REVIEW: Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan (The Philippines)

[Music] nestled on Mactan Island in the Philippines the crimson Resort and Spa macton is nothing short of a stunning hotel with service and facilities to match the villas are filled with character and beautiful decorations in the whole place is an oasis of tranquility wandering around this village like hotel is a real pleasure one can instantly feel touched by the warmth of the friendly staff [Music] and because the whole property is trendy you can stay there with friends for fun or a lover for some romance the attention to detail continues through the dining facilities where I was tempted to order everything off the menu and if you prefer to keep back and enjoy the hotel for the day you can relax on a comfortable Sun bed at the pool lounge in a trendy atmosphere preferably with a cocktail in hand [Music] if you are looking for romantic casual but over-the-top luxury with all the bits and pieces of the best in Southeast Asia this is without a doubt your best bet you will not be disappointed here one finds unparalleled comfort and service in romantic and select surroundings where all our desires are being addressed in beauty and excellence the crimson Resort & Spa macton is the perfect getaway in Cebu [Music]

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