Pranque : BINGO ! / Bingo game in real life prank

– Now we’re going to the social security office. I heard that there are prizes to win. – We’re going to the train station. It is said that we have great chances of winning. A friend of mine already won. – This time, I am going to try winning something. Once in a lifetime. – We draw numbers here? – Yes. -83. Thanks. – 115… – Which number? – 78. – Anyway, good luck. – Where are the goat cheese McWrap? Let’s try to win this. Proceed checkout. I hope I’ll win. Credit card. Fingers crossed. I hope I’ll get a good number. I have… number 37. – They only draw one number per day, or… – Yes… There’s only one 115. -Yes. – It hasn’t been drawn yet? – No. – Which number do you get? – 57. – 57. I hope we’re going to win… – Exactly! – We are in competition! – Excuse me. Which number did you draw? – 113. – I’ve the 115. Good luck. – The hardest part is waiting. – The competitors look frustrated. – Excuse me. 115 hasn’t been drawn yet? – No. – Is it said somewhere? – There’s a screen. – The lottery draws are here? – I think it’s your turn. – Congratulations, sir. Congrats. – Please… Please… Please… 115… All bets down! – Which number did you pick up? – 39. – I picked 37. It hasn’t been drawn. – They did call it. – 37?! You said 37? It’s me! It’s my number! I picked 37! I picked 37! Thank you! – It’s not possible… Sorry? I’ve won? I win! I picked number 115! I’ve been drawn. Thank you! I have the 115! I have the 115! – I drew 83… I won? – Yes. It’s amazing! I drew 83! I win! I win. -I’ve drawn the good number! Applause! – I have the 115! I have the 115! – I have the 37! I win! I win! Thank you! Thank you. – Thank you! Thanks. – Now, go to eat! Thank you, sir. – With pleasure. – I will never forget you, SNCF!
(French National Train Company) I have the 115! Thank you, sir! Thank you very much! Thank you. It’s amazing! – I have the good number! I never used to win. I’ve drawn the good number. – Are you ok? – Yes! I have the 83! – I am working. – Yes, sir! I drew number 83. I did it! – Thank you. I kiss you. – No, it’s fine. Thanks. – What did I win? – You are going to wait because
I am now with someone else. – But you told me that I won… – We are not here for fun. We are working. So now, you are going to wait. We are not here for fun. This is not the carnival here! – In the end, we have both won. – Enjoy. – 37! – I tried my luck. – Nice. Try it farther. Great. Goodbye, sir! Nice! -Congrats, Social Security! – Go to win somewhere else. – What did I win, so? – Nothing but your tray.


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