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Oh hey there.
I hope you’re having a great day, and I hope
it will be made better because your watching
Game the Game.
I’m your host Becca Scott, and I’m about to show
you the game Root.
But first, let me show you how to play.
We’re building roots in the trees, and
crafting boots for the vagabonds.
That’s right, it’s Root from Leader Games.
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This asymmetrical game of adventure and warfare
pits two to four woodland factions against
one another in a race for victory points.
The key feature of Root lies in the various
ways each faction scores points.
The Marquise de Cat exploits the woodland
by harvesting resources for armies and buildings.
The Eyrie Dynasties reclaim their fallen kingdom
by building roosts throughout the forest.
The Woodland Alliance rebels against all
these would-be rulers and sows sympathy
across the land.
And the Vagabond profits from them all
by aiding and harming each of the other factions.
Set up begins with a game board placed center.
The woodland game consists of 12 clearings
connected by paths.
The clearings each have one to three slots,
where buildings may be constructed.
Additionally, each clearing has a suit.
Either fox, rabbit, or mouse.
Place the four ruin tokens on the four slots
marked with and R.
These spaces cannot be built upon until explored.
Create an item supply by gathering the 12 item
tokens and placing them in their matching spaces.
Shuffle the shared deck of cards and deal three
to each player.
The remaining cards will become your draw pile
for the game.
Next, players choose factions.
If there’s only three players, remove the Vagabond.
And if there’s only two, also remove the Alliance.
Each player takes a faction board and all of the
faction pieces.
The back of the faction board contains a handy
guide to each teams pieces, rules, and tactics
for winning the game.
Place each participating faction score marker
on the zero space of that old score track.
And then follow the set up instructions on the
lower left of the faction board in turn order.
Ya got Marquise, then Eyrie, Alliance, and Vagabond.
He’s in the back.
Trash panda.
Game play occurs in turns, each divided
into three phases: birdsong, daylight, and evening.
Each factions board describes the actions they
take in each phase.
Once a player has taken their turn and completed
their evening phase, play passes to the next
Since all the factions play differently,
let’s review the core mechanics of the game.
First, the shared deck of cards.
Many actions in the game require a player
to spend cards from their hand by placing
them in the discard pile.
Just like the clearings, each card has a suit:
fox, rabbit, or mouse.
Additionally, the bird suit acts as a wild
and can thus be any suit for resolving actions.
Generally, the suit of the card allows a player
to take actions in the clearing matching that suit.
Additionally, some cards have a secondary use,
known as crafting.
To craft a card, the player must have crafting
pieces in the number of clearings that match
in the bottom left corner.
For example, the Marquise crafts with workshops.
And to create this travel gear, they’ll need
a workshop in the rabbit clearing.
Crafted cards award points, provide persistent
bonuses, or create items from the item supply.
Each clearing in the game may contain warriors
and buildings from any faction.
The faction with the most combined warriors
and buildings rules that clearing.
Various actions in Root require you to rule
the clearing first.
One example is the move action.
When moving, a player may take any number
of warriors from one clearing to another
if they are connected by a path.
However, to move, the player must rule
the clearing they’re moving from or
moving to.
For example, the Marquise de Cat is moving out
of the fox clearing and into the mouse clearing
because they rule the mouse clearing.
If warriors from multiple factions occupy
the same clearing they may have the option
to use the battle action to remove opposing
warriors from the board.
After the attacker declares the targeted faction,
that player becomes the defender for the battle.
The attacker roles both combat dice.
The attacker deals hits equal to the higher roll
and the defender deals equal to the lower roll.
However, neither side may deal a number of hits
that is greater than the number of their
warriors in the clearing.
The player taking hits now chooses which
pieces to remove from the board, and must
remove warriors before taking tokens or buildings.
Bonus, whenever an enemy token or building
is removed, the hit dealing player scores
one victory point.
If a defender has no warriors in the clearing
of a battle, the attacker deals one extra hit
due to their opponents defenselessness.
Each faction in the game has it’s
own unique game play.
The handy faction board outlines the actions
in each phase and the main way to obtain
victory points.
The Marquise de Cat starts with a keep
in one corner of the map and presence
in nearly all of the woodland clearings.
As they harvest wood from their saw mills
to construct buildings, they gain points
for each one placed on the board.
The Eyrie Dynasties have a leader card
and a decree system on their board.
Which dictates the actions they take each turn.
They gain points each evening for the roost
they have on the board, but anytime they
cannot complete their decree their leader
is overthrown and the decree is reset
and a new leader must be chosen.
The Woodland Alliance sows decent by creating
sympathy throughout the woods.
They have a bonus pool of cards on their card
known as supporters, and use these cards to
revolt against the Marquise and Eyrie
creating bases and rebel warriors.
The more sympathy they gain, the more victory
points the obtain.
On with the alliance!
The Vagabond profits from all the warfare
by sneaking through the forest, and completing
quests for each faction.
The items players craft can be used by
the Vagabond to take actions.
As the factions react to the Vagabonds
choices and quests, their relationship
fluctuates on the faction board
providing victory points.
As players battle and contest control
for the woodland, only one will emerge
with 30 victory points to win the game.
Additionally, there are dominance cards
in the shared deck that remove a players victory
point token from the score track in exchange
for a new conditional win objective.
And that’s Root in a nutshell.
The game also contains rules for different
factions warring against each other,
an alternative winter map on the other side
of the board, and expansions featuring
new factions.
I’m Becca Scott, and I love this game.
You can watch me and my friends play
this on Game the Game.
Right here on Geek and Sundry.
We’ll see you there.
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Okay, now we are about to get to the game.
But first, I would like to introduce
my lovely guests.
Get back, get back!
First, a big welcome back to Gina DeVivo.
So glad to have you.
I am very excited.
Yes, you are playing as Marquise de Cat.
I am the cat.
I’m pretty happy.
So, sitting next to you we have Poisal.
A Poisal on some of the socials sometimes.
You are the creator of Wink Works, Leather Works.
Yes, yes I am.
Geeky Leather for all your leather needs.
All your leather needs.
And a role player in many various places.
Oh yeah, yeah.
Shout them out.
Shout them out?
Oh, well I played on Dejanu Kairos on Mezarcana.
I am doing a thing on saving throw shows.
Doing some shadow run.
Very cool.
So you can check that out, and maybe other places.
I don’t know when this is airing so.
And a big welcome back to
B. Dave Walters!
The DM of theogony of Kairos,
host of Ask Your Black Geek Friends,
and just a good dancer.
Yeah, I tell everyone to wear live frontier.
Soon to be Marcus Temple on Vampire the Masquerade,
but today were the Woodland Alliance.
Woodland Alliance!
We’re fighting for the people.
Oh yes, I forgot to ask,
who are you playing as Poisal?
I’m playing as the Vagabond.
Today I’m actually playing as the thief Vagabond.
Also known as trash panda.
Also known as trash panda or a
raccoon or all sorts of things.
I was trying to think of a good name but.
Do you know a lot of things about raccoons?
I know a lot of things about raccoons.
Hm, I guess we’ll find out later.
Be prepared for some raccoon facts.
I’m playing as the Eyrie Dynasties.
I think we all know that the Eyrie Dynasty
is definitely like old British knows he’s liked,
sort of.
