Rome & Roll Preview (Rundown)

hey everybody today righto previews a prototype of Rome and roll but before I get going please turn your subtitles on to the Klingon channel so that when I make rules goose you’ll know what they are and if you’ve done that then welcome to Rome everybody it is 64 AD the city has burned down and the Emperor Nero wants it rebuilt and of course every good citizen is gonna step up and help out and this is gonna be the case here I am the merchant the Mercator which means my special ability is I start with more resources in my storehouse than any other player and also I’ve got access to the advisors Donatists Jeremias and Nicodemus if I were the prefect I would have a completely different set up my thing is I would already have conquered some faraway territory and I’d have different people that I could get to um but today I’m not playing against the prefect or the legatus or the Patricius I am playing against Seneca who was the advisor to Nero at this time and Seneca is represented by this deck of solo cards in my prototype here I’m going to be doing a solo run too so you can get an idea of what the game feels like to play because it’s on Kickstarter right now so let’s get going I am the first player which means I am the proconsul and what that means is I’m gonna roll them bones so let’s roll and see what we got okay I’m just gonna put them over here so you can see them all so you can see there are five dice we are now going to engage in a dice draft there are going to be more dice of course with more players I’m effectively playing a two-player game today because Seneca pretty much does everything a regular player would do based on the cards from his deck that I draw so I am the first player I get to take one of those five dice then Seneca is gonna take one then Seneca is going to take another as the last player and then I finally get one more so it’s like a snake draft it’d be like a B C and then C BA if there is a three player game so which of these dice do I want well the red die is the military focus die and it would give me one more troop that I could use immediately if I wanted to conquer far away Lance and it would give me a couple of fish which is a very very useful resource because it allows me to bribe my various and sundry advisers so I can unlock special powers ah see and so I might want that if I already had some military in my back pocket because well that’s not true no I do need to have at least one military to be able to conquer terrain and I haven’t built any military buildings in this game the castrum or the training grounds so that I could train military so they could be supplemented by this little spear here so I’d be able to be a bear effective conquer so I don’t know I would like to get those two fish though with two fish like an immediate unlock a power but I don’t know if I’m gonna take that because well if I check out this yellow in this blue dye um there are architects architect is well seeing as how we’re here trying to rebuild Rome it is one of the most useful icons in the game so if I take this one I get an architect and I get some lumber if I take this one I get an architect and some jewelry and and as an alternative to an architect I could do a recruiting action a/c so really and at this point since again no military buildings have been built yet there’s not like there’s gonna be much recruiting going on so it’s really a question of do I want to get more lumber or do I want to get some jewelry I think I’ll take some jewelry I’m gonna grab this die okay so that is my first die and now if I was playing another human player or a human player would take one of the remaining ones and but I am playing against Seneca so I draw Senecas first card and I now have to find out if Seneca is gonna take a blue or a yellow dye if he takes the yellow dye there’s only one left he takes the blue he’s got to choose how does he choose we roll the die for him and odd-number means he wants the bottom if it had been an even number he would have wanted the top and you can see these dice have little numbers on them you used those for tiebreakers like if if I had rolled even then he would want a blue and since he rolled a blue two he would take the three because you start with two three four five six one so he would take the three but as it is he rolled an odd he’s gonna take this now okay and now he’s gonna take another because he is last in turn order and again he’s gonna take the bread or one the blues and he hasn’t even so this time he has taken a blue and it’s a blue two which means there isn’t the two here so he counts up there’s the three he’s gonna take this dye and now he’s left me with one more so that military dye is still there um and let’s see here the Oh would he call it um or a lot of building materials hmm I see a brick and two lumber and since I started with so much building material anyway and I’ve got the architect which gives me a discount on building I think I am gonna take this military die I’m gonna start bribing like crazy and nobody takes this last one one of the player characters actually does have a special power they can unlock that would let them get the fifth die but that’s not going to happen now so everybody’s taking their dice and now we are gonna take turns doing actions I’m gonna do an action with one of my dice and then Seneca is gonna do an action then I’m gonna do another action and then Seneca is gonna do another action okay and what do I want to do well I’ve got a list of all the actions I can do right here I can construct buildings but only if I took a die that has the architect or the Builder symbol on it and I did I I can build because I’ve got an architect symbol right there um if I had grabbed these two instead this round I would not be able to build at all because I would I don’t have the build or architect available to me but I didn’t take