Practice Intermediate and Advanced Italian Conversation and Comprehension LE CARTE DA GIOCO [IT]

Hi guys! How are you?
I am Manu and this is Italy Made Easy.
And today I have a peculiar video, for this series of vlogs and I would like to talk to you about
Italian playing card.
As usual, in Italy there are as many varieties of something as there are towns and therefore there are many
varieties of cards.
Today I am going to show you two types of cards: Siciliane(from Sicily) and Piacentine (from Piacenza) cards.
So let’s start with the Piacentine, because I grew up using the Piacentine, so
I am not very familiar with the other types … the other cards.
So, unlike the cards that may be familiar with, an Italian deck of cards contains
only 40 cards, not 52.
OK, there are four suits for these cards.
One of the suits is this one here called DENARI.
There are 10 cards for Denari.
Then there are 10 cards for BASTONI.
This suit is called Bastoni.
The next suit is called COPPE.
You see the cups (coppe)?
Eh eh!
The sticks (bastoni)
And then the last suit is called SPADE and there are swords (spade), as you can see.
So, each suit has 10 cards.
Beginning for the Ace, I will show you the 4 aces, and how peculiar they are.
So, swords (spade), cups (coppe), sticks (bastoni), coins (denari).
These here are the aces.
Then we have the two’s.
So the two of swords, the two of cups, the two of sticks and the two of coins.
Then of course we keep going and we have 3 4 5 and 6 and 7 of
Then there’s the 2 then 3 4 5 and 6 7 of clubs, 3 the four ….
Ah, help!
4, 5 and 6 of the 7 of cups, and the same for the swords.
And then we come to the face cards, that are 3 people.
We have the Fante (jockey), there is the Cavallo (horse) and then there’s the Re (king).
The same thing for the sticks, Jockey, then Horse, then King.
For the cups: Jockey, Horse, King.
And for swords: Jockey, Horse, King.. Perfect, so these are the Italian card.
There are many games that you can play.
In another video I am going to show you a game that I used to love when I was a child.
But now I’ll show you the difference with Sicilian cards.
So, these are the SPADE, OK, you see how they are different?
For this reason, I do not understand them, don’t know how to read them!
These are the DENARI, COPPE and then of course BASTONI.
So, they have exactly the same suits, the same cards, the same values, but they are quite
different, For example, this … wait, this is a king of DENARI in the Piacentine cards and this
is a king of DENARI in the Sicilian cards.
The Sicilian is smaller.
Can you see?
And they are very different.
Alright, it’s all for today. I’ll see you next week, where I’ll show you an easy game.
Ciao ciao!


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