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3em3 brougth, today, the whole team to get to know
the largest resort in Brazil: the termal waters of Rio Quente Resorts, in the state of Goiás.
When Rio Quente started, more than fifty years ago, it was only a B&B with a few thermal pools.
Today, the complex grew so much that ended up literally building a new city: the municipality of Rio Quente,
which is not part of Caldas Novas anymore.
When Rio Quente started, it was known as Pousada do Rio Quente.
There was only one hotel and Parque das Fontes, where I am now. That’s the place where the thermal waters,
at about 38 degrees, are.
There’s not a single drop of pool chlorine. It’s all natural water, the way it grows and flows in the nature.
You can still see the stones in the bottom of the river, see it?
But nowa days, even if it’s still a great attraction of the place, it’s just one of them.
Today, they’ve got a waterpak, spa, diving center and even an artificial beach.
The thermal pools at Parque das Fontes are open 24h.
You can enjoy it at day, in the evening, at night, with somebodyh else, by yourself, relaxing, dancing…
well, you’re free to enjoy it in your own way.
I bet that you didn’t know you can go to the beach in Goiás.
That state in the middle of Brazil, with no coast.
But over here, in Hot Park, they’ve got the Praia do Cerrado. Have a look!
It’s like having a small piece of the Caribbean here in Goiás.
Praia do Cerrado is the largest beach with natural and flowing waters in the world.
It really looks like the brazilian coast.
From the artificial waves till the training the team had to see how things work at the beach,
it’s easy to forget you’re inside a park.
And there are a lot of other attractions and shows taking place here.
Inside Hot Park, you can still visit Bird Land, this vivarium where you can be in touch with beautiful animals,
like Flávia, who’s participating of our video now, “right Flávia?”
Bird Land is a nursery for wild animals. Despite the name, they also treat mammals, turtles and reptiles.
The project is even supported by Ibama (Brazilian Institute for the Environment).
An fishermen village gets abandoned after the attack of assassin piranas.
That’s the theme of Xpirado, the most thrilling attraction at Hot Park.
After crossing the abandoned village and seeing the assassin piranas, it’s time to climb up the stairs
till the top of the waterslide.
You’ll go down for 20 seconds of pure adrenaline, reaching 30 km/h in the fastest strech.
You know what Tiago is doing? He’s getting ready to go down the Mega Tirolesa (Mega Zipline).
It’s more than one kilometer long and have a look at the view!
The way down takes approximately one minute and, depending on the wind, the speed reaches
up to 80 km/h. You’ll cross the whole park from end to end, seeing it all from above.
You won’t want that to end, becuse the view is incredible! Just pay attention to your belongings: you can’t
take the camera up there. We took it with a special authorization, so we could show you how it feels.
Hot Park attractions still go a long way!
You can try, for instance, some skuba diving. It can be done even by people who can’t swim.
Or take a buddy to go down the Half Pipe!
It’s so much fun!
We’re now at Eko Aventura Park, one of the biggest brand new attractions of Rio Quente Resorts.
We’re basically the first group to show it!
Over here there’s a lot of activities related to nature like quadricycle, airsoft and rafting!
Let’s go because it’s gonna start raining!
That’s it, Eko Aventura Park is literally an adventure!
They’ve got airsoft, quadricycle, rafting, zipline and a lot more!
It’s that day you’ll get tired!
Let’s see a bit more about each attraction!
Let’s hop in the boat and do some rafting.
Let’s see how it feels.
Don’t be afraid, the current is really calm, level one.
Being in touch with nature like that is really worth it.
We divided our group in two blocks: Wesley and Safadão.
It’s a really silly joke, not worth to explain why.
You know what’s airsoft?
It’s pretty much the same as Paintball, without the tint.
Believe it: it’s so much fun to battle with your friends!
Don’t worry because you won’t get hurt. Your body is well protected.
It’s like in the zipline. Everything secured for you to jump from tree to tree!
Now, the best part: quadricyle.
Tiago is an amazing pilot and he saved my life.
I still didn’t pay him, but he’s trully awesome.
The road has 4 kilometers and takes about 40 minutes to be completed.
Guys, if you wanna go to Rio Quente Resorts, have a look at the post on our website.
The link is in the video description and over there you’ll find prices, how to do your reservations
and all the other practical information you need to plan your trip.
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