Rules for Dice Games : Playing 6 Cups Dice Drinking Game

Hi my name is Carlos Ramos Jr. coming to you
on behalf of Expert Village and today we are talking about a variety of games that you
could played with dice. This next is a beer game a drinking game actually. Again, please
do not play this game if you are under 21 and do not drink and drive after playing this
game very simple. If you are over 21 enjoy the game this is very fun game. What you would
need is at least 4 players, a die, 6 cups and whatever drink you want to play with.
So you need 6 cups here. Each cup has a number so 1-6. Each person takes turn rolling the
die. If I roll a six, now if I roll a 6 I have to fill cup number 6 with the drink.
Next person rolls, they roll a one, they have to fill up number 1. And this goes on until
every mug is filled, or if someone rolls a 6 they have to drink mug 6 what ever is in
mug 6. So it is really, really simple game. It’s either you roll the dice and the cup
is empty and you fill it or it is full and you drink it. So it is very simple. Now, the
rule if you drink a cup if you have to drink a cup your turn isn’t done. Once you have
to drink a cup you roll again and hopefully that cup is empty so you have to fill it and
then you can let someone else go, otherwise you have to drink that cup until you find
a empty cup to fill. Very fun game, have a blast it is called 6 cups.

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