Power Grid: The Card Game Gameplay Runthrough

hey everybody today rahdo runs through power grid the card game which is a card game version of the modern classic power grid and I’m gonna show you how it works today in a two-player run through all the before you go on I strongly recommend you turn your subtitles on to the Klingon channel so I make any rules goofs you’ll know what they are okay be done so then welcome to the grid everybody I’ve got the game set up Here I am the green player and I will be the first player chosen randomly Jen is the blue player she is the last and today I’m actually gonna be demonstrating with a special variant that comes in the rules we’re in a two-player game you can add a third neutral player called the trust and you know basically so in a two-player game you emulate a three-player game to make the markets a little bit more exciting and dynamic it works really great you don’t have to I could leave the trust out and just play this as a two-player game but two-player is much better if you put the trust in to replicate a three player so that’s what I’m gonna do each player starts with 12 electro or electric bucks and so here’s my starting capital and here’s me I’m a fairly dour businessman hole I could be fairly oh she’s a slightly more friendly business lady um Jen is in the same situation oh yeah these captains of industry they’re just kind of Downers aren’t they oh look at this guy well again he’s I guess he’s cracking a little bit of a smile but anyway that’s Jen with her starting capital I’ve got mine and the resource market gets created randomly there’s a bunch of resources available for 2 bucks for 3 bucks and for 4 bucks and they all just kind of got scattered out here and there’s more they’re gonna come out in a fairly unpredictable fashion there’s also a power plant market over here where we can invest in power plant technology which is the whole point every round we’re gonna engage in a series of auctions to get new power plants then we are going to buy resources to run to fuel our power plants then we’re gonna make money and the more money we make the better power plants we can buy and the more resources we can buy to burn in subsequent loans so we can make even more money and we keep repeating that until the last round of the game where suddenly changeup radically and you know the final round which is where you actually score points is instead of making money to run your power plants at the end you make victory points I’ll talk a bit more about that later on for now let’s just start playing so here’s the Saar market and these are all dark back low value cards so that the none of the really expensive power plants are out at the beginning and this is the current and this is the future market in this round Jen and I and the trust will each of us get one of the power plants in the local market uh-hum and actually at the beginning of every bidding round whichever plant is currently in the cheapest spot which is right here gets a little bit cheaper because you place this new minimum one bid token on it which actually a nice little wooden token here so normally if somebody wanted to get this hydro oil and natural gas plant they would have to start the bidding at two but because of this you could start the bidding at one and maybe get this cheaper at half price but if you wanted to get a nuclear plant you’re gonna have to start the bidding at three if you want to get this coal plant you got to start the bidding at three and I am the first player so I’m gonna start the bidding with one of these and you know what I mean the the the the hybrid plant is cool because it gives you flexibility you can burn oil or natural gas one or the other so if the market isn’t very friendly and you know you have a better shot of not getting frozen out of the market you can always probably find some oil or some natural gas whereas you know if I go for this nuclear power plant well hey as it stands right now there is one very valuable cache of uranium that I could buy for three bucks but uranium is the rarest fuel in the game so if I go for this I’ll be able to get this uranium but then I got to worry about future turns where I might more uranium might not come in to the market for a while uh-huh and that’s why again vagaries and scarcities of various things in the market which are kind of unpredictable are a good reason to go for a hybrid plant now the reason not go for this hybrid plant is it’s very inefficient you can see I have to burn three resources of either oil or natural gas to make five bucks by comparison this oil this dedicated oil plant I can get five bucks by burning only two oil so this is a much better investment but it doesn’t give me the flexibility this if I look into the future market I can see pretty soon there’s going to be a more expensive natural gas plant that a minimum bit of force so this cost more to get in but then you make five burning only a single natural gas so I’m tempted to get this particular because of the low price and the flexibility but what the heck let’s go with it I will start the bidding now I can start anything I want but it has to at least be the minimum the minimum here is one I’ll start the bidding on that at one now the trust never engages in these auctions so we’re just gonna skip over her Jen has the option to raise or Pass if she doesn’t raise if she passes I get this for a bargain for a crazy bargain and I can’t complain about that too much but Jen says yeah I’m not gonna let you have that for our bargain she raises the price to two and now it’s back to me if I pass Jen gets it for its original cost uh-huh or I can raise I could raise the three heck I could raise to5 I can raise however much I want but I say no honey you know what it’s yours I only want it if I could have gotten it at a steep discount still this is an auction game getting a thing for their stated price that’s not bad either in fact you know I’m not giving Jenna and I because there’s another advantage of this this is a lower value powerplant and there’s a very interesting thing about power grid the card game which was also true for power grid throughout the majority of the game you want to be considered to be in last place because first of all being first in an auction is a bit of a disadvantage because if people