that one I took this one so I will be able to build this turn at this round if I want I could raise legions which would be using this icon however there’s no reason to do that yet because there have not been any military buildings built yet so I can’t activate the raised Legion ability I could conquer now to conquer I need to have troops and it being a game I don’t have any troops I am NOT the legatus I believe he starts with some troops because he’s the military guy so I would have to first raise some I’d have to get a military building built rom recruit some troops then I could go out and conquer and the interesting about conquering is can use any dye I want to trigger that action for construction I need a builder or an architect I for raise legions I need the banner die conquer I could do with any die I could expand now that means basically I’m building up the famous roads all roads lead to Rome if any of these territories had already been conquered by me or by somebody else I could actually construct the roads there and to do it I would need a builder die so even if there were roads to build and I had the stone to build it I can’t do it right now because I didn’t get any builder dice there is Taxation which is to say if there are connected settlements by roads they can be taxed to generate fish lumber brick or jewelry and finally I can engage in trade which means if I’ve got three matching resources I can convert them effectively into points and extra if I’ve got jewelry okay and then I can also trigger a what-do-you-call-it generation so these are every turn you’re gonna do one of these six actions by spending one of your dice and the dice have really two functions they have these little icons they tell you what type of actions you have access to but they also generate resources for you they can use for that action or that you can store for future actions so I think I should start building should i yes let’s go ahead and start building I’m gonna use this die I’m gonna use it for the architect not for the banner because again no military buildings have been built and there is some jewelry on here now when I first collect jewelry or fish the fish and jewelry are the two things I can use to bribe my advisors let’s take a closer look at my advisor shall we as you can see if I bribe Donatists once nothing happens but if I bribe him a second time I will have unlocked his ability that makes the expand action building roads a much more lucrative thing for me to do on the flip side I’m because I’ve got this jewelry now if I store this jewelry I will no longer be able to use it as a bribe when you first get jewelry or fish you can immediately kind of you know slip it under the table to one of your advisors if you instead store it it can no longer be used for a bribe later on so I’ve got this jewelry and I am going to get halfway towards unlocking first ability of one of these characters Jeremias gives me more jewelry when I build on a specific location one of the seven hills of Rome up here right esque will Linnaeus or caseous you know the two hills that are hardest to get to so I could go for that or I could start working on Nicodemus which is dice that have fish on them get a wild card you know this symbol which means they can stand in as a as a oh what a builder or a merchant or a I’d have to look it up I can actually they’re all right here aren’t they yes they are and the handy dandy back page of the rulebook it is they you know it stands in as oh a Legionnaire a builder an architect or a merchant alright so I’m taking this jewelry I’m not gonna store it I’m immediately gonna bribe somebody do I think I’m gonna start trying to build roads am I gonna try and build up into the hills or am I gonna start trying to collect fish well this is interesting I’ve my second die has two fish but unfortunate oh that is very nice let’s go for that okay my jewelry is going to I’ve halfway bribed Nicodemus here and now I’m either gonna architect or I’m gonna race troops I can’t do that because I don’t have any military buildings so I am going to architect so let’s talk about that a little bit as part of setup there are eight random buildings that have been placed and you can see the game comes with a bunch of them so you’re gonna get a different combination of buildings every time you play and different opportunities for overlap there’s always no matter the player count two army buildings two urban buildings two manufacturing buildings one religious building and one leisure building and on the left here you can see they all have various amounts of resources that are needed to build like the training ground I need two lumber and one brick to build the training ground now that is an army building and you know I would like to be able to raise some troops so that I could go out now you know and conquer you know you know create colonies for the greater good so maybe I should go after this now I need to lumber and one brick to wood in a brick I have to wood in a brick but the interesting thing is the architect has two functions if you’re gonna build with an architect that either means that you get a discount of one resource or you can build a blocked-off building as you can see as part of setup Seneca here is blocking the shrine that means nobody can build the shrine right now when Seneca eventually tries to build something else suddenly the shrine will be available to build again the architect either gives you that discount or let you build something that is blocked so it would be nice to build a shrine I could use him but then I’d have to pay full price which is two bricks I don’t have two bricks so I’m not gonna do that instead I’m gonna use my architect to get a discount I’m gonna build a training ground which means I only have spent two of these three resources and which one I will go on ahead and spend the two starting wood I got Boop