Yes, we are the lords of the forest.
We were in power, now the cats have overtaken
all the woodlands.
Marquise meow.
Well I guess that makes the Vagabonds the
old Cockney urchins, so.
And tell us what is the alliances goal
in this woodland?
We’re fighting on behalf of the people.
What else is there to fight for?
Okay, so we’ve got a brief overview.
And you know what, I think we just gotta jump
right into the root of what’s happening here.
We’re staying on brand there.
No, no it works.
We’re getting to the root of it.
No, no I’m with ya.
Let’s get to the root of it.
So in general brief overview of what
I explained in that video, is we’re all trying
to get to 30 VP points and we all have
various methods of doing that.
We’ll explain as we go through our turns
what we’re generally doing.
So, Marquise de Cat, take it away.
Yes, yes okay.
Well, first things first, I’m in my birdsong phase.
Which means I get to place some wood at my saw mill.
I got some wood.
We’ve got I think 12 clearings
on the board, and you start controlling 11 of them.
I do.
You rule 11 of them.
I am the cat kingdom.
Yes, and I’m the birds.
So we’ve got this one place that we rule.
We’re all ya know, built up pretty heavily.
Your roost?
We’re roosting, we’re roosting hard.
Now Woodland Alliance starts with nothing on the board.
You gotta uprise, and you gotta sow decent.
Because we’re everywhere.
That’s why we don’t have any pieces on the board,
we’re all of them.
Good luck overthrowing me.
And the Vagabond, you’re just starting
in the middle of the woods here.
You just pop around crafting and taking peoples
crafts and giving them cards.
Look at this little sneaky face.
I get to help, I’m a helper.
I’m a helper, I’m gonna go around and give
you aid and do a little exploring.
Clear up some of these ruins so you can
build things.
You want me around,
I’m friendly.
That’s true, that’s true you are.
Until you’re not.
Until I’m not.
Okay so, you’re building.
I’m building.
You’re sawing.
I’m using the little wood pile I just made.
And I’m gonna make
another saw mill.
Can you explain how your board works?
So I have these little wood markers
that tell me how much it’s gonna cost
to build this fabulous economy that I’m
currently working on.
So, I’m gonna build another little workshop
so I can keep getting more wood.
So I can build more stuff.
A saw mill not a workshop.
A saw mill, sorry, a saw mill.
I’m gonna place it here, I’m gonna keep my little cat
kingdom company.
And can do, because you already rule
that place because you’re the only person there.
And it’s your, oh I just had the word,
your stronghold you’re starting at.
You’re keep.
My keep.
You’re red keep.
Orange keep in this case.
Orange keep.
It’ll be red soon enough.
No one else is allowed to.
With the blood of my enemies.
Yes, no one’s allowed to build there
except for the Marquise de Cat.
Because it’s your keep.
So that was one action, I get two more
during my daylight phase.
I will recruit.
So I get to add one more cat if when I recruit
once per turn I can place one warrior
at each recruiting station.
I only have one recruiting station
at the moment, it is right over here.
Hello, cat you have a new friend.
So your daylight is your second
of your three phases, and within your daylight
phase specifically you get three actions.
I do.
Me, I don’t get that.
I do different stuff.
You do, you all do different stuff.
I do different stuff.
That’s the neatest thing about this game
is how different all four of our set ups are.
Okay, so I also have this handy
dandy thing where I once per turn
I can spend a card to place one more wood
at my saw mill, matching the clearing on my card.
So I’m going to do that, and I have the
bird card so I can do any clearing right?
I will have wood pop up there again.
Bam, hello look at this working over time.
Is it every saw mill that matches that?
No just once.
No just one.
So then I have another thing of wood.
We should mention that each of the
12 clearings are allied.
They either belong to the foxes, the bunnies,
or the mice.
We’ll start one right there.
Bam, discard pile.
And that’s my three turns.
Alright, now your evening phase.
Draw one card.
Okay it’s my turn!
Eyrie Dynasties, I know that was Russian.
I forgot to say.
What have you done?
Because I built a saw mill, I get one point.
That’s a good thing we remembered
that because points are important to win the game.
There almost a little mostly important part.
Some would say, there the whole point.
It’s not friendship it’s earning victory points.
Alright so, it is my birdsong.
I’m gonna skip some of this stuff,
because if you’re hands empty draw a card.
Now, my turn is very different.
So, the Eyrie’s choose a leader.
And that leader has a decree.
And I can add to my decree each turn,
but if I ever can not do a step of my
decree I said I would do,
my leader gets deposed.
I loose a bunch of points based on my current
decree, and then I have to choose a new leader.
This leader’s power when I place warriors
I place two instead of one.
So that’s pretty sweet, that’s why
I chose that guy.
And now I’m gonna add from my hand,
I’m gonna add a move phase using cards from my hand.
The cards have so many purposes
for so many different people.
That’s pretty cool, I’m gonna hold onto that card
because I wanna use it in a different way.
And then I’m going to start me a building.
Okay, so now I have one card in each of my
four decree places.
My first one says recruit.
So, somewhere with a matching roost
which has to be my original spot here.
I start with one roost on the board.
I’m gonna place two warriors, then I’m
gonna move into a different clearing
with as many warriors as I like.
And I’m thinking this one looks nice,
just straight north of here.
Oh boy.
I’m gonna go.
I’m gonna leave four behind and take four with me.
That’s a lot of warriors.
Yeah, I got a lot of warriors.
Now, I.
It just got very crowded over here in this clearing.
I think some room is about to open though.
Yeah (laughs).
Marquise de Cat, I do decree with my decree
to battle upon you.
That’s the accent.
Not a battle upon me.
Come on they we’re right there.
No that’s not part of the Eyrie Dynasty.
That’s why the revolution started,
right there.
You must use thee!
It’s more properly sounding.
Okay so, the way a battle works.
I hiss at you good sir, I hiss at you.
Oh my.
Let’s go.
So, when battling, now I have the ability to
battle because I have a card there.
Different people have different ways they battle.
Vagabond barely even battles.
He just punches people and runs away.
So what happens in a battle is, the attacker
rolls both of the dice.
The higher roll is the attackers number,
the lower roll is the defenders number.
And then you take away that many warriors
that the opposing force hits with,
but you can’t hit more times than
warriors you have in that place.
So, let’s see what happens.
Okay, two to three that’s not good for me.
So you hit me, and I hit you.
You hit me twice, but you can only kill
one of my guys because you only had one
warrior present.
Ah, okay.
And I hit you three times and I can do that
because I have all these people, but only
one guy was there to kill.
It’s true.
So that’s cool, that’s done.
And then my last part of my decree
is to build.
So I will take one of my roosts off my board,
put it in one of the spaces on the big old board.
And now I have uncovered the next roost level,
which means I’m gonna get one VP every turn,
at the end of my turn.
So there we go, score VP from your empty roost.
And then I’m gonna draw a card.
And then my party is over.
Alright, so.
Woodland Alliance.
What is the catch phrase of
Woodland Alliance?
Home of the Woodland Alliance.
Home of the Woodland Alliance!
Why am I always the revolutionary
every time we show up here and every game.
That’s a choice you’ve made (laughs).
You know.
I think you’re just staying on brand.
