RBP 76R Roulette Wheels

I’m in a warehouse filled with wheels
here at rolling big power the Roulettes new for 2018 a cast wheel
you’re gonna love what you see let me pull this out for you you stick around take a look at this this is the 76R Roulette it’s brand-new for 2018 this is a great wheel I mean I’ve seen a lot of
people online talking about this I mean you know of course the look is
customizable but here’s the thing that I noticed that really blew me away
it comes at 11 bolt patterns that basically means anything you should put
this on yep exactly and if you’re doing some weird custom dana 60 axle swap can
actually drill through those to say that’s the cool thing it comes in two
sizes 22 by 12 and 20 by 12 yeah this comes in two colors black and
of course Chrome yeah and you know if you look closely at the front that whole
front section comes out so you can custom paint or the insert system
yeah so one of the things that our customers love is the custom painting
option it’s custom powder coating we can literally do almost endless options and
the center cap is completely it comes apart in three pieces so the center star
as well as all of the rivets are custom paintable so you literally your
imagination is what we can do we’re getting all the details today because
Kelleigh Ash is not only the VP and general manager of rolling big power you’re
also in engineer and an ASE certified master mechanic not just a regular one
the master but the cool thing about you know talking to you is you always have
this story behind this story now this is a cast aluminum wheel yes let’s talk
about that process and the aluminum and the things you put together to make this
difference yes exactly so you know casting is basically pouring aluminum
into a mold right and we kind of think of a wheel as a wheel as a wheel they’re
all the same right it’s not exactly true well we do here at RBP is we only
really do the best of the best so we include more virgin aluminum in our
molds rather than recycled aluminum because that improves structural
integrity of the wheel and we don’t want to compromise quality at all now
speaking of that this wheel has a lifetime structural warranty right I love our
wheels – that’s amazing yep exactly and if you have a
super-heavy truck or you’re doing a custom truck option the best part about
how we manufacture the wheel is it can haul a heavy heavy load
so each wheel that we make no matter if it’s a 17 up to a 24 in our cast wheels
can load or can handle a load up to 3,200 pounds a wheel if you can load it
up over 3,200 pounds a wheel we’ve got a whole nother video for you that is
amazing that is truly amazing technology in a cast will you definitely want to
check this out go to the website right now find the wheel for you at rolling
big power dot com and while you’re there don’t forget to see if you qualify for
this swag pack yes everybody’s talking about this you know the details what do
you got in that pack yes every with every set of wheels that you buy no
matter what size what finish anything you get a swag pack from us and that
includes some stainless steel badging lanyards decals small accessories you
get an RB fee hat of course as well as you get a tervis tumbler or Yeti tumbler
and then you also get a registration card so you can send us your size and
color for your t-shirt or your hoodie that’s why everybody’s been talking
about it find it right now see if you qualify go check out these amazing
roulette wheels you can see all the details in the application that’s just
right for you and rolling big power dot com

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