Roulette – How to Win EVERY TIME! Easy Strategy, Anyone can do it! Part 3

welcome back to my main rule in just
about every every time the video series here now we’re actually in a place of
room that and show you how to win now most casinos that I’ve been seeing we have about a five-hundred-dollar
maximum outside bet playing a casino or a table that has anything less than that
for outside met anything higher than a ten dollar minimum is pretty much casino
suicide you will not walk away ahead so because
of that maximum five-hundred-dollar outside outside bet we’re going to be
basing our strategy off of that now there’s two ways of doing this one
because it is such a low maximum outside bent a lot of these casinos know there’s
one strategy that will let you get one extra handed now what I do is something
called the double of strategy event ten dollars you lose the next hand you get
twenty dollars you win at the casino pay you ten
dollars and then they pay and other ten dollars that ten dollars just paid back
your first bet that you have lost the second ten dollars double your money from the second bet so
you walk away ten dollars ahead and you got your first back you lost nothing there you have it you lost nothing so strategy in what
that can do the series for doing that is 10 20 40 and 16 so on and so forth you keep getting doubling doubling up as
you lose by doing you win back once you finally hit it so we’re good so gay my odds it’s like a
coin coin toss eventually you are going to hit your
number stupid app keeps locking up eventually you will hit your number and
then you will get all your money back that you lost plus when ten bucks who doesn’t win ten
bucks now I apologize if i’m going to have to
this is going to be a long video series because YouTube still has not increased
my maximum length of videos past 15 minutes so i apologize while my videos
are in so many multiple part series that is why and I’m probably gonna wrap roll over
this one too so I’m going to have to split it which
is I just read shot this video so because of that now with
five-hundred-dollar maximum outside bet you’re going to need to start the day
off with at least a thousand dollars worth of chips to do that i usually
start off with three stacks five-dollar chips tolling a hundred dollars each tax
or three hundred dollars 4 5 6 7 89 10 total thousand dollars I know these are blue pretend they’re
black I don’t have black chips yet I just have blue ones plus on the camera
they look black and the story so X and replace the screen just I’ve
had a few times do my kids breaking it not bad for 35 bucks from dealextreme so
let’s start our bets that ten dollars and red spin 29 black we just lost next bet then twenty
dollars now I know I’m supposed to stack these
up and a regular casino but for ease of viewership I am just going to spread it out so you
can see exactly what I’m betting every step i do is always going to be ten
dollars yes there is no ten-dollar chip and
shred chip and casinos were five so now we’re betting twenty dollars spin the wheel for black we just lost again at 10 20 30 40 now here is where there’s going to be a
difference now because you always want the most number that’s possible to be able to win your
money back now doing the true honest double up strategy and a
five-hundred-dollar maximum outside bet you’re only going to be able to do six
grow six rolls of the ball or spin to the wheel that means you’ll have to win on the six
spin otherwise you’re out all your money you
hit the table maximum you can no longer double up what I do on the smaller tables are
smaller bhai outside maximum bet tables is I take the chip away do 10 20 30 so I lose 10 or 20 I when the 20 I get my money back plus a
double plus i get an extra ten dollars i went ten dollars but by doing it – 10 20
30 method all I’m doing would be winning I lost money back which you’re not going
to be making extra money doing it that way but you have one extra chance of 500
max outside that table to get your money back and every chance you can get it’s just that much better so
unfortunately that’s what you got to do this what you gotta do so that means instead of having a win at
the six the role you have to win it on the 7th roll gets one extra I really see
any table go more than a streak of seven so that seems to be the magic number
right there and I really myself had to go past seven to win back my money I’m a few few times I’ve actually had to
go to a tour night those have all been at casinos where it
has been a higher maximum outside which my favorite caesars palace in vegas i
played regularly they have the usually up to 30,000 maximum outside with a ten
dollar minimum bet no chocolate casino in Wisconsin Dells
Wisconsin is a thousand-dollar maximum outside I do enjoy that that lets me you have to
win on the 8th roll my least favorite casinos Potawatomi in milwaukee
wisconsin however due to living five minutes away
from there that is what i am stuck with unless I want to drive two hours in each
direction each day just to go play alright so now we have a thirty-dollar
bit let’s roll again Yahtzee we just won so now the bank has to pay
us ten twenty thirty dollars see even one to one so that means we won
10 20 30 40 50 60 we got 60 bucks going back to our stack so far we have
not won anything yet we have not lost so we start again red 16 here so it’s easier to grant is
110 hours that back now ten dollars a head spin again 0 now 0 is
to lose no matter what you know just got our tent but we just
consider it the same things get the black now it’s even worse for us once we
get into betting against ourselves that’s in the next video series so now
we double up spin again read so I just want our ten
dollars back that we had just lost plus the acetyl past ten dollars so we’re ten
dollars starting stack so we’re a total of
twenty dollars know in what five minutes roll again then another ten dollars
right 14 no pages again again trying to do this
quick so we don’t lose valuable you to upload time when actually want to trace
the street ok now we lost that again our stack roll
again lost again and actually I screwed that up he lost I
supposed to get 20 that time so pretend that 24 now 30 bucks so 10 20 30 now I rolled before i put the bet down
but I was bending read anyways just for demonstration purposes so 10 20 30 because remember we’re
trying to get as many roles as possible now the casinos kind of past 10 23 look what happened 10 20 30 that there 30 we’ve got all our money back we did
not when extra but we got everything back
and we’re still up what are we up we have ten dollars
twenty dollars thirty dollars forty dollars were up forty dollars in
can tell you exactly how long we’ve been doing this ten minutes in 17 seconds that makes sense to you now i got about a minute and a half before
size limit is up youtube so let me show you the best
series – 10 x will be 20 10 20 30 40 and get 10
20 30 40 50 60 70 be a then this is worth this is where the
sweat starts porn and you get into the black and after now this is for the true double up and
we got after eating that’s 1 10 20 30 40 50 60 then 3 3 21 then it would go through 20 then after
that it’s a 640 but remember one two three four five six
six hand guy went on that six hand you went on that six hand you get all
the back don’t and and when ten bucks now time’s up for this one I’ll show you the
next video in the next segment with the double with betting against yourself for
the 10 20 30 method

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