QE2 opens as a Floating Hotel in Dubai.

Hi everybody it’s Chris Frame here and
this is the 18th of April 2018 and a
really exciting day in the history of
the QE2 because she will be opening
today as a hotel in Dubai, as Hotel QE2.
Towards the end of last year it became
obvious that there was work going on,
on board the ship and then earlier this
year in March she was moved to the
and given a refit, and this is prepared
her for her new life as a floating hotel.
Now, what did they do to the ship? Well we
do know from photographs and video that
the QE2’s lifeboats and lifeboat
davits were removed and this was done
before her dry docking and for quite
some time she’s now not had her
lifeboats! Now to people like me who
think that the exterior of the ship
should have been preserved in its
original (1994-) condition, this of course is a
great loss but some people think she
looks ‘more sleek’ with her lifeboats
removed, so let me know what you think in
the comments below? The other thing that
they’ve done to the exterior of the ship
is to deck over the One Deck swimming
pool and this has created a large
expanse at the back of the ship on One Deck
which gives a great deal of space
for people to dine and enjoy meals from
The Pavilion and The Lido which are to
be opened in the new hotel. Now if you
remember back to 2008-2009 when the
original plans for the QE2 Hotel
conversion was still being talked about,
there was a lot of discussion about her
funnel being removed and being replaced
by a glass funnel or a penthouse suite
made out of glass. You’ll be happy to
know that the funnel is still in its
original position and it has just been
repainted in the Cunard colors so it
looks fantastic. The QE2’s mast – which
was such a unique design at the time, it
had that forward slant to it and it was
also a cleverly disguised second funnel
used to ventilate the kitchens, it has
still been retained and of course sits
pride a place atop the bridge.
So the QE2 is parked next to the old
cruise terminal which has been converted
into a reception center and inside there
there are some fantastic displays of the
interiors of the ship as they were found
when she came into service. The
embarkation area still goes into the Midship’s
Lobby and this is accessed
through the gangways that lead across to
the Two Deck entry. Now these photographs
here show the Midship’s Lobby as it was
in 2008 and for the most part this room
has been preserved. Whilst there have
been some changes to the carpets and the
soft furnishings the murals and the wood
paneling on the wall has been retained
and so it will be a very familiar image
for people returning to QE2. We’re also
expecting to see many of the elements of
the Heritage Trail on board such as the
large model of the Mauretania
outside the Caronia Restaurant. Areas
that we know have been restored include
The Theatre which has now been
redecorated in a darker theme, The Grand Lounge which appears to have been
re-carpeted and given new equipment and
also the Purser’s Office on Two Deck which
is going to be used as the onboard
reception area. The E-Stairway has
been re-carpeted and will be in use as
the main stairway from the passenger
decks and the Chart Room will be
re-opened to serve drinks and snacks to
people staying on-board the ship. You can
also visit the Yacht Club which has been
refurbished and retreated to new
carpeting, and other rooms include the
Golden Lion Pub and also The Lido and
The Pavilion which will be open on the
18th of April. Now many people are
wondering what the accommodation on
board is going to be like. These images
here show some of QE2’s Queens Grill
style cabins as they were in 2008, now
many of these spaces have been
redesigned into new suites and
staterooms on board the ship. They pay
homage to QE2’s ocean liner heritage
by retaining things such as the round
portholes but have replaced all of the
dated fittings and fixtures with modern
amenities including flat panel
televisions, new dressers, coffee machines
and new bathrooms; and this gives the
ship a great blend between old-world QE2
and the new modern amenities that
passengers and people staying at hotels
So the April 18th of opening of the
QE2 is a soft launch and the full
launch of the ship is expected to occur
later in this year when all the interior
work is finished. This should see
areas of the ship such as the D- Stairway with his famous heritage pictures
also perhaps the A-Stairway at the front
of the ship open to the public! We
might also see the restaurants such as
the Mauritania and the Caronia
Restaurant reopen with their fantastic
dining venues on board the ship. We will
probably also see the Crystal Bar reopen
as part of the refurbishment to serve
drinks before dinner and the famous
Grill Rooms the Britannia, Princess and
Queens Grill! We are also very much hoping
that we’ll see the library and bookshop
reopen with his fantastic collection of
maritime books and of course it is the
hope of many that the engine room will
be opened up and used for tours onboard
the ship.
So with QE2 opening as a hotel in April
2018 the next chapter of her life looks
a lot more promising than it has done in
many years!! What do you think about the
idea of Hotel QE2? Leave a comment in the
comment section below and don’t forget
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you stay on Hotel QE2 and will you
travel to Dubai to see the ship? Let us
know in the comments below.


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