and I’ll keep my brick for later I have built a training ground and um some stuff is definitely gonna happen now I have to pick where is it going to be built here in Rome I’ve got this little Foreman and wherever he is I have to build in spaces adjacent to him he starts out here in the forum so that means I can basically build anywhere but if you look I have to build a 2×2 space for the two wood I’ve spent I’m gonna build a 2×2 training ground so I can start recruiting army troops all right and other players could as well a key element of this game is everybody is super duper involved every turn is very interactive as you’ll see as things start going so um what do I want to do I now there are some restrictions you can see there are these the famous seven hills of Rome and then there’s also these marshland areas when you’re building something it has to take it has to be completely enclosed in a hill or a marshland or it can overlap between a single hill and marshland so you know it could build like this but it can’t be done in such a way that it would overlap marshland in two Hills so it would not be legal because it can’t overlap and this hill and this hill now remember it has to build next to me and I do have advisors that want me to build up here in the higher Hills so let’s say I’m gonna start going in this direction I’m gonna build a 2×2 right here I’m gonna say T G so that everybody knows it’s a training ground and after I’m done building my Foreman moves here so now in the future if I want to build I’ve got to build adjacent IO out in these directions although if I want I can have my form and move from building to building to go from like one side of the city to the other if I’ve been building over here and suddenly I want to build over here cuz I see a good opportunity so I built over there and that’s gonna determine where I’m building the future I’ve spent my resources and there is now a training ground in the city now the training ground for Chi doesn’t have any immediate benefit if I had just built a villa I would immediately get one jewelry for building it that’s what this symbol means but there’s no immediate benefit for the training ground however whenever the training ground is going to be activated it’s gonna produce it’s gonna generate one soldier for me also it is a place that I can I can recruit from to get soldiers and at the end of the game I’m gonna score one point for every adjacent army building next to the training ground except for training grounds so now that I built this I’m gonna want to build a castrum next to it so that it can be worth more points plus cash rooms are worth two points all right so I am done building oh and because I have just built a train ground nobody else can build a training ground now unless they have an architect who’s remember an architect either gives you that discount or it lets you ignore the block now as when I eventually build a villa or woodcutter training grounds will be available again but for now they are cut off the same way the shrine is cut off and that was my first turn I have started to rebuild the glory of Rome her ray okay and this was the die I used I’ve still got one more die for my second action it is now Seneca Stern and we find out what Seneca got in mind Seneca has got card number seven Seneca is going to conquer which remember is an action I could do but normally a human player has to have troops built up to be able to conquer it’s just assumed Seneca as the advisor to Nero can just make use of the the government’s troops to conquer so he’s gonna conquer and basically he is going to go out to the location that has the fewest conquered areas now so far nobody’s conquered anything so the tiebreaker is ideal he always wants to go for jewelry after Joey I think it’s fish and then brick and then lumber lumber is the least attractive to him so he is going to conquer in Asia Minor okay Boop which if I had conquered this area I would immediately get to glory poor I’m sorry one glory point I I would need two troops to be able to do this and I would get one glory point which is what that little flag there is but you know the dummy player he just does the actions to create opportunities or block me from getting it stuff so he has conquered that was that um and it is now my turn again I’ve got my second die which gives me two fish and gives me an auxilary troop which if I had troops I could add them to my exhilarate Roop to go out and conquer stuff as well but I don’t have any troops so I’m not gonna be able to use that but I am getting two fish my first fish I’m gonna member and if I take the fish I can either immediate use them a bribe or I can store them once they’re stored I can’t use them for bribing anymore my first fish is I am going to unlock the second level and suddenly boom Nicodemus is available to me I have this power now if I bribe Nicodemus two more times with fish for jewelry I’ll unlock this ability and this ability the ability stack but for now dice that have fish on them also have a wild card and guess what folks I have fish on my die here so all of a sudden this died because of Nicodemus will provide me with the the banner or a builder etc etc which means I can use this die for an action before I mean I could use it to construct or to expand or what-have-you because I can imagine this has a builder a banner a builder or merchant and so I gotta figure out what am I gonna do with this because if I didn’t have it well this could be used for conquering except I don’t have any troops to conquer with it could have been used to tax except I don’t have any settlements to tax it could have been used to trade except I didn’t have three of a kind so this would have been kind of a weak diet what have been great to get the to bribery options but it would have been a little bit weaker because of her so anyway I’m not done yet I bribed with one fish