I don’t choose the games, the games
choose me, okay.
So, again the Woodland Alliance with our
slighty Northern European, Irish-Scottish
accent thing.
I have to different mechanics.
I have my two cards that I play like everybody
else, but I also have supporters.
So what I have to do, is I have to engender
sympathy so that I can trigger revolutions.
Also, I think you might want to flip
your supporters face down.
That’s a secret.
We played open hand in our practice round.
I was just doing this for the sake
of the people of the inter web.
It doesn’t matter if you guys know what
I’m going to do because you can’t stop me.
Well, maybe we could though.
Okay, fine.
I will keep it a secret.
I’m helping you out.
Well but guess what, you’re about to find out.
So we’re gonna spread some sympathy out.
I’m going to spread, so I have a rabbit.
I’m going to put some sympathy in the rabbits area.
Stop, but I have two spaces on the board.
But they don’t require spaces, thank you.
I’m going to spend a fox and play some sympathy
over here in the fox area.
Thank you, yeah.
Okay, hello.
I’m going to spend the birds,
the birds are wild.
For the birds.
And place a sympathy over here
at this fox area.
And you gained three victory points.
Three victory points for having done the things.
Outta control.
These are disc cards now.
Just jumping up that VP tracker right out of the gate.
I’m trying to, so now I craft using sympathy.
I’m going to craft an arms trader.
So I get a sword and two victory points.
Use your long arms.
Yes, so mister trash panda
I now have some wares that you may be interested in.
Did I get two my additionally victory points there?
Get outta town!
For crafting? Just for crafting a sword?
Just for crafting.
You guys get victory points
for crafting too, just saying.
Just saying if you want to bring me around.
And I cannot do anything else.
So that is the end of my turn.
Can I just complement this game for a moment.
I love that there’s a place for everything.
That even the items your able to craft around
the top of the board, so we know where to
put them before everything starts.
And eventually they all end
up on my board, so.
Quite possible.
And the art is really fantastic, also.
Oh yes, I love the art on this.
The art is really fantastic.
The cutest.
Alright, tell us about your Vagabond.
So I am playing the thief of Vagabond,
whose special power is to steal random
cards from players in the clearing
that I’m in instead of exploring.
And you can play as different types
of Vagabonds.
Yes, there are two other types
of Vagabonds that are available.
There is the wolf ranger, who is good
at hiding out and repairing items on the fly.
And then there is the tinkerer, which is a beaver
who is not good at combat at all.
But is really good at, his powers take
a card from the discard pile matching
your clearing.
So I could shuffle through the trash.
Real scavenger.
I think you made the right choice with thief.
So my birdsong as Vagabond, normally if I had
exhausted any of my items I would refresh
them now.
But I’m not, this is my first turn.
So my second part of my birdsong is
the slip ability.
Which allows me just free movement.
So I’m starting here, so I can just slip
into any space.
So, I’m going to slip over here.
(laughs) Hello.
Into this clearing.
Hi, hi guys.
And here I am.
So my actions are based on the items that I have.
And I can turn them over, exhausting them
to be able to do the actions.
So first, I’m going to explore those ruins
there with my torch.
I clear the ruin.
Go on.
And I gain the hammer.
B. Dave has a question.
Now you moved into a space where
I have sympathy, do I get a card?
Are you a warrior?
No, so my two abilities,
special abilities as a Vagabond, one I nimble.
I can move regardless of who rules the clearings.
So you can’t keep me out.
And two, I’m am the lone wanderer.
And so my pawn is not considered a warrior.
And I cannot be removed from the map.
By clearing the ruins,
I make that space open for buildings,
which is good.
And I gain items from in there, which give me
a hammer which allows me to craft.
I also gain a victory point for clearing
the ruins, I gain a victory point whenever
I explore.
Whoa baby.
So I will spend my boots to move.
If you can move me over to the Eyrie.
Get outta here.
There’s a lot of birds there.
Wait, no, no.
Yeah, and there I will spend.
You dubbed it the Eyrie,
it’s really just a rabbit hole.
My hammer, to then give you this.
The rabbit suited card?
Yes, and you’re taking sword in exchange.
Yes, and I gained a victory point for doing so.
So if you can mark me up one more.
You also have very lovely nail polish.
Oh, thank you.
I do them myself,
I like doing nail stuff.
You got your nails did.
It’s fun right?
It’s beautiful.
It’s like a spider paint, starry night situation.
Yes, I could battle people I have a lot
of swords now.
Why would you do that?
I don’t think I want to do that.
I don’t know if I like your chances there.
That seems to be awful hostile, so.
Yeah that wouldn’t go well for you.
Now, if you fight me and I win I don’t get
anything if I win.
It damages my items.
And so I’d have to spend hammers to repair
items, or spend my whole turn in the forest.
Which repairs everything.
Just run off into the forest.
Got it.
But I think that is going to be it
for my first turn, and then I move into
evening roost.
If I’m in the forest I repair all my items.
I draw one card, plus one card for every coin
on my board.
So just the one card, discard down to five cards
if I have any, and remove any items.
If I have more items than what my satchels
can hold, which everything is fine
and dandy there.
So I will pass my turn back to Gina.
Cause the kitties.
Read us about your birdsong.
So my birdsong, I get to place one
wood at each saw mill.
I have two right now, so now I have three
piles of wood to work with.
Oh my.
Oh my indeed (laughs).
Okay, so I’m going to take one of these
piles of wood and I’m going to build a
That was fun.
Okay, I’m going to put that workshop
Two points.
Just for building a workshop.
One, two, for building a workshop.
Okay, then.
Are you French still or?
It’s Marquise-ish that she speaks.
It’s Marquise-ish, exactly.
Yes, Marquise-ish.
There’s many dialects of Marquise-ish.
I’m glad we’re doing this.
one more wood
for a recruiter.
Where should I start defending myself?
Everywhere (laughs).
Yeah, right.
This is a nice little hub, so I’ll do that.
And then for my third turn,
or for my third action, I’m going to recruit.
So I get to place a cat at every place
that there is a recruiting station.
So that’s there, that’s there,
and that
is that.
Is cat.
That is cat.
That is cat.
Did you draw up in your evening phase?
I did not yet.
Draw, beautiful.
And now it is my turn in the birdsong.
One more point, bam.
For what?
I got one more for recruiting!
Out of control, you’re at four VP.
Building my recruit, yes.
Okay, so you’ve built all these things
and now you’re at four VP.
Poisal is at five.
I’m at a measly one.
No, I’m at two.
No, I’m at five.
Again, you’re over looking the people (laughs).
I am, I am.
Okay, so here’s what happens at my turn.
I have two cards in my hand and I can
either hold onto them if I want to craft
them later, maybe I do.
Or, alright I can’t do that because I
can only add one card that is the bird.
Hint, I have another bird in my hand.
Okay, so I’m going to add.
A bird in the hand.
Either, I can add another card to one of
these four actions to do it twice.
Either recruit, move, battle, or build.
But if I ever can’t do all the cards
I’ve laid down I have to wipe it clean,
loose a bunch of points.
Oh no.
But I think I’m just going to be crazy
and go for battle.
This may be a terrible decision that
I really regret later.
We’re gonna battle.
I can’t think of any time
in history that there was negative
repercussions from starting fights constantly.
