Resort & Hospitality Management at FGCU

BENJAMIN: My name is Lauren Benjamin,
I graduated in 2014
with a degree in
Resort & Hospitality Management.
I am the Spa Group Sales Supervisor
at the Ritz-Carlton, Naples.
The RHM program at FGCU
is amazing. It helps us
grow and learn so that we’re able to become
leaders in the hospitality industry.
SEPULVEDA: We have a variety of classes
depending on our concentration:
spa classes, managerial accounting,
lodging operations management,
catering classes where we do
cost control, staffing,
all those things that you need to know to
run a business in the hospitality industry.
This program overall is very hands-on,
and I would say, like, most of our classes
allow us to practice and
apply what we learned.
BENJAMIN: My professors at FGCU
are my biggest mentors that I had
all throughout my academic career.
I didn’t really have that in high school.
I found that the professors were there to help, and they
really helped shape my future and guide my career.
SEPULVEDA: They are all industry professionals,
so I would often go and ask them questions about
an internship, or should I do this, or should I do that,
and they always point me in the right direction.
Actually, my Internship Coordinator, she was
the one who helped me get those connections
and find my two internships.
ALVAREZ: She was really good at
listening to what you wanted to do long-term,
and then helping you find an internship that can build
a resume towards accomplishing that goal.
BENJAIMN: I actually did two internships
at the same place, at a resort in Naples,
and I did an internship
at the Spa Lab at FGCU.
ALVAREZ: Working these internships and
developing relationships during these internships
has gotten me to where I am today.
SEPULVEDA: Through internships,
our classes and volunteering,
FGCU helped me find my
place in the hospitality industry.
BENJAMIN: I was actually leaving FGCU with
a lot of work experience under my belt,
so that gave me a leg up
when I was applying for jobs,
and I was able to secure a
supervisor job right out of graduating.
SEPULVEDA: I haven’t even graduated yet,
but I have a full-time job in the industry.
BENJAMIN: I definitely couldn’t have been
where I am today without FGCU.
They have guided me and
helped me all throughout my career,
and they’ve kind of shaped me
into the person I am today.
ALVAREZ: You are in an area that facilitates so many
hospitality outlets such as hotels, clubs.
Hospitality feeds the
economy down here.
And so to be able to have those
resources right outside of your back door,
I can’t think of a better university
in the country to go to.


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