I’ve still got one more fish am I going to continue to bribe Nicodemus so when I get to training I get additional coins mie points every time I use the trade action or uh no no since I’m now heading up to the big Hills I think I’m gonna start working on bribing Donatists who gives me alright if sorry not not Dantas I want Jeremias because once I built up to the big Hills up there I can get extra jewelry when I get up there and I’m heading in that direction so he’s not bribed yet one more fish or jewelry or a basket which is basically a wild that can be used as a Fisher jewelry and I’ll have his first special power as well silly so I’ve gotten all my resources out of here and normally my turn to be done because I can’t conquer but because of nicodemus I can now say hey you know what this guy is a builder or he is a the banner to raise Legion so what am I gonna do well if I want to build some more now unfortunately he cannot be turned into an architect the architects are the most valuable people in ancient Rome oh wait I’m a wire he can be an architect I was thinking of something else he can be a Legionnaire a builder and architect or a merchant so that means I could build again now and if I treat him as an architect I could get a discount because what if I got I’ve got a fish which I cannot use as bribery more cos all restored and I’ve got a brick so a brick plus the architects discount means I could build a market or I could build a woodcutter or I cannot build a shrine because it’s still blocked on I’d like to build a shrine because every time you build a shrine you get to grab one of the god cards that are sitting around so I could call upon the special powers of Minerva or Jupiter Oh or Bacchus and every time you play there’s a different combination of gods available so unfortunately I can’t build a shrine cuz he’s blocking if the first thing he had done was build this would’ve been and I probably would build a shrine right now let’s see now I’d like to build a castrum because remember my training ground gives me more points at the end the game from being ex-military buildings but this thing needs to wood and two bricks even with my discount I can’t build that so should I um build something else another thing I can do remember I could I could use this as the banner which means now that I’ve got a military building I could actually start raising troops so um but the thing is my training round if I use them if I put a banner on my die thanks to Nicodemus I could raise a troop that’s great actually you can activate up to three army buildings when you raise troops not a good time to do it right now cuz there’s only one army building on the board I should probably wait until there’s more but if I get if I activate the production function of this building I get a troop as well how do you activate production functions by building next to it every time I bet every time anybody builds a building next to my training ground I immediately get one troop so I’m gonna build again and am I gonna build the market am I gonna build the or the woodcutter so the woodcutter this guy whenever he uh he doesn’t generate anything when I first build him but when he produces I get wood and then he is a point for next to every manufacturing building including other wood builders I could I can’t build a fishing Wharf but I could build the market which will immediately get me one jewelry if it’s next to an army building and it would be and um oh that’s nice that is nice and wood and when it produces I get two wood brick or stone and then I can spend any three resources to get alright so I think I am gonna build a market now your market it has that little l-shaped so I am Nicodemus says there’s an architect on here I’m using it to get a discount of wood so I only have to spend one brick and I’m gonna build this and I’m gonna build it next to where I am now if I want to build way over here before I build I get to move my Foreman to one adjacent building and if I want to move him further I can spend fish that’s why I’ve got this fish stored I can use it to move from one side of the sea to the other if I want to build when opportunities come up but I don’t want to move away from here I want to start building um although I don’t have the bribe in place yet oh all right so unfortunately I don’t want to well I do want to build because I want to trigger the production here and I want to media to get more jewelry which would then finish my bribe but I would have already built so would have been too late to get the bonus off there so after I’ve got this then I want to start building in these two in these two Hills like crazy but I don’t want to do it yet so I will go on ahead and what remember I can spread across a hill and a marsh so how about I build this little l-shaped thing like this all right so this is a m’kay it’s in green so everybody knows it’s my market after I build I immediately move over here my training grounds no longer block now markets are blocked and I immediately get one jewelry if it’s adjacent to at least one army building it is so I just got a jewelry which if I store it I can’t use it a bribe so I’ll go on ahead and finish this bribe and so from now on I’ve got access to this powernow hooray and right and because I have built next to my training ground my training ground triggers production which gives me my first troop and just like that in my second turn that was a very busy second turn I got a whole bunch of stuff done I now have two advisors bribed and ready to give me special powers I built two buildings this one doesn’t give me any points this one does give me points ago I want to build more military I want to build cast rooms next to it and I’ve now gotten to the to the to the higher hills where I will get extra jewelry for more bribing once I start building up in those areas now on the flip side I am out of resources I all