REVIEW: Siripanna Resort Chiang Mai (Thailand)

[Music] Ceri Puna Village Resort & Spa is definitely one of a kind its architecture and interior design is fashioned after the tradition of northern Thailand with its own lush green paddy field in the middle of Chiang Mai [Music] it’s nice to see that the owner of the resort supports local artists by making of Seri Panna an art sanctuary [Music] the reputation as the Land of Smiles is particularly well earned here at sarahvani this award-winning sanctuary also offers exquisite dining and outstanding leisure activities including umbrella painting cooking class and rice planting the signature outdoor pool has its own story it was designed to symbolize the ancient my ping River in the middle of a lost city one simply can’t say no to spa treatment in such a tranquil setting allow the Thai angels to touch you with gentle healing hands while every single inch of your body experiences a state of complete relaxation if you’re looking for something unique in Chiang Mai you oughta look no further this place is definitely a lesson in understated luxury culture and history [Music]

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