Okay so, now that I’ve done that
I am going to craft.
And I have a mouse clearing under my control,
so I’m going to spin this to craft.
And I’m gonna get a little bag of holding,
whatever you call it.
It’s a satchel.
And you gain a victory point
for doing so.
I get one VP.
Now because us Eyrie’s have distain
for trade, even if it said I can take
more than one VP I still just get
one VP when crafting items.
We don’t like to trade with Vagabonds.
I wouldn’t take it anyways.
I’m going to recruit.
Then I will move, then I will battle,
then I will build, okay.
Gosh why do they have to be in that order.
Okay, so I could recruit anywhere with a roost,
one of my two spots.
I’m gonna recruit,
so this is my thought process.
I could either build in my one I got last turn
and go north where there’s just one cat
up there, it’s pretty clear.
Or, if I..
But I want to take..
Okay, I’m going up north.
And then I’m going to move.
Because you need to fight twice now, right?
I gotta fight twice.
Hey Dave, would you move three of my birds
up all the way to that fox den up north.
And now I’m on to battling,
and I’m gonna battle twice.
Now Gina, before I come at you up there
in the fox hole I’m gonna get rid of
this uprising in my bunny hole (laughs).
You’re going to pay for that.
Okay, so I rolled a one and a zero.
Hold on.
My sympathy is defenseless, so
just one hit and it’s going to be removed, right?
I hit your sympathy.
However, because you have taken a sympathy away
I get a bunny suited card from you hand.
Or, if you don’t have any bunny suited cards
I’m suppose to look at your hand and take what I want.
Oh okay, let me show you my hand.
Nothing (laughs).
Yes, but that means I get to draw one
from the deck and put that in my supported deck here.
Thank you very much, yes.
If you had two supporters that were the
same suit then you could revolt.
And I only have two strongholds
and I need to hang onto my roosts,
and so I had to get you out of there.
Now I’ve got a Vagabond.
You’re gonna find out about a revolt.
Okay Gina, now I’m battling
you in the fox den.
I’m ready.
Just make it quick.
I rolled a two and a one,
that means you hit me for one,
and I hit you for two.
So we each loose a piece, and then
I get to build as my final turn
because I did battle twice and build once
in a matching clearing you rule without a roost.
And I got one of those, thank goodness.
Because if I didn’t, then I’d have to depose
my leaders.
I get plus two VP for the blue token.
And I will take two cards because I have
uncovered to now draw two cards each turn.
Oh also, anytime you remove an enemies token
or piece, anything that’s not a warrior,
you get one VP.
So, I’m gonna take one more VP for
removing B. Dave’s sympathy, for which
I gave him no card.
No card for you sir.
And it is the turn my decree has passed.
I’m gonna place one sympathy in this fox area
over here, that far one.
All the way over here?
That’s the only other fox area, right?
Okay, and then.
Except for the one up in the top corner as well.
You don’t wanna put it there.
You could.
Yeah I do.
Yeah, yeah I do.
What? What?
Yeah I do.
Look at how powerful the cats are.
Yeah but the cats haven’t come at me yet, so.
I have no intention to.
You came at me.
I was just near by and you came at me.
You are part of my lovely subjects
I will not attack you.
And so, I cannot currently craft
any of the things that I have.
I can, that is it, I drew my card.
I am finished.
I started my birdsong, I refreshed three
items plus two for every key I have.
I only had three to refresh, so I’m
still good there.
I will use my slip
to move north one.
There, thank you.
And that moves me into daylight now.
And, for my daylight
I will give some aid
by spending one of my swords to give a..
Do you care for my satchel?
Yes, here you can take that card there.
I gained one victory point for giving aid.
And now I have a satchel, which allows me
to carry more items.
If you could move my victory points up one please.
For giving you aid.
Thank you.
I am going to
then spend my boots
to turn around and go back down south to the bunnies.
Spending your boots.
And I will use the requirements
on this quest, I will give a rousing speech
in a rabbit clearing by using my tea and my torch.
I claim this quest and I can pick one
of the two rewards.
Which is, I can either draw two more regular cards,
or I can gain one victory point per rabbit
quest that I have done.
And I will take the victory point.
One VP.
Yes, one VP and I get draw a new quest.
Just a quick points update.
Let’s see, Poisal and Gina are at four points.
Me and B. Dave are at five points.
Well done.
But we’re all pretty close.
Even though we have such different things to accomplish.
True, we have a lot of game to do, yup.
So much game to do, okay.
Okay, my birdsong.
Do have a lot of game to do.
Oh is there more?
Yeah, there’s still more.
Actually there’s no more, it just goes to my evening.
I will gain one card,
and now it is your turn.
Marquise de Cat.
Actually, I will end my turn with a raccoon fact.
Yes please.
So, raccoons the black mask around their eyes
it is not just used for looking suave and
sneaky and debonair.
The black mask is actually thought to
be there to help reduce glare.
Because raccoons are primarily
a nocturnal creature and so they have
fairly good night sight.
But, any light that does shine on them
the black mask helps them reduce the glare.
Much like the black paint underneath an
athletes eyes.
There’s a reason for that?
It’s like a math box of the eyes,
camera terms.
It’s true.
But yeah, it reduces glare
so they can see better in the dark.
Thank you for that fact, yeah.
I liked it.
Now I’m gonna chop some wood
after learning that.
I wish that we could all collectively groan
every time you say that it’s time for
a raccoon fact, but you just are so genuine
and sweet I can’t be rude to you.
Who would groan at facts?
The Marquise de kitty is taking their turn.
I would like to take it (laughs).
Okay, I’m spending or taking two woods to build.
We’ll do a workshop and we’re gonna put it here.
Can you put it there?
Can I?
You don’t have full control of there?
You are tied for rule in this fox hole.
You have one warrior and then the alliance
has one sympathy token there.
So, you have to move one more creature
there in order to be able to battle.
Or you battle and you hopefully.
Battle’s an action so you can go one for one.
Battle’s an action.
Ya know that’s okay.
Although, if you.
I’m just gonna keep building.
We’re just gonna put, okay.
You can try and remove my sympathy.
I can.
But if you do I’ll get a card out of it.
You would, I take it back.
I’m gonna build a recruit station here.
Okay, so that happened.
That was one, I will recruit
for two.
Built recruiters, recruited.
Recruited, bam.
Oh, at all you recruiting stations.
Bam, at all of my stations.
Recruition station.
Recruition stations and the Eyrie Dynasties
coined this word, it’s decreed.
Okay, so.
This is why you lost control.
So that was two point, one, two.
And then, I would like to craft.
And then I will take a kitten nap.
So I will craft for you.
What are you crafting?
Tiny raccoon friend.
I will craft a tiny tea kettle for some root tea.
Oh he loves root tea.
I know.
I’m gonna sip that tea.
You sip it, oh good.
We’ll discard it for ya.
So you did this because you have
control of one mouse clearing?
One mouse clearing.
At least.
At least.
And a workshop and one mouse clearing.
A workshop and a mouse clearing.
Right, so here you go.
Thank you, very much.
That is my tea kettle.
And did get two VP for crafting that?
I do now.
Uh oh, one, two.
You are now at eight VP.
Okay, so that was a craft that was two actions,
to recruit and to build.