I’ve got is one five that I can use to move around okay so that was my second turn it is now Seneca second turn who and Seneca is going to asana is gonna do some construction as well now you’ve got a pretty good idea of how a human player does it a human player picks one of the available spaces or a block one if they’ve got an architect they spend the resources they make the special tetris shape and they trigger powers and um you know building next to other players can trigger their effects also know there’s anything I built next to my own building if I had built next to an opponent’s building I would have allowed their building to trigger and produce stuff for them which they’d be very happy about but I would get a reward as well because I would get a senator every time you build next to your opponent you get senators which are very very powerful resources to have they give you a lot of flexibility they’re big big deal anyway so that was my second action it is Senecas second action now and TECA doesn’t really care about the dice the dice he just drafted them to keep them for me he’s gonna do what the card says is he wants to construct the higher value army building and which means all that means for him is training grounds are now blocked shrines are available to build training grounds are blocked as if a human player had built that and he is gonna place some rubble in women Alice which is right over here so um he is going to block three spaces me I’m actually trying to rebuild the city Seneca he’s just goofing around moving rubble from one place to another to cryin and block my progress and take up space so he is gonna build a little straight three line I get to choose where he does it although it has to be entirely within villainous in which women Alice which I’ve already taken most of space he cannot build a 1×3 so he’s gonna build a 1×2 he makes as much of this as you can while staying within the air he’s gonna build and I’ll say he builds I’ll say he builds like this all right so he’s built rubble um and he just built next to my training ground and my market which means they both produce is the same thing that would have happened if a human player had built there and they might want to do it because you know they get benefits for building next to my type of buildings they would get Sanders so he has created a pile of rubble next to mine which has activated my training ground which gives me my second troop and now I’ve got enough troops to go start conquering the known world and he has also activated my market which means I get to wood to brick or to stone and then I can spend any three resources to get a who okay I do definitely want to okay what do I want to do shrine is available now I’m gonna take two brick so that next turn I can build a shrine and get access to one of these god powers and now if I wanted I could give up my brick my brick and my fish to get a jewelry which means I could then trigger another bribery action I’m not gonna do that right now because I’m saving up to build over here in this shrine so thank you Seneca and you will find when you play this with human players you’re saying thank you umm vicious opponent because this is a game full of positive interaction between players instead of negative interactions CoA Seneca triggered both of my buildings thank you very much buddy and he is done again he doesn’t really care about his dice he just does what the card says and he now has two laurels I forget I think once he gets up to ten laurels on his cards he will have done enough to get the favor of Nero and take this first Nero card which is worth seven points the next one’s worth five the next one’s worth four etc once Nero cards had been doled out four times in a solo game three times in a two-player game that triggers the end of the game so he is getting close or ‘is he started to work on impressing the Emperor how do I do that well you’ll notice I now have two troops I have no senators oh whoops I forgot to mention I have built one two buildings I’ve built two buildings once I have built my seventh building I will get to grab one of these Nero cards for annual and you wanna grab as soon as you can because you know it’s a race the sooner you get the more points you get so I want to build one two three four five more buildings and grab an arrow card I also want to get sixteen coins coins or worth points and if I get up sixteen I can get an arrow card I want to help build the roads of the Empire which gets me Gloria Oh Gloria once I get to twelve of them I get an arrow card and if I conquer only one two three four five flags worth of faraway regions you know like he’s got one flag if I can get a one two three four five flags then you guessed it I can get another one of those Nero cards so everybody’s racing to move forward on these tracks for building for conquering for paving roads and for getting money right so that was it for him and we have finished the first round we’re gonna go to the second round Seneca is now the start player and we are gonna roll them dice so once again and Seneca has two cards his first and his second and he gets first dibs this time instead of me and let’s see what he wants from this first he rolled a nod that means he wants to take the only red so I again he’s not really gonna use it for anything he just prevented me from getting a military die okay so now I okay I want to build because I want to build that shrine and hey there’s a lovely architect and would give me some more jewelry or I could um you know again I don’t want to do banners until there’s like two or three military buildings out there because then this is really as long as I could trigger all those buildings although if they’re buildings that belong to my opponents then they get money when I recruit stuff from their neck of the woods so this could give me an architect as well for building and it would