Roulette Terminology: Tiers Du Cylindre – Voisins Du Zero

French sections are ways of playing areas
of the wheel. The most popular of them, the
best known of them, is called the Tiers Du
Cylindre, often mispronounced but not by me.
If you look at your Roulette Wheel, the numbers
27-33 inclusive make up a nice little chunk
of the Roulette pie and that’s twelve numbers
together on the wheel. Tiers Du Cylindre translates
from the French as “A third of the Cylinder”,
so you’ve got a third of the numbers in your
favour, more or less, without discounting
the zero and you can place them on the table
as such; 5-8, ,10-11,13-16, 23-4, 27-30,33-36.
They’re all what we call Chavals or Splits,
when you’re splitting your stake between the
two numbers. In total then, there are twelve
numbers on the Tiers Du Cylindre. You place
them nice and evenly, so for each six chip
outlay that you put, you’re gonna treble up
and win eighteen chips. If you play the Tier
by one, a six chip outlay, an eighteen chip
return. And it’s all those numbers pushed
up at the zero on the Roulette Wheel between
27 and 33 that are your winning numbers on
the Tier Du Cylindre.
French sections, lovely way of playing an
area of the wheel in your favour. There are
three of them; the Voisins Du Zero, the Tier
Du Cylindre and the Orphelins. The biggest
of the French sections is this one here that
we’ve got placed at the table. It’s called
le’ Voisins Du Zero, it covers every single
number on the Roulette Wheel, starting at
25, moving through the zero in the middle,
moving all the way round to 22 on the other
side of the wheel. 17 numbers of the 37, almost
half of the wheel are being backed by you.
So you really want that ball to drop near
to the zero. It’s a beautiful, lovely old-fashioned
way of playing. There’s a classical chip placement
on the table here for you to do so. What do
you do? You place two chips on 0-2-3,chip
on 4-7, one on 12-15,one on 18-21, one on
19-22,a couple of chips on 25-9 Corner there,
covering those four numbers and the two numbers
here, 32-35 complete it. You need multiples
of nine chips, you can get some bigger returns,
some slightly smaller returns here. It’s a
little bit uneven, it’s called the Voisins
Du Zero, the Neighbours of the zero. As I
say, starts at 25, zero in the middle, all
the way round to 22 at the other side. You’re
covering a nice big chunk, almost half of
the Roulette Wheel. Nearer to zero the better,
when you place in the Voisins Du Zero.


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