And then I will do one final, can I do one final action?
Do you have any wood left to build with?
You have one wood still on the board.
I have one wood.
But nothing costs one wood for you.
Nothing costs one wood.
You gotta save that wood man.
I’m saving the wood.
End of turn evening.
Evening time.
So I will draw, since I built one recruiter
I get to draw two cards now.
Bam bam.
Okay, birdsong.
I get to add one or two cards to my decree.
Oh choices, oh choices.
I have three cards, but yes, one I like too much
to spend on my mere decrees.
So, let’s see.
I have to place them, I’ve already got two in battle.
So I’m not gonna do battle.
Build, if I can’t build one turn then I’m screwed.
So I’m just gonna keep one in build.
Moving, I can always move something, so I’m pretty
sure that that’s a smart place to go.
And then, I do want to start recruiting more.
So I’m gonna place one there as well.
This may be risky to play two cards, but
I’m just doing it.
Now daylight phase.
You have to build up every turn.
So every turn you have to add something
because it’s one or two.
So it’s just gonna keep getting bigger.
Add one or two cards.
Oh, I can’t add none.
Okay, I’m gonna just place all four of my new recruits
in that fox hill up north.
And then I’m gonna move
three of those new recruits
over to the bunny hole up here.
And then I have to move one more time.
Oh you know what, I’m just gonna move
into this fox hole where everybody’s partying.
What (laughs)?
I think that gives B. Dave a card.
Oh no, you’re right.
You’re right.
It sure would.
Okay, so I’m gonna move north instead.
Good point.
Okay, so now I’m battling and I have to battle twice.
So first, I’m gonna battle B. Dave in his fox hole.
To knock out your sympathy.
And two verse two.
Which it does.
But I just knock ya out.
But you give me a card.
I’ll give you a card.
That is the card that I really wanted.
That off your hands.
Oh bummer.
You won’t be needing it, yup.
It was pretty cool.
Gina now I’m fighting you in the rabbit hole.
Yes, okay.
In the rabbit hole.
Just FYI, the card I wanted to play
that I forgot B. Dave would take a card,
it’s if you play it if you have control of two mouse
suit clearings then nobody can ambush you.
They’ll find out when I play it.
It’s pretty solid.
Okay so, Gina I have hit you for three
and you have hit me back for zero.
So I have..
Taken this, there is your piece.
And now, I will build once and I will
take my roost and I will go here.
You gain two victory points
for killing two creatures as well.
So blue gets one, two.
I’m at seven VP and then I get one, two, three
for placing another roost.
Guys don’t worry, if I ever can’t do all
the things I’m gonna loose one, two, three VP, so.
And these are on your board, is it?
And then I wipe my whole board
and I have to pick a new leader.
So, that’s it.
And I draw some cards.
I’m going to
these guys.
I’m gonna spend two rabbit supporters
and I’m going to put sympathy back here.
Hold it.
You have placed your supporter in my roost.
Yup I’m putting my sympathy there.
So you have three warriors, so I have to spend
two supporters because of marshal law.
And to put my sympathy back there.
In this bunny roost here.
Yes, in the bunny area. Yes.
That was my first roost.
It’s close to my heart I don’t want you to have it.
And now that I have that, I’m going
to craft the boots.
Oh man.
There you go, so I get one victory point.
One VP for the green.
Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
That was woodland runners to craft the boots by the way.
Woodland runners and based on that,
that is it for me.
I draw up at the end.
Alright, just one card.
Just one card.
So it’s my birdsong.
I have some tea so I get to refresh five, up to five.
Which allows me to refresh everything.
Wow, good cup of tea.
And my slip, I’m going to slip right up here
into this fox clearing.
I see.
Because that gives me every place
I need there.
So first, I will give
Gina some aid.
Aw, it’s about time.
Aw thank you.
You can take this card.
Thank you very much.
And I will take this tea, thank you very much.
You love that tea.
And that gives me one victory point.
Oh you’ve helped everyone.
We’re all in your happy place.
Yes, you are all friendly to me now.
Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t listen I was too excited.
One VP.
Thank you, thank you.
You’re now at five.
I will, let me look at my quest to make sure
I’m not spending something I need yet.
I’m going to use aid again
to send this over to B. Dave.
One card.
And can you send me the boots?
Take the boots.
And give me two VP for that.
Two VP for boots.
Wait, how come you get more VP for boots.
Because as I go up that gives me more VP.
Because you and B. Dave are better friends now.
Oh how sweet.
It’s true, we’re all trash together, yeah.
Actually, to gain that I need to do it twice.
That gives me one VP instead of two.
But to go up to the next, I need to
spend two cards instead of one.
So do you wanna give him a second
card right now?
I am, I’m going to flip over
this hammer to aid again and you can also take that card.
Thanks, thank you.
How exciting.
So, I gained one extra point.
I already gave you the two.
So we’ll leave it at that.
Yes, okay.
Let’s spend some boots
to move me up to this place here.
The cats controlled rabbit hole.
Yes, I will spend
my boots and some tea to play a quest.
It’s an errand in a rabbit clearing
which gives me one victory point for every
rabbit quest.
So two more victory points.
Yeah not bad, not bad.
You’re at nine.
Second only to the Eyrie Dynasties.
And last, I will spend my
torch to explore this ruin,
which gives me more boots.
A boot!
So many boots!
What are you talking a boot?
You liked it?
I did, I liked it so much.
Aw, thank you.
You going to bed?
I think I might go to bed, or.
Or since you are a raccoon this
is when you really creep around.
But is it your evening phase?
I think I will go with,
and I draw a new quest card.
Yes, I’m going to go with my evening phase.
Shall I card ya?
Just one?
Yes, because I don’t have any coins yet.
Ya done been carded.
And now I only have one card in my hand.
Okay, Marquise
Wonderful, Marquise de Cat.
Okay, so birdsong.
Get some wood up in my saw mills.
I’m also gonna.
We’re children.
How dare you laugh at Marquise de kitty.
I’m going to play stand and deliver.
So in birdsong, I may take a random card
from another player, but then that
player gets a point.
So you keep this out because
it has a gray background.
And that is just a perpetual.
That’s just a thing that happens forever?
If you control three mouse clearings
in birdsong, take a random card from another player.
That player gets a point.
Yes, I’m going to take one from you B. Dave.
You have a nice hand of cards.
You’re not in birdsong because
you had to play that in daylight.
Next time.
Because crafting.
I see, I see.
Nevermind, keep your cards for now.
Okay, I’m gonna craft again because
crafting comes first before my actions.
That’s a Gina DeVivo mantra.
Of course, crafting first.
So I will craft, and here’s some more tea for ya.
Making some more tea, come on over.
I should mention you for a long time,
we’re one of the three hosts on Mines and Crafts
our little show here on Geek and Sundry.
I was, so much, so much crafting.
In case the people don’t know of your crafting skills.
And also mining, yes.
Okay, I have some more tea up in here.
So if you want to come over and craft with me.
All the tea.
We can tea it up.
You have so many cats recruited,
I need to fight some more.
So I have two.
One, two for making some tea.
And then,
I will build a saw mill
for two.
And I’m gonna build it.
I’m gonna move your VP up two.
Thank you, thank you.
I’m gonna do that.