give me a stone stone is arguably the most valuable building resource because you don’t use it to build buildings you use it to build roads and the more roads that you’ve built the more glory we get which is one of the paths and we’re working on and whenever a settlement gets a road built to it that means that settlement can be taxed and and you know and all the rest of it – so currently I don’t have any settlements if I did have a settlement cuz I conquered I’d want to build roads out there so that those settlements start producing but other players would want to build roads to my settlement even though it allows me to produce because they would get glory points for that because everybody knows the role empires all about the glory of those roads so I do want to build I want to build that shrine so do I want to grab this as an architect which is discount plus some stones so I can pave roads later on don’t forget one of my special powers makes me better at the expand action or do I want this one which gives me more jewelry for more bribery it’s all about bribery folks but hey remember this is a snake draft I can take one I can immediately take another one now so I could go on ahead and grab that also or I could grab this give me a lot more building materials but no implicit action or I could grab this two baskets is two wildcards that could be two bribery’s or that could be two more building materials if I want to build a castrum remember I want to build cast rooms next to my training grounds there were points they make my training grounds worth more once there’s two bill military buildings on the board it’s gonna be a much more attractive idea to try and raise troops the more troops I raise the more territory I can conquer and so on so I get to take another one and then Seneca takes the last one oh three resources but the problem is if I take this die it has nothing on it that would allow me to trigger an action like build or raise legions it would allow me to conquer though because conquer does not require so if I take this for all its resources I could then use this as a conquered I and start conquering terrain let’s do that I’m just gonna grab a bunch of resources and now Seneca says hey from Iowa die it’s a nod he wants to blue he’ll take the last blue all right so that’s that the yellow again if there was a player who had that power they might end up grabbing the fifth card but anyway so that’s it and Senecas first action is going to be because he is the first player he is going to do some more construction Oh gah Seneca just blocked the shrine now I can still build there but that means I don’t get my architect discount and said Oh Seneca alrighty and he wants to put some rubble out on capital on a real Latin word Latin hilf right so he wants to build this little shape on which all right so way over here now the decisions for him is he has to build completely within this he always wants to build next to mine if he can and he also always wants to build next to the forum so I know he’s gonna build in one of these three spaces what the heck I’ll just have him going ahead and build hope that’s mine I’ll have him build over here all right so he has put another pile of stinking crappy rubble over here now he gets points for all of the rubble that he has basically piled up in all the corners of Rome and the interesting thing is um if I build next to another human players board I get they trigger there or if I build next to another players building it triggers their building and I get a senator which is absolutely awesome it allows me to double draft or it allows me to have free workers whenever I need them uh-huh so that’s really really cool if I build next to his rubble what happens is I fill it in and it becomes a park and I get the senator bonus and I cut back on the amount of points he gets so um I definitely want to build over in this area and clean that rubble up and I want to build somewhere around here I want to build over here because I get more points etc etc see what so he has built he’s done with that and he’s getting closer to getting his first Nero card and now it’s my turn and I am gonna architect it up am I still gonna build this shrine though argh I could do it because I’ve got the architect I’d have to spend two bricks I have two bricks and I would get a god or maybe I should build something else but the main thing is I want to build up here because when I do every time I build on that hill or that hill I get a lady call it a jewelry which I could immediately used to bribe or I could store because jewelry if you use it for trade gives you more rewards than if you trade with bricks or fish or what have you so I’ve now got to decide what am I gonna do with my architect or if I want to build that cap but here’s the other problem I want this cash to me next to my training grounds my training ground is cut off from here so I cannot build I’d have to build a caste from up here to get my bonus of the extra jewelry which means it wouldn’t be next to my training ground so I want to build a castrum over here where I don’t get a bonus oh so that is a tough choice but the thing is I’ve got so much resources from this first I could easily build a caste room and I could always build up in the Hills later but she never know his next card might be that he builds up in these hills just like another human player might be rushing cuz a lot um I think I think two of the of the five maybe three of the five different types of characters we can play get bonuses for building up in these most prestigious Hills so everything’s are racing this game if I’m not cat or so if I’m not gonna build a market if I’m not gonna build a shrine cuz they’re cut off I could go to up stadiums have to be built entirely on marshland so I’m not gonna do that woodcutters Matt could build this woodcutter up here super cheap and orosi if I build a