Rules for Dice Games : Playing Round the Clock: the Dice Game

Hi my name is Carlos Ramos Jr. coming to you
on behalf of Expert Village and today we are talking about a variety of games that you
could played with dice. The next game we are going to play is a game of luck. I mean truly
the game of luck it is called round the clock. The object of the game is to roll the dice
from 2 and up to 12 you want to get a sequence of numbers from 1-12. The way that you do
it is you roll a die and you got a one. There you go, I got a 1 so I get to roll again.
I rolled a one. I need to roll a 2 now either two 1s or the number 2. There is my number
2. Next I need to roll a 3. Doing pretty good I got a 3 here. Now I need to roll a 4. Two
2s or a four. I did a four lets try to go all the way. 5 one five. And we didn’t so
the next person rolls. Now remember I need a 5. I could roll a 5 or I could get a combination
of 5 of the dice to get a 5. After 6, you have to roll a with dice. The object again
is to do exactly what we did roll all the way up to 12. Game of luck; you have to roll
the dice and you have to keep going until you get up to 12. It is a really fun game,
again like I said it is a game of luck but, it is a lot of fun you could play it by your
self or you could play with two people it doesn’t matter. It is called round the clock
have fun.

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