I would like to march two.
This is making me nervous.
So I want to defend this space.
So I would like to march my friends over here.
I know that triggers stuff for you.
Yes, I get a fox card from you.
You can have this fox.
Okay, okay.
And you have one more march.
If I could recommend.
I don’t like it, no.
No, she must make her own decisions.
You can move this guy from your keep,
because nobody can attack your keep.
Nobody can do anything to your keep.
That’s a good point!
So you don’t need anyone there.
Oh brilliant, you’re right.
But who will man the castle?
Yeah, who will man it?
Because you’re all here.
And I wanna defend these lines.
I don’t like it.
I’m gonna move these kitties here.
That means I get another fox card.
Yes, I can give you something else.
No you have to give him a fox card.
No, it doesn’t.
Or a wild.
A wild would represent a fox, so that makes sense.
Yes, yup.
I’ll give you that one as well.
And then you have one more action.
And then..
Because you built,
and you marched.
And what’s your last action.
I shall recruit more kitties.
Uh oh, you’ve got one, two, three.
So kitty, kitty, kitty.
That’s it.
That’s it.
Okay, now draw up in your evening.
Okay, one, two.
Okay my turn.
Well the Eyrie Dynasties is going to add to
our recruiting and then I can craft if I like.
I have control of a bunny roost, so I will
craft to gain
a VP for blue.
And a boot, would you like my boot?
I gotta boot.
I have three boots already,
I could take more boots, but I might.
I’ve got a boot, I’ve got a boot.
You’ve got four feet.
Anyone like boots?
Now I will recruit six,
and I think if I run
out of these tokens then I’m totally screwed
because I’ll have nothing left to recruit.
So, I need to get a bunch of players killed
this turn.
So we’ll recruit, I can only move twice.
So, let’s see.
I’m going to come at Gina hard.
Oh no.
I’m gonna go all in the fox hole.
And then you have one, two, three, four, five,
six, pieces there.
So I’m gonna move six pieces in to party with you.
Oh wow.
I can battle Gina twice there, or in this rabbit
hole I can get rid of this sympathy because
if B. Dave can play two of the same suit
supporter cards he can just wipe out all
my birds there.
Plan, okay so I moved six as one move.
And then I move two away
as my other move.
Oh, but they’re protecting my roost-fullness.
Also, there’s nothing to say you can’t fight
Gina and then decide if you want to fight
my sympathy or fight Gina more.
That’s true, okay so I’m moving.
I’ve moved two, these two moved for one move,
these six moved for another move.
I’m fighting Gina first.
Here we go!
Oh boy.
Three against zero.
I killed three cats.
My cats.
My cats.
You’re down to zero lives.
I’m less threatened if you take
that roost now because I moved my warriors out.
So, I’m gonna battle Gina again.
Oh no.
Oh, but I’ve already got control of it.
And I can just build there next turn.
You could.
Don’t you have to battle twice?
Don’t you have to battle twice?
I do, but now I have the choice
to battle you or Gina.
But Gina has a lot of power, you’ve got three
sympathy on the board.
And if you roll a three again
you can also remove her recruiting station.
After you get rid of the warriors.
Wait, how?
Because you can destroy buildings the same way.
You have to have to destroy the warriors first.
That seems important, also.
Do I have a recruiting station?
You do.
Oh, I do.
So, B. Dave if you are able to knock out
everything here can you place one of your bases?
So that’s your goal.
But I kinda feel bad that you’re not on the board.
So maybe I’ll let you play.
Do what ever you think you need to do.
I’m gonna fight Gina, coming at you kitties.
One against zero.
By cat.
That was lucky for you, that was lucky for you.
Still feels hard.
I’m gonna build there, and.
It still feels hard (laughs).
It does, it hurts a lot.
I did get four VP, because I placed another roost.
And then
I have no cards, I solved my decree,
I gained my VP, and then I will draw two cards.
Time for the revolution to begin for fox sake.
For fox sake.
Did you like that, for fox sake.
I instituted a rebellion here so I remove
all of yours.
No my cats.
You know what, I’m gonna start the revolution
here because I’m gonna start my fox base here.
Wait, can you do that in two
different places?
Oh, I’m gonna insight a revolution
in both.
So we’ll get rid of all those guys.
You have four fox cards to play?
Oh, indeed I do.
I place a matching base and warriors there
equal to the total number of matching
sympathetic clearings.
So I guess I get two warriors here.
You have two sympathies.
Because I have two fox clearings.
To here, and I..
I think those are loaves of bread.
No, there very vicious mice.
They’re incredibly, don’t let their cute
smiles fool you, okay.
Got it.
The mouse is healing for everybody.
That is true, they are equally.
I get a warrior in my officers box now.
Oh, I don’t think that we like that.
Although, for every rev I get two
officers because I sparked two revolutions.
Train, spend a card from a hand matching
a built base to place a warrior in
the officers box.
That’s interesting,
I’m going to do that.
Can you auto place these officers,
or did you have to train twice?
So, I got two because I do get
a warrior in the officers box from a revolt.
And then I can make more officers.
So many officers.
Right, so I’m gonna spend a card in my hand
matching a base which is a bird,
so for the fox basically.
For where I have this here
to train another officer, okay.
Oh boy.
So moving into evening now.
So in your evening, you have more going on than us
because we just have draw but you have
military operations.
Because we attack in the night.
Oh my god.
Those are creeping mice.
So, now I can move,
I can recruit, I can battle, or I can organize.
I can remove a warrior and place sympathy
somewhere, so, I’m going to move over here.
You’re moving to Gina’s other
little mouse hole there.
I am.
Oh my gosh, she’s got a saw mill
and a recruiting station.
What are you doing to me?
I’m going..
Are you attacking me?
Yeah we’re going to war.
No, you’re not.
Oh gosh.
Ambush, you automatically take two hits.
So, she’s played ambush at the start
of a battle defender may play to deal two
immediate hits and then discard.
Which removes your warriors.
Cancel if attacker plays matching ambush.
Do you have a mouse ambush?
Nope, I don’t.
So, you’re gonna take two hits, but you rolled
a two and a one.
But it happens before.
No, it happens before
she kills my mice immediately.
Oh dang.
I draw two cards now, because I draw one
at the end of my phase and I draw one for
having a base out.
For my birdsong, I refresh up to eight items.
Now, no up to seven, sorry.
Which I had seven turned over, so everything’s good.
And the second part of my birdsong,
I’m just gonna slip away into the forest
and then I will spend a boot to move
over into this clearing.
I will use my torch
to dig it through these ruins and gain a victory point.
One VP for.
Which gives me another satchel.
I will spend another boot, slide over here.
Whatcha doin?
Hi, how are you.
It’s been lonely over here,
how’s everything else?
It’s good, how about..
How are my stations, are all my recruits happy?
Spend a boot and a satchel to do logistics
help in this fox clearing, which will allow
me to, I’m actually gonna two cards from
this one because I’m low on cards.
I need more cards because I want to
spend two swords
to give you some aid.
Thank you.
Yes, yes.
I’ll give you these two, which bumps
your alliance with you up.
Give me two more points.
Two points, oh wow you’re at 12 VP now.
And give me that tea.
Oh, I gain a new quest card because I played a quest.
That is going to be it for me.
