki’s touch)
What are you doing?
Gary is nervous
(He’s uncomfortable)
Their love line was quite great
I’m sorry
It’s useless
Love is great but..
If it doesn’t work.. that’s it
There’s a thing that never work..
But I think I shouldn’t give up yet
Of course~
Hope you guys be in great relationships
But the viewers might think
‘Would they really come true?’
My wife also say..
It’s like a comedy
(A comedy couple?)
How do you think of Jeehyo?
I heard something alot..
My friend bought a new bag..
And Jeehyo forced him to change with her old bag
He’s conspiring against her
(It’s even like real..)
I see her beared..
She used to use her beared
to hit people
(Anyway he’s serious)
What’s our second mission?
Catching theif!
Each members would get postcards
And just one card is a theif
And the member next to you
will bring one
And the one with the ‘theif’ card
wouldn’t get the running ball
Let’s use the postcards
that Jongkuk designed
Jongkuk drew Jaeseok
This is not right
(Well.. it’s quite the same)
(But he’s saying no)
Let’s have one each
(It shouldn’t be the ‘thief’ card)
(Gwangsoo’s not)
(Also Joonki’s not)
(Jaeseok’s the theif!)
(He’s controlling his mind)
(Everyone checked their cards)
Pick the card
Haha’s card is sent to Gary
Jaeseok is feeling nervous
Jongkuk’s turn
(He’s pretending to have
the ‘thief’ card)
This is nervous
There’s the ‘theif’ there
Jongkuk picked that
Why you making that kind of sound?
(He’s acting like he’s got the ‘theif’ card)
Jongkuk’s the ‘theif’?
He has it
(Well, he’s got it)
You have it or not?
I do have it
(Yes just pick that)
(He picked it)
(Ah.. that was close though)
I can see it
He’s making it unfunny
Just look forward
(They are very sensitive)
Don’t let us see it
Jeehyo has to pick it
He’s so being unfunny
I recommend this
(Haha checked his final card)
(He’s worried)
If you win this game
you can give your card to someone
(Jaeseok has to win)
(Game 1: Ghost leg)
You know ghost leg?
You each have to draw a line
for it
And the winner will get the running ball
It doesn’t need any skill
Only luck should be prepared
I am really a lucky man
(Maybe he can win and give his
‘theif’ card to someone else)
(Umm.. this is not a good game for me)
(Gwangsoo’s drawing a line)
(He’s acting like an artist)
Just come in now
This is my first time..
There should be twist
How are we going to follow that?
(It’s becoming complicated)
We can show this part on TV
for three weeks long
That’s the running ball
Jaeseok’s turn
(He has to win)
It’s vague..
If he goes down he’ll get the running ball
Do it again
They are checking it again
You should have went upward
He’s jeered
(Jaeseok failed to deceive the members)
Gwangsoo’s turn
(It’s unforseeable)
Left side again?
Gwangsoo gets the running ball!
You should have drew more
(Gwangsoo won)
Second round
Seokjin won!
(I envy you)
(Seokjin and Gwangsoo
should give their own to someone)
Gwangsoo gave his to Jongkuk
(A sigh)
There’s the theif somewhere here
Get mine
Jongkuk got both cards
Gwangsoo and Seokjin’s out of this game now
He’s got three cards
You guys look so comfortable
I was the real theif
Then is there two theives?
Or three?
I am the theif../Me too
(So funny)
(He’s worried)
(He’s picking a card)
This is exciting
(The middle card?)
(Jeehyo’s wit was great)
I envy you
I am worried now
Look at Jaeseok
(He looks weird)
(Is he acting?)
(Anyway the game is progressed)
Where would be the ‘theif’?
(Game 2: timing game)
You have to shout out a number
in order
And the last number’s out of this game
If both shouted out the same number
at same time , they are all out
I am number 1 guys
If they stand up together
they are out
If they don’t shout out
any number, he’s out
Who would be the number 1?
Gary, Jeehyo, Haha are out
Three are out
You just have to endure
then you win
Jungki, Jaeseok, Jongkuk should
play this game
Just endure
I can’t
That’s not easy
He was enduring…and lost
(He couldn’t shout any number)
(So sad)
Why did you tell me to endure?
(He was being careful that’s all)
Now Jungki and Jongkuk are survived
Tell something to each other
Don’t stand up
I know your back hurts
Yes, Jungki must need the running ball
I know..
I will let you have it
(So you’re not going to stand up?)
Are you sure?
Then just give it to him
No I mean..
I won’t care that much about it..
It’s Jungki’s birthday today
(As soon as it started..)
(Yeah I knew it..)
(He wanted to win)
(You’re being so tough..)
(Anyway he won)
Before I give out the card
I didn’t see it though
(Give them to Jaeseok)
You mean I should get them all?
I will give these to you
(To Haha)
(So he’s got 4 cards)
The three of you who’s out
of this game would designat their places
Why change!
Did you shout at me?/No
Haha could be the theif..
How do you think about my fashion?
You are cool
(He’s always being teased with his fashion)
I heard you saying something/when?
I didn’t say anything
He did
Then kiss here
Here as well
Tell me something to me
Just stay still
(Hey it’s him!)
What do you think my
best point is?
Be quiet
(Hey..help me)
You talk too much
(His impact is zero)
(They changed Haha and Gary)
(Who’s got the theif card?
Reveal your cards
Gary first
He might have the theif
as its percentage
It might be here
All four cards were not the ‘theif’
Gary past
I think its either Jungki or Jeehyo
Or Jaeseok?
It’s me
He can’t endure this situation anymore
He was so worried
Jaeseok had it from the first to last
It never moved somewhere
From the first round to..
He had it for the whole round
Everyone got the running ball
except Jaeseok
They have to delete the bomb
within an hour


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