Roulette Strategy: How to Win at Roulette with the Best System

hello everyone before showing me the
method that’s making me win at Roulette it’s my current account
here you can see my latest transactions there are various bets including the
various winnings that yesterday led me to withdraw two and a half thousand
pounds while still living money on the account so I don’t have to deposit again
but let’s immediately see in detail how to win at Roulette with this method
there are many ways to win it roulette but what allowed me to win consistently
is to use the series of numbers five to eight that covers the numbers you’ll see
in the video and gives you about thirty three percent chance of winning every
time you win you win seventeen pieces plus one now clearly this method doesn’t
work best on all websites I’ve tried several and I’ve put the description of
this video the only one that’s never given me any problems with respects to
payments and which is really serious once you’ve arrived in the site click on
the button at the top right create account
at this point you’ll see a screen where you can enter all your data I recommend
you enter your real data if not you might not be able to withdraw your
earnings finally click on the create account
now login preferences you can start using the site and make
the deposit as you can see there are many
possibilities but now in the recording of the video we’ll skip to the part and
move immediately to the method we select here on the left the roulette
selection and click on this roulette which has given me great satisfaction
because it only has one zero and above all has the ability to do a quick spin
we select standard steak and play now to make everything as simple as possible
and to explain how the method works I created this table in the column I
represented the progressive bets in the second the winnings and in the third the
actual winnings in the fourth is the number of chip that you’ll bet in
progression in the box five eight this is the only thing you’ll have to follow
also there’s a rule that’s to make the empty roulette spin quickly for three
consecutive times soon we’ll see together what that means the budget I
use for this method is one thousand four hundred and forty three pounds but I’ve
also created a table where the method can be used even with only 198 pounds so
choose the one that best suits your budget in relation to how you want to
start if first slowly or starting immediately with the bet and the
security that I use myself and that I show you in this video you’ll see soon
with your own eyes why this method is so strong and how it actually works well let’s get started here we are let’s see
how a game session works in practice now I have here on the left the settings
where you can put well I’ve removed the music because I prefer it like that and
here you can put the fast play to do faster
this is my current budget of course you can also have a lower budget as seen
earlier the numbers you need to be careful with
I’ll put them here and then we start to spin click on quick spin to spin the
roulette the 25 in this case is part of a number
that’s not included in our table you have to make three empty ones the 30 instead is part of our numbers
and then we start from scratch let’s do a quick spin
xxiii came out again part of our numbers so let’s start again doing quick spin
and having a good 33 percent chance of winning
in this case our number came out again but for safety’s sake it’s always good
to have 3 empty spoon before starting our series
in this case the four is not among our numbers not even the two and let’s see
not even the 19 at this point they’ve come out three that have nothing to do
with our series and at this point following our scheme we take a chip of a
pound and put it into this session the numbers of position precisely in the
desired series and at this point we make a quick spin now 20 has come out and that is not or
rather is not part of our series of numbers and then we continue to follow
our pattern by inserting a chip and a half here so that you go to bed 9 pounds
in total again you spin here and if it does not come out the number goes on the
next sequence reminding us from time to time the chances of winning increase
more and more let’s see what happens at this point the bet is inserted we do
quick spin and in fact this time it came out and we’ve obviously regained all the
initial investment plus our gain of nine pounds exactly as the scheme says so at
this point we do clear bet and if we go with it for a while just to show you how
well this method works the only thing I’m going to do is not always wait for
the three empty spin because having gained some confidence in the method I
tried and saw that this website and this roulette the system works more than well
even so this in my experience is definitely a method to win very surely
but guys let me know in the comments of the video what you think and if the
method works with you but now we’re going to follow the pattern and one
quick spin and we won clear bets again one quick spin we didn’t win one and a half we won by the way look at the speed of
gang were having thanks to this method of winning at Roulette we won again and
yes we’re now clearly having very fast series but with this method the
statistical chances of winning are in our favor
and in addition increase as we go forward in the betting and especially
the gain with this method as well above the average of most techniques often
sold to try and explain how to win at Roulette great we won again well we’ve already
passed 1,500 pounds in no time at this point I’ll speed up the video and
continue to play to show you how great the results can be achieved with this
technique to win and the online roulette of this site okay let’s go now we’re already at 16 15 pounds which
is therefore a good result but nothing compared to what this method can really
bring maybe some of you think I was lucky but then let’s see it together is
it luck or does this technique winning roulette really work let’s keep playing okay let’s take a little break we’ve
gone over 2,000 pounds and I’m sure many of you already understood the power of
this method but some of you may think you were lucky again let’s see it now
let’s see if it really is luck that’s been making me gain my money in the past
six months let’s move on we’re almost at two and a half thousand
pounds we’re making the last passes together normal speed one one and a half two and a half thousand pounds above
guys as you’ve seen the method works I’ve been using it for quite some time
and I hope that you can make the most of it – I’m already very satisfied for
today and honestly I would stop here but since I really want to give you a proof
on this website this method to win it roulette really works we will go on what
do you say maybe we should try to double our initial budget see you later okay let’s close this series together okay you can see that sometimes the
series are long enough but for this reason it’s useful to have an initial
security budget the more the bets go on the more chances of winning increases and in fact we won and we just exceeded
three thousand pounds we started from one thousand four hundred and forty
pounds and now say that we’ve already largely doubled and for today I will
stop here because I’m more than satisfied and if someone still doesn’t
believe it he only has to try it and you will see
with your own eyes as I told you before let me know your opinions in the
comments if you think the method can still be improved and how let me know in
the comments as well before saying goodbye I’d like to remind you that
you’ll find all the necessary resources in the description to the video and I
want to make a small note no method to win at Roulette is a hundred percent
foolproof the interesting thing is that with this system the chances are losing
a really solo it’s to make them very rare and even if the misfortune of
losing should happen the statistical games offered by this method will always
be greater than the possible loss to this date on this website have never
happened to lose even if on the other sites sometimes it has I’ve been
operating on this website for more than six months and it’s not yet happened a
single time to lose but let me know in the comments how it goes and in case it
stops working I’ll activate to search and recommend another website and another
roulette as soon as possible and update the links directly in the description to
the video so that if the website is no longer the same as the video the reason
will be in the description in short guys let me know your feedback and write to
me in the comments I’ll try to answer all of you personally I recommend that
you don’t consistently win the same amount of money every single day
you should also play other website games and so that the sites see that you’re
not always winning and sometimes you also like to lose like normal people
well we’ll say goodbye for now bye and see you soon


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