Do you need to draw more cards?
I do, I draw one card.
One card,
Yes, I’m going to be placing
wood at all of the saw mills.
And then, birdsong.
How many cards does everyone have?
Please take one of mine.
Two, five.
But I have to discard everything next turn.
Okay, I’ll take one of yours at random.
Just fan them.
He fought you last turn.
He did.
Do you recall?
I do, I’m taking his stuff.
I get it.
I mean, look at this.
And B. Dave gains one point.
One point, for green.
You do.
I’m playing
scouting party.
So as an attacker in battle I cannot
be affected by ambush cards.
Because you had control over two mouse clearings.
So that is your craft?
Yes, that is my craft phase, now I take my action.
I’ll spend three wood and I’ll build a little
saw mill there, I get three points.
One, two, three.
Oh my, so.
What’s up?
Oh you’re joining me.
Oh hello.
At 15 victory points.
Okay, I will recruit.
And this is your second action?
This is my second action.
Okay, recruiting.
Recruit, recruit.
And up there.
Recruit, yeah even to the war zone.
The war zone.
Okay, and then your third action.
My third action,
I will.
Battle me, battle me.
Can I?
Yeah, you can.
Absolutely you can, battle me.
Oh, but no don’t.
It’s very unlikely..
No, why would I do that.
That she’ll take out four things.
No, she has to be able to..
Oh yeah, it’s actually
still good too.
It doesn’t matter what you do.
I’m gonna
this card, since I can help you with it.
To overwork, I’m gonna put another saw mill down.
Okay, that’s your turn.
I got two.
Oh, but I have to put in the mouse one second.
Mouse, I will spend to take one more action.
To move
and move, right?
Okay, ready?
But I have to give you a card.
Because there’s sympathy
So I will give you this, oh no wait, right?
The top one?
Well it has to be, no.
It has to be the fox suit.
It has to be fox.
If it’s not the fox suit.
Top fox or bottom fox?
Top fox.
Top fox.
Top fox, so yes I can just give you this.
Are you gonna fight with me?
I can’t, my turn is over.
One, two,
and did I give myself the three?
Yes, yes you did.
So now it comes to the Eyrie Dynasties turn.
Aren’t you sorry,
I could add things to my decree.
How about I just add two cards to recruit,
why does it matter?
Nothing matters anymore because now it’s
my daylight phase and I couldn’t craft those
cards because I don’t have control.
I can’t craft more tea, there’s no more
tea to be crafted.
So we should just recruit, I don’t have
control over two fox areas.
So I don’t need a sword, I’ll just recruit 10 birds,
but I only have two.
So I’ll do the first recruit action
of my billion actions, and they’re
gonna go to defend.
Oh gosh, I’m hopeless over here
unless I get, it doesn’t matter.
Nothing matters.
We’re gonna go in the war zone.
Okay, and then I’m humiliated
so loose one victory point per bird card on my decree.
It’s three, I go down three victory points.
One, two, three.
I’m now at 12 with Poisal.
And then,
Welcome to the slums.
Purge the decree, except the Viziers
who are moved to a different spot,
my loyal Viziers.
I’ve purged my decree, discard them.
Yes, depose my leader.
This was the charismatic leader.
Now I get to choose a new one and reassign
my Viziers, and then I immediately rest and go
to evening.
I’m just gonna go ahead and grab my two
cards so B. Dave can do his turn while
I decide which new leader will be
in charge.
You all done? Cool.
I cannot revolt, I cannot spread sympathy,
I can craft.
I’m going to build armorers so in battle
I may discard this to ignore any hits taken.
Terms of mobilization,
I’m gonna put this into my supporters pile.
I’m gonna put this in my supporters pile also.
Military options,
right now
we don’t need to do anything here in our military options.
So, at the end of my turn I’m gonna draw
two cards and that’s it for me.
I can refresh up to nine things now
because I have all of the tea.
I am full up on tea, so much tea it is beautiful.
So I refresh everything, and I could slip away
but I’m not going to.
I’m gonna stay right there in that fox hole
because first up I’m going to explore.
Which gives me one victory point.
If you could please, thank you.
I’ll explore the last of the ruins.
Did you move the victory points back?
One VP.
And I gained another dagger,
that is not what I wanted.
I’m gonna spend two boots.
Pizza in Los Angeles.
Boom, boom all the way over there.
And, I will
age you twice
to give you both of these.
Give them boots.
One boot.
Thank you.
Not them boots, single boot.
Make use of that sir.
And I gain two more points.
That brings me to evening,
where I will draw one card please.
And, I will give you one more raccoon fact.
It’s time for raccoon fact.
So, raccoons there front paws have four
times as many sensory nerves as their back
paws because they use their front paws
as another sensory organ in the dark,
so that they can see and feel things.
They have as many sensory nerves on their
hands as we do, and when they dip them in water
it makes their nerves more sensitive.
And so, they will dowse their hands
and use them to see.
So if I want my hands to be more
sensitive for certain activities I just
dip them in some water?
Yeah, not cold water.
Things are generally more sensitive when they’re wet.
So, we’re onto the Marquise de Cat.
Root, the dirtiest game you know.
So birdsong first,
things at all of my things,
I have a lot of things now.
You have so many saw mills.
I can take a card, how many cards ya got?
I’ve have one card.
You have a lot of cards.
I wanna take one from you.
Do I give you a certain suit
or you get to pick at random?
No, I get to pick at random.
Well, I don’t want you to take any of
these cards because I planned for things.
I figured.
I’m not looking.
What’d you take?
Oh, that’s not that exciting at all.
I didn’t want that.
The dominance cards got discarded
and they should stay available.
So these should be here over on
the side.
Hey, let’s talk about dominance cards real quick.
So dominance cards, instead of being discarded
go to the side and if any of us have at least 10
points I believe, if you want to just take your
VP token off the board and instead go for
a dominance goal, you can totally do that.
So our two dominance cards now, are one,
allows you to win the game
if you rule two of the opposite corners.
Any two opposite corners, if you rule
them both you win the game.
Well if it’s the start of your turn,
you have to make it all the way around.
And this one is, you rule the game if you
rule three rabbit clearings at the start
of your birdsong.
Which you do, so.
You have a pretty good strangle hold
on two of them (laughs).
So that’s actually not a bad situation for you.
If only we’d been looking at these dominance cards,
I would have won in my last birdsong.
We would’ve stopped you (laughs).
Oh boy.
Because you have to control all three
and make it all the way around controlling
all three, with all of us knowing you
have to make it around controlling all three.
I don’t know if you know that.
Oh boy.
I mean I just said it.
I don’t know that you know that,
you can’t prove it.
This changes things,
does it?
I don’t know.
I have one, two, three, four, five, six
to play with, beautiful.
I will build
another recruit station.
Oh my.
For three, one, two, three.
And three VP?
Where’s the orange?
Oh my god, she’s winning.
One, two, three. 18 points.
And I will place it here.
Why is it three points?
Because she spent three?
I got it for building it.
Okay, okay.
I don’t own anywhere else except for there, okay.
I will for another three,
I will build another saw mill,
right here.
And I get four points.
That’s an action, four points.
One, two, three, four, you’re at 22 VP.
Oh boy.
Last action,
I will recruit.
Just in case, protection.
