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This statistics shows which numbers followed the numbers previously fallen in one game. In the statistics, the date and the time of the game can be seen as well as the identification of the croupier, table and casino. Moreover, both the number of the game and spins are shown. The individual games are recorded successively into statistics. Under each of the numbers, we can see a number, which followed it in the past, as well as the frequency of its occurrence. For example, the data says that the number 21 was once followed by the number 17. Furthermore, it can be seen that the number 9 was followed once by the numbers 8, 12 and 3. If the number 8 falls in the next spin, it will be observed that the number 9 was followed twice by the number 8 and once by the numbers 3 and 12. Several filters can be found at the top of the statistics. These filters can help to look up certain game or show a list of the games which are of particular interest to the user. The filters are: date (from), date (to), croupier, table, casino, sorting by the newest/oldest games and sorting by the roulette type, i.e. French/American.

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