Quy Nhon – Vietnam / Je vous présente le Seaside Boutique Resort

Hi guys, it’s Mr Peuss and today I’m at Quy Nhon in Vietnam,
and welcome to the SeaSide Boutique resort

Today, I choose to stay at the SeaSide Boutique Resort to celebrate my wife’s birthday.
And because 75% of you on Instagram have been asking me to show you in videos the places where I stayed
And because 75% of you on Instagram have been asking me to show you in videos the places where I stayed
So let’s go and starts here at Quy Nhon, the SeaSide Boutique Resort.
First of all if I choose that resort,
it’s for the location, with the rooms from where you can see the sea,
the swimming pool next to the beach,
For me it’s already something very nice.
Now, picture yourself on a long chair, by the pool, with a fresh cocktail
Or you can enjoy that cocktail, here sitting on a chair by the beach.

It’s so peaceful.
So, what do you prefer, the swimming pool side or beach side?
But be careful during sunny days, it’s very hot.
But if it’s not hot enough for you, you can head to the gym.

Okay, there are not a lot of equipment, but it’s enough to make you sweat.
If the gym is not your thing, you can play Ping Pong.
Now that you’ve seen the outside, I’m gonna show you our room.
Be ready guys,
because the view gonna blow your mind.
It’s stunning.
Do you like it ?
Here the bedroom, and as you can see it’s spacious.
And it always smell good, thanks to the essential oil diffuser.
You also have a nice TV and a desk,
where you will find the necessary to make a cup of coffee or tea.

And now, the bathroom with the bath tub
And also everything you need to stay clean.
And now, the Resort management allows me to show you an other room and a villa.
So let’s go check this out.

This bedroom is the upgrade of my bedroom that you’ve seen previously.
The room itself is very similar to ours.
You have two sofas
And also the desk if you need to do some work.
The bathroom is a way bigger,
and the bath tub is huge.
For me the main difference is the balcony, I love it.
The Resort also has some individual villas.
It’s perfect for families.
That one with a small living room at the entrance has 2 bedrooms.
The first one has 2 single bed,
with as always here at the SeaSide Boutique Resort, the TV and a desk.

The room has its own bathroom with toilet.
The second room has a couple bed, with the usuals.

It has also its own bathroom with bathtub.

This morning, I’m not very hungry so I’m gonna just have a iced milk coffee with some pancakes.

I know, I haven’t been to fancy with my pancakes,
and my wife neither with her egg and toats
But you need to know that there are a lot more choices.
What I really like is that you can eat outside, it’s so cool.
Behind me it’s the restaurant, and above it wil be a rooftop bar.
But as always,
I show up when places are in renovation or not open yet.
So you will enjoy it for me, okay?
The resort also has a golf car to take down to your room or villa from the main gate or the reception.

We end this tour at the restaurant,
I ordered a set of Vietnamese dishes, it should be nice.
Here the papaya salad,
an other salad with eggs.
Vegetables and seafood,
and a couple of different soups.
The day before I tried lamb and lentils,
And my wife had some prawns.
And as you can imagine, there is a bar,
where you can order cocktails and much more.

Okay guys, it’s after showing you that amazing sunrise that the video ends.
I recommand the SeaSide Resort at 300%, for any occasion.

Like for me, my wife’s birthday, or like for your honey moon.

Seriuously for this standard, t=it’s not that expensice.
So now, if you want to book one of more nights here:
I put a link in the despcription.
The journey in Vietnam is not over,
So, see you next time on my channel.
“La Bizette”

Thanks for watching,
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See you in the next one.


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