Right? Yes.
Do you have more than five cards?
Let’s find out.
To claim them you need to play two
of the same suited card to claim the dominance.
To say, I am taking this over as my new
victory condition this is what I’m doing
instead of going for 30 victory points.
Have you drawn your cards?
I haven’t, I will now.
Now you have to discard down to five.
Okay, gladly.
As you’re deciding what to discard,
and remember if you discard any dominance
they’ll go on the board.
I shall taketh my turn, so I have a new leader.
The Eyrie leader commander, as attacker
in battle you deal an extra hit.
This automatically gives me a move in battle
action, now it’s my birdsong.
So, I can add something to my decree.
I have to add at least one thing,
so I’m gonna add move to my decree.
And then, I’ll play two rabbit cards
I can claim this dominance card.
And I shall do so, if I have at least 10 points.
Which I have 12, I will remove my VP point
tracker from the board and now all I
want is dominance of three rabbit clearing.
You win the game if you rule three at the
start of you birdsong.
Now, my turns already started so I’ve gotta
keep on going with my turn, but so long
as I hold control of what I’ve already got
control of I got this.
I’m going to move twice.
Let me just
move all,
I’m abandoning that fox
clearing and moving everything to the rabbit
clearing up top.
And I’m abandoning this mouse clearing
and moving everything to the rabbit clearing
on the bottom.
And then, I have chance to battle.
You’ve got three cards there and you’re
gonna try real hard to revolt against me.
So, I have the choice to battle Gina,
whose got four in this place against my
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.
I think I’m gonna let that battle itself out.
And then, I’m going to fight against your
sympathy B. Dave.
Two against three.
But you actually don’t hit me back
if it’s only a sympathy token I believe.
Right, but I do get a card.
I give you a card, but I have no cards
so I’m drawing a card for you.
And then I’m removing your sympathy.
Oh boy.
Here you are sir.
And now tis my evening, and I just
draw up some cards because I don’t take VP no more.
Okay, done?
That is my turn, yes.
I’m going to incite another revolt here.
And destroy.
Against Gina?
Against me?
Yes, destroy Gina’s cats.
Who’s the target?
So all three of these are removed
and I get two more.
She wins next turn if you
don’t attack her!
Well he only has fox cards, what’s he gonna do?
Oh no.
That means I move two more soldiers out here.
I’m going to play some sympathy
over here.
Oh no.
While this nonsense is happening.
Dislike, dislike.
Thumbs down button.
So discard all of those.
Alright, mobilize.
I’m going to move that to my supporter pile,
train I don’t need anymore.
So, now for my military operations I have
three I can take.
So, up to officers right?
So we’re gonna move over here.
What are you doing here?
We’re about to throw hands.
You have a distinct material advantage, though.
Okay, I’ve got one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven against your four.
So I destroy, are you gonna do somethin?
I destroy two of them, okay.
So, I moved then I have an attack.
But doe that mean I can attack again?
Yeah, you have three officers,
which means you get three military operations.
One was move, one was battle, another can
also be battle.
I’d like the record to show, now that
we have an equal number of soldiers here
you no longer control this.
I have the roost, which counts
as a point.
Oh well, then yeah we’re definitely
gonna fight again.
Don’t do it, don’t do it.
Okay, and then I draw two cards.
And that is it for me and we need to reshuffle
the whole deck now.
I can do.
Yup, that’s it.
Alright, let me refresh
and slip away into the night.
Take me that way, please.
Getting out of this.
So first, while I’m in a fox clearing I will do
some questing.
I will repair a shed in a fox clearing using
a torch and a hammer, and I will gain two victory points
for that please.
Two VP.
Two VP.
Yes, draw new quests.
I will then spend a boots to move south.
Yes, move south to that mouse clearing please.
Where I will then do another quest, logistics help.
In the mouse clearing with a boots and a satchel.
Are you quietly accumulating a ton
of bonus VP for all the quests you completed?
He gets them immediately after.
I feel like he’s gonna be, surprise I get 20.
I’m gonna take two cards please.
Here you go.
And draw a new quest,
I will then quest again in this mouse space
with my two boots to do an escort in a mouse clearing.
Wait, hold on (laughs).
Is that what happens in a mouse clearing?
A mouse truck stop?
And I’ll gain two more victory points, please.
Okay, easy peasy 19 points.
I’ll draw a new quest card.
Yeah, I mean Gina’s getting pretty close.
I’m gonna do something I haven’t done yet.
What are you doing?
And I’m going to battle and take out your roost.
Don’t you have to been in the same location as me?
As your roost.
Cool, I don’t even want that roost (laughs).
Can you give me the dice?
Take it.
We’re getting down to nasty-ness.
I kill your roost, which you makes
you hostile to me now.
But I do gain a victory point for moving the thing,
and then a victory point for moving a hostile
target as well.
I wasn’t hostile.
Oh, you weren’t hostile as well.
So just the one, but now.
I’m okay with that.
Open war.
So Gina, you need eight victory points
to win.
I do.
And if you guys hold me off for one more
turn, Gina will win (laughs).
We’ll see.
It’s not over until it’s over.
I’m gonna craft a little,
a little satchel for ya. And I get one victory point.
That’s not the discard.
Oh, sorry.
New pile.
New pile!
New pile.
That’s where the discard pile was.
That was not your fault.
That’s okay.
Chaos, saboteur.
May I have the bag please?
The bag, this thing?
Yes, thank you so much.
It’s like a mouse in a sack.
So I get one point.
I understand why you people
are taking over the forest now.
I would like to move for one action
and I want to go one, two.
Hello friend. I’m gonna join you.
And then, I’m going to
discard to make some more work.
So how many actions?
That’s your second.
You crafted, you marched, and crafting was not an action.
Your first action was marched, your second action
is overwork.
Spend a card to place an extra wood at a saw mill.
Okay, I will spend.
Make some saw mill stuff here, hello.
And a mouse one, perfect.
And I will discard
one more
to build another one at this little fox friend.
So that was your third action.
Unless you have birds to spend.
So, I will spend
one, two, three, four.
And then I will have.
So four, I spend four. One, two, three, four.
Four wood.
I make a saw mill.
That is your final saw mill.
That is, I get five points.
Dang girl, okay 28.
Two away from winning you just won the game.
I spend..
Because that was your third action,
can you give yourself an extra action.
I can!
I take my action, and I build my final saw mill.
Uh, your workshop.
My workshop, bam.
Alright, Gina has won!
Quick final impressions.
B. Dave what do you think of the game?
I like it a lot, again I like the
complexity of it, I like the replay value,
I like the fact that all four of us are
basically playing four different games at once.
I think it’s really great, yeah.
I loved the game, it was a ton of fun.
I like the variable strategy here.
Gina, you won this game as the Marquise de Cat,
how does it feel?
I feel like I need a new pair of whiskers.
This game is wonderful, this is lovely.
I love all of the different things that
are going on, you can never strategize for
someone else because I don’t know what’s going on.
You sure can’t.
It’s really fun, I like it.
Brilliant, well thanks so much to you guys
for coming and playing with me.
Thanks to our friends at Leader Games
for this beautiful game.
And thanks so much to you guys at home
for watching Game to Game, we’ll see you next time.
(upbeat music)


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