can see what you bid and then they can bid up so it’s always good to go later in an auction but more importantly whoever’s in last place gets first dibs on buying stuff from the market and if the market if things get scarce and you really need something you want to be in quote last place so that you get first dibs on buying what you need now at the beginning of the game we chose player order randomly but after this auction is over in the first round whoever has the lowest value power plant which is this one they’re gonna be considered in last place so Jen gets this she gets first dibs on the market and I bet you anything she will buy up all the oil and natural gas that’s in this cheap that’s on the market right now if she buys all that up and then say I end up getting this oil um power plant I’ll have to go to the more expensive column to get this one or even the most expensive column to get this one so Jen has recognized that that’s why even if she’s not that excited about a less efficient plant she is excited about having potentially the lowest value plant at the early part of the game so do I want Jen to do that I can raise it I can go up to three now and then I’m over I’m paying more than the market value but still ah but no I’m gonna let you in have it so Jen pays to Baby Bop to over starting 12 this comes off this will not get reassigned until the next round so nothing else is gonna get that steep discount and Jen has bought the first power plant in the game a hybrid plant okay and now whenever a space gets emptied out you immediately draw a new power plant and deploy it into the market and now the first power plant you can see has this dark back this is gonna be another one of the really cheap early game power plants so we know this is gonna be somewhere between one and five bucks after that you can see in the future the light power plants going forward in the game they’re gonna be much more expendable actually there are some cheap ones still in here but going forward they might be much more expensive like seven or twelve or stuff like that as the game ramps up anyway so new one comes out oh and it’s a one so it is you know if this had been if say I had drawn a three I would have had to put it past all these other threes because they would be considered to be more expensive than the existing threes if I had just drawn a four then it would be considered to be more expensive than this is this it would have gone into this space these would have slid over and this would come down here and suddenly the natural gases in the market but that didn’t happen instead it was a one so it just fills the space that was just vacated is the new cheapest thing and now so we’re everybody’s gonna get a power plant in this first round and so Jen got it so I am still in first place so now I’m gonna start the bidding on another one and the interesting thing is the trust never bids so whatever plant I want from this market I can get for the base value because there are no other human players to run the price up so I could get this natural gas which only makes four and requires two so again it’s it’s a comparable Jen has to burn three gas to get five I could burn two you get two but this is also a lower number so since that came out I could surprise Jen by being in quote last place so I think I’m just gonna grab that for one alrighty so I got my first power plant and now another one comes out and now this is gonna be a bigger one it’s an eight so this now becomes the new most expensive thing in the world so all these slide over this is now the chief this is the beginning of the next round of bidding this will have a minimum bit of one these slide over this was in the future now it’s in the available market all these slide over because this is most expensive it goes into the most expensive slot we won’t be able to get this nuclear plant for a while okay so I started the bidding but Jim got it so I then did the next meeting I got it now the trust finally gets to go the trust doesn’t do auctions at all the trust always just takes the most valuable plant in the current market so the trust grabs this natural gas alright so there we go each of us in the first Oh another plant comes out and it is a seven okay so that pushes this four into the current market these slide over and this slept sin because you always keep them in ascending order alrighty so next round there’s going to be some oil so nuclear and very soon there’s gonna be some green energy that will show up into the current market as well but anyway now in the first round everybody is required to get one arm power plant in future rounds you could pass into giving around and not by any me because you don’t want to spend your money or maybe you like the plants you’ve got you don’t want to replace them because I didn’t give it time a player can have two three plants if they try to buy a fourth plant they have to demolish one of their original plans so but in first round everybody has to get a plant and then as a special bonus action that only happens in the first round we now reevaluate turn order based on everybody’s standing although again the trust we ignore the trust always stays the middle player so we reevaluate Jenna and me I am in last place because I’ve got the weakest power plant with a value of one where’s Jin so that means suddenly Jin is the first player and I am the last player which like I said through the majority this game you want to be considered last so that makes me pretty happy all right we’re done with that now the first thing we do every round is there’s auctions there’s bidding for power plants the second thing is there is going to the market and buying up resources and I am definitely going to do that because as you can see in reverse turn order the last player is the first player to get to buy stuff off the market I only have a natural-gas so I can only buy natural gas even if I wanted to buy some coal I can’t do it because I burn the natural gas in my power plant and I store it here as well so mine burns too that means I can store twice as much as my power plant says so I can store up to four natural gas so let me tie got room to buy up two for natural gas and that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna buy four because I can’t get six I’m gonna pay two to get this