villa it would immediately give me a jewelry for another bribe and I can spend two resources to get a coin or jewelry whenever the villa gets activated and 2 points at the end of the game if it’s next to three buildings so I build it right here it’ll be next to this park I’m gonna make but I still have to have another building next to it I could make another training ground since it’s available now right I have a lot of options for what to build and before I’m gonna build any of those I’m gonna use this die first this die gives me two functions one it gives me another brick and a wood and a wood all right and I’m gonna use it to trigger the Oh what it called the I can’t think of the word the conquer action I’m gonna go out and conquer some territory as well I have two troops here which means well I could expand from what he’s done but that would require three troops so I’m gonna start over here in Egypt or Galia where I need one troop or hispana I’m gonna come over here to spawn you because this area generates fish where more fish means more bribes I will go on ahead and conquer this zone it took two troops to do it that gives me my first glory and you know I needed a total of two after I’ve conquered a region one of my troops has to be garrison there so now I’ve lost some troops but I’ve claimed this which is giving me points over here and now if I am going to get stone and build roads I want to build roads to mine instead of my opponent’s region so that was my first action I use this die to get some resources and conquer some territory and now I’ll see what he’s going do and he is going to expand and trade so he is gonna actually he is going to do his own road therefore I’ve lost the opportunity to do it because I’ll always choose his own roads over mine and he’s gonna trigger a trade action trade actions mean if he were a human player he would trade three goods to make three points or three coins or more if he has jewelry and then all players can trigger the production so I get you know he added trade so I get to trigger one of my buildings I can get more resources or I can get more troops I’m gonna get another troop oops that’s his I’m under get you get another troop thanks to him no I’m gonna get the resources I’m gonna get the more resources I am gay I’ve got a bunch of brick I’ve got a bunch of wood not got enough resource I’m just gonna get more troops so I can do more conquering later on thanks Seneca and now he’s got four laurels which means he’s on his way to completing his goal and now for my second action um i-i’ve gotta decide am I gonna use the architect am I going to recruit I’m not gonna recruit more troops cuz that’s happened I want to build up here I want to turn his Park and um but I want to build a cache from over there so let’s go on ahead and let’s build well also I want to build in such a way that I could build up here multiplies remember when I build here I’m gonna get a jewelry which is gonna be another bribe this game it seems like a very simple rolling right roll some dice draft and do the actions but it gets very deep the longer you go um but folks I think I’m gonna stop right there cuz that should give you a pretty good idea of what roam and roll is all about and now before I give you my final thoughts about the game please remember this was a paid Kickstarter preview and therefore you should take any subjective opinions I have with a grain of salt alright and if you got that in mind this game is fantastic oh my gosh this has got to be one of the if not the heaviest rolling rights that have come out I’ve mentioned this couple times of pathos it welcome to dinoworld I think prior to this was a really deep surprisingly rich and meaty rolling right and that’s an odd thing because normally rolling rights are implicitly kind of gateway games they’re very very simple they’re very quick you could teach in anybody because there’s just such a wonderful enticement to play because everybody knows oh I know how to roll dice and I know how to write stuff down everybody’s played Yahtzee and Yahtzee yo created the groundwork for rolling right and in you know because we’ve had such a monstrous explosion of rolling rights over the last couple of years it’s a special game like a Roman roll that stands out by saying you know what I’m not gonna be a SuperDuper lightweight gateway family-friendly game this is a deep game this is a really rich and meaty game definitely Midway I’m not gonna say this is like you’re gonna supplant brass or something like that in terms of depth but this is definitely more in the mid weight category which makes it heavier than 95% of all of our roll rights that came out so that’s one thing that makes it very special uh-huh I mean you’re near to my heart another thing that makes it special is the fact it’s got so much set of variability every time you play eight different buildings or gonna be available three different gods you know depending on how many players you’re gonna have different special powers that players have depending on you know whether they are you know depending on what starting board they get and that gives the game so much legs so that’s a really cool thing a big feather in its cap but the most important element of roam and roll that really makes it stand out I mentioned this briefly and you might have gotten a bit of a a hint of it from the the run down I just did is it is so interactive in the best most positive way every time your opponent does anything they create opportunities for you to leverage to push yourself forward um but the same is true for you you build a building okay I definitely want to build next to that building so that I can get a sander because that gives me so much control over the dice Sanders are your lifeblood in this game as you might imagine ancient Rome centers are pretty important um but if I do that I’m giving you free production