Roulette – How to Win EVERY TIME! Easy Strategy, Anyone can do it! Part 1

good evening everybody this is the first part an introduction
to to our wind roulette series using my strategy you can win roulette you can win as much as 94.7 three
percent of every hand you play there every spin the ball this is going to be for the US standard
rules the u.s. roulette wheel consists of 38 number of slots went through 30 60
and a double zero betting layout consists of every individual number as
well as outside bets which would be red black one – 18 19 36 odd-even first and
12 second 12 and 13 12 to 14 both the first row second row and third row and
in any combination of numbers players make their bet still spins the wheel and
the ball after several seconds of all fall and land in one of the number of
slots and you are paid accordingly to the wager and where you placed your bet now the odds vary depending on that
style you are doing and for the most part i will also make a
chart under this video for you so you can
reference this page or video whenever you like I for the beginner i’d recommend
printing out the odds chart if you are not going to follow my strategy strictly
so here we go red betting read you will your
probability of winning is 40 7.3 percent of the time getting black it is 40 7.3
percent getting odd it’s 47.3 seven percent betting even is also 47.3 seven
percent heading 1 through 18 or 19 336 either or are also yield 47.3 seven
percent getting the first one to twelve thirteen through 24 25 336 any of those
the payout instead of one to one would be 12 but your probability is only 31.5 eight
percent six line which is a cover six numbers pays five to one and probability
is 15 points seven nine percent the first five which would be the first five
numbers pays a 6 to 1 odds are 13.1 six percent corner bent is a 2-1 with a 10.5
three percent probability the street which means getting three numbers across
is 1 11 to one odd pay out with seven point eight nine percent split so any two numbers is 5.2 six percent
probability of winning in any single number of pace 35 to 1 and is 2.6 three
percent probability of winning now as you probably know probably
noticed the lower your probability of winning the higher the payout which is
how the house gets its edge now if you are going to be playing for
the long run you will you would like to stick with my strategy i will go over a couple of different
ones on the plane so far I have not lost in a very many
number of months and I go to the casino an average of three to four nights per
week I stay anywhere from one hour to 10
hours depending on number one I got kids so that always gets factored into the
length of my plate and factor number two is for all honesty the longer you stay
better your chances of losing our that’s not something you really understand
until you have sat down at a table and have played played it out once i get
close to actually losing or get close to a bad beat that’s when I pack it up and call it a
night the longer you sit there the more tired
you get the chances of you making a mistake increase and then mistake is one
of the only few things that will kill you or pretty much make you lose so this is my introduction and to the
roulette strategy for winning strategy I pulling and also anywhere from a
hundred dollars two thousand a night very very easy simple strategy to play
and i will go over it in a number of videos I’m planning also on doing similar
videos for Bacharach and I a few other games i’m considering
however my main game is roulette so before I even playing up start outlining
my videos for the other games i am going to make sure i thoroughly understand
every aspect I do not want to provide salsa or bad
information to my viewers and sorry about the whole be printed out roulette table that will be upgraded
hopefully within my next one or two videos I wanted to get this video out there as
soon as possible and should have a nice roll let matt i’m also using the magic
ipad as a roulette wheel as roulette wheels aren’t too cheap if you want to practice at home it’s
called pocket rule left to get it for the iphone or ipad or ipod touch and
Iran tested Iran probably about five thousand spins on it just a test test its accuracy whether it
had in our randomness which random is why we choose to let one of my
strategies that we do for that we’re going to be doing for true blood also
can go over to Bach around on barker ott my strategy and paper looks like you’re
in better odds of winning i will go over that shortly and one of
my other following videos but the problem with Bacharach is unlike
roulette where we let is more like tossing a coin 50-50 shot of it either
be red or black so I even or odd so on and so forth first one to eighteen or nineteen
thirty-six background technically is a 50-50 shot of getting you there playing
player banker however you can have a shoe of cards
that leaves one direction or another and there’s no way to completely ran and
randomly shuffle randomly shuffle in a deck it can come up and you can have streaks
in either direction streaks are bad we don’t like streaks we like as random as
possible back and forth if possible so this is my introduction if you have any questions be happy to
post them under this video I will do my best to answer them both in the comments
section and in upcoming videos that’s going to be it for this evening probably tomorrow evening i will start
demonstrating my my first part of the strategy which is either which is bet red or black or even both might sound
counterproductive but you can bet red and black and win and it’s the one that
gives you funny looks at the casino best thing to do when you sit down if you’re
going to go that route are betting both red and black or even both 13 18 and 19 36 or hold even and odd is
ask the dealer if betting against oneself is against house rules if it is
preferably find a better casino if it’s not go for it you will make a
ton of money I’ll explained enough coming upcoming
video of the series so that that is it for part 1 and four you guys answer ask
any questions on this part just wait for my next my next video
before you start those questions have a great evening and if you’re not a
real big gambler just want to wet your feet on it a little bit i would
recommend going out to walmart or even online picking up a stack of chips make sure preferably get the same colors i use at
the casino for my strategy i recommend getting some red chips as five dollar
ships are going to be your most used color and black chips unfortunately i only have blue chips at
this exact moment did order a whole set more of nice clay chips hopefully I was hoping to you really
start and do a nice series for you guys so and i’ll try to update that but blue
looks like black on the camera so we’ll just call him black for now the blacks
in there black chips usually signify a
hundred-dollar chip so you’re going to be using five-dollar
ships and hundred-dollar ships my strategies can get a little daunting in
your bets can get fairly large but fairly large for what seems to be a
small payout but you’ll understand all that it is needed and like I said it’s almost
a guaranteed win every time you go to the casino odds are in your favor if you knew know
how to exploit the odds that are available to you so have a great evening and i will see
you next video


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