RAC Ninagloo Reef Resort

Cruising into Coral Bay, we’ve got the Ningaloo Reef Resort.
It’s all right there, you know you’ve got the resort…
the beach, and then straight out onto the reef.
It was totally amazing.
So we checked into the room. We had a beautiful Queen bed in one room and then it had bunks in the other room, which was perfect.
Beautiful veranda that you could look out over the bay.
We’d just get up in the morning, roll out of the room, head down for breakfast.
We’d planned the whole day’s activities and then we’d just get out there.
Totally amazing; there’s just so much to do here.
The snorkelling around Coral Bay is unreal.
It’s just such a turquoise water and just beautiful and it just has a little drop off and it’s really safe for the kids.
You’ve just got this mad, diverse range of fish…
and other marine life that is just right off the shore.
We did the Seedoo out the front and that was awesome. We went out to the little place called Ayres Rock.
To mix it up, the next day, we booked on with Coral Coast Tours
who took us on a full-on experience, which was the ATV quad bikes.
Y’know you’re all seat belted-in and we could get the whole family just about into one car.
It was high adrenaline, and then it was just amazing views.
We’d just pull up at a totally deserted beach and just see pristine ocean and it was unreal.
The Whale Shark Experience with Coral Bay Eco Tours at Ningaloo was a total classic.
We’d go out on this boat, y’know, and we get a full intro and tell us all about it and it was a full day trip.
We cruised up the coast a bit to find, y’know, a Whale Shark that we could go and have a swim with.
It’s all really exciting and everyone’s got to put on their wetsuits and you’ve got to get ready straight away.
You just get in there and the adrenaline takes over and you just start swimming and kicking.
You don’t really notice anyone else, sort of, in your vicinity.
Just to swim with such a beautiful creature in the ocean…
Christie, my wife, she really enjoyed that experience.
I think that’s something she wanted to do her whole life and she finally got to do that and…
she was just totally on a high for a couple of days after that.

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