bonuses off of your buildings is it worth it to me is that Senator that I need so desperately because my other die I can’t do anything with it this turn and there’s no time to have wasted turns senators you’re desperate for it so you are desperate to allow other players to get the benefits of their build so you can get those sweet sweet senators um I you want to build roads to all of the you know the faraway settlements that have been conquered by your opponents because that’s a great way to get points but if you do that they are going to be generating um resources from those settlements to come back home is it worth it well that’s something you gotta decide if you don’t do it they’re gonna do it and which means they’ll get the points and the bonus so you better get in there quick um you know and this game is so sharp so um full of opportunity upon opportunity everything that you do in this game dovetails directly into what your opponents are doing and because this is a race because you’re going as fast as you can to get as most of you can done which is the two dice you um you draft every round um you are constantly aware of what your opponents are doing okay are they really close to getting the next Nero card am I gonna miss out on that seven pointer well then maybe if I can’t make it maybe I should put this on hold I’ll get the next one the five pointer later on so that instead I can pursue this other agenda and that’s the thing this throughout this game constantly new opportunities are opening up either that you make for yourself like a regular game or more importantly that your opponents create for you that you’re constantly trying to leverage but often that can be tricky because oh I definitely want to build a building over there on the other side of Rome now but my Foreman is on is up in the hills because that’s where I’ve been building fortunately if I’ve saved some fish and I haven’t dumped all my fish into bribery that means I can rush from one side of the city to the other to capitalize on building the wharf because suddenly you know if somebody’s made it across the bridge and we can build in the outside and that’s a big part of my strategy I gotta be ready to take advantage of that um you know so the dice drafting works fantastically dice drafting is my favorite gameplay mechanism of all time and it’s great that you are not drafting for just hum dice with a pic value of one through six all these dice have interesting combinations of stuff and a lot of times a lot of special powers allow you to take your die and turn them to any face you want as well um so the draft is interesting the building is interesting the tetris style puzzling all of that stuff together is interesting but more than anything else the truly wonderful thing is all these opportunities that you’re opponents give you all this positive interaction this is this should be a lesson to all other modern euro designers that you do not have to make games brutal and cutthroat to have really interesting interplay between players on the board and I love it for that so I’m really over the moon with this game as you might imagine about my only complaint is as a two-player game I if I played in a higher player count it would be much much tougher to build the building I want to build at a given time because more buildings are being blocked and in a two-player game only two buildings are being blocked and that I I want the game to be a little bit harsher I want architects Jen I found we predominantly use them for their discount instead of their build a block thing because things don’t stay blocked very long in a higher player count they would stay blocked a lot longer and I kind of wish that the the Seneca solo thing of every round hey Seneca is gonna block another things just so there are three something like that just to tighten up you know it’s kind of almost a worker placement style game okay I’m gonna move my guy over here this is what I’m gonna build now nobody can build that until I eventually move away I wouldn’t mind seeing these eight villas or buildings you can build tighten up a little bit more like it would be at a higher player count Daniel just kind of across the board only one other player means it’s a very binary oh you do a thing I do a thing this is going to be this game is gonna blossom it’s such cool wonderful ways the more players you have at the table because there’s all these extra seeds of change that are just coming into the simulation you can take advantage of with only one other player it becomes a little bit more deterministic a little bit more well okay I can see what you’ve got I know what’s available to build I know what you want to build I can pretty much tell where you’re gonna build and so I can go on ahead and and that’s fine it becomes a much more rich tactical strategic experience because you know with a really good I mean depending on what dice they get what it is your opponents are gonna go after I would kind of like to see a little bit more of the freewheeling nature of oh my gosh I mean when it comes around to my turn and I got those dice a while ago but look how the world has changed since between I got the dice and now that I’m actually gonna use the dice I’d love to see a little bit more of that kind of chaos and I do think Seneca could work as a foe third player it would have to change the rules a little bit but this is I mean this is a minor complaint I’ve had a great time playing as a two-player game I just see the potential for even cooler two-player play um but anyway folks that’s it that was the preview for Rome and roll a witches on Kickstarter right now like I said right up front so you can go in at that I’ve in the top right corner screen if you want to learn more but otherwise have a very very nice day talk to you later vini vidi vici so long bye bye


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