Putin Proposes Supersonic Civilian Aircraft Based On New Tu-160 Blackjack Long-Range Strategic Jet

This is a major step in developing this high-tech sphere and improving our country’s defence capability,
because it represents an element of our nuclear triad in the air.
A very important thing. So thank you very much. I am sure that the work will continue in the same way and with the same result.
Thank you very much for supporting aviation.
Let’s move on.
Aviation holds the future, combat aviation will ensure our country’s defence capability, and civil aviation is important as well.
We also need to think about the civilian version of such aircraft.
With a vast territory like ours, the flight from Moscow to Vladivostok is almost as long as it is to New York.
So, I am confident that this will be in demand.
Of course, in this respect, more work will be needed, but seeing it to completion is absolutely feasible.
So, everyone will have something to do. Not just something, but interesting and necessary things.
So, thank you all. Congratulations, everyone.
Let us hope so.
We will sign a contract soon.
Ten aircraft, 15 billion each, more than 15 billion – 160 billion in total.
The plant will run at full capacity until 2027. There is a lot to do.


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