card which is worth two natural gas and then I’m gonna pay three to get this card which is two natural gas so it all told I just spent five bucks plus the one buck I spent so I’ve spent six bucks in total and here’s what my power plant kingdom is look like I’m at one plant and because it can store for twice what it says here I’ve got one two three four natural gas that I’ll be able to burn over the next few the next couple of rounds and make some money alright and you can see why it was a big advantage for me to go first because hey all that natural gas is gone now the trust player is next the trust player just buys what they need to buy to run their plant and as you can see the trust player needs exactly one roll gas to run their plan they don’t want to buy extra they just buy and they have no money all they do is they just pull stuff out of the market that’s the trust player wants a natural gas there and there’s one natural gas now if I had bought this and I’d paid an extra four to get this last one which honestly maybe I should have good still my turn I can see the trust player is about to buy this and that’s a little scary because what if there isn’t natural gas next round well it’s okay next round I still have a second this round I’m going to burn one two to make four bucks next round I’ll have this to burn one two to make another four bucks but going into the third round well hopefully by then the third round some more natural gas will coming because I don’t wanna have to pay for to get this so I only I bought all that I could I’m gonna leave this and the trust says oh well thank you I need that so now here’s the funky thing about the trust like I said this is – the trust has no money the trust just takes the minimum that they need to run their plant right now since they only needed one the trust is only gonna take one um which means that the other that they didn’t take gets put back into the market as a reserve because the trust only needed one now the trust um they don’t actually spend money they don’t actually you know we know they’re gonna run so that basically she took the one and left the other now players can’t choose to only buy one of a given card you know and kind split the difference but what might happen in the future let’s say let’s say it was my turn right now and I wanted to buy some um I would not be able to buy this natural gas because I don’t have room I have space for four and I’ve already got one two three four but say I didn’t have this and this was the only natural gas no actually no say I had this and then in a later turn oh look here’s some more natural gas I want to buy that I already have three I can only hold four that means when I buy this I would pay the full price I would get one of it because I can’t hold more than four and then the other would come over here in the reserve waiting to be about later and if you if that happens if you have two basic go to the reserve like that out here here’s the reserve you don’t get changed so that’s an important element to remember in the game this one column only ever gets filled up with excess goods that players can’t store in their power plants alrighty anyway so that was that the trust is gone and now it’s finally Jen’s turn as the first player you know in terms of overall standing she gets to buy some stuff too and now remember she likes oil and natural gas and she can store up to six oil and six natural gas that’s another great thing about this plant a ton of storage space hmm let’s see here so Jen will go ahead and buy this reserve that the trust made so that cost her one and she’ll go on ahead and buy some oil so that’s gonna cost her – she spent three so far she’ll buy some more oil so that’s put her at five and you know I think she’s gonna stop right there because now she’s full well she’s not full she’s got five resources this is what I was just talking about actually if Jen wanted to she could buy some more oil but that would put her up to seven total resources so she’d only be able to take one of these and then one oil we get put in the reserve so she paid three to get only one so she’s gonna stop at five resources and that cost her five one two three four five so Jen spent five alright and we are done with the market phase if there were more players of course aha me oh they’re over time there’s less less although if there were more players there would have been additional rows of I mean in a two or a three player game there’s only four rows but at higher player accounts there’s more and more resources to grab anyway though so that was that we’re done with that step and now we go on to the last step which is the administration phase where we burn some resources and make some money and now this goes in player order so Jen is the first to burn stuff to make cash and what will she do she will burn one to oil plus one natural gas and so that means she has burned three things to get five bucks so you know she’s taking a bit of a loss she started with twelve now she’s at 10 but hey she’s right and so this goes back into the reserve this is actually it’s burned it goes into the discard pile now this is interesting at the beginning of the game the discard pile has these little single plus cards the discard pile already had stuff in it and so now there’s more stuff in the discard pile when the when the the draw pile is empty we shuffle the discard pile and create a new one so over time more and more fuel reserves and these are bigger ones a triple oil a triple natural-gas get seeded into the game after we see these in then these ones become the new discard pile and then the second time we have to reshuffle these get seated in so over the course of the game the stakes get bigger and bigger the plants get bigger and bigger and the resource in the market gets bigger and bigger anyway so so Jen burned all that and she made five bucks and now the trust they always just burn what they took but we don’t really care actually goes in the discard pile not that but they don’t bother to make money because the trust always stays all the trust does is it always every round grabs the most expensive thing you can and then grabs the cheapest minimum amount of resources that’s all they do so that stuff is getting gobbled up at a three-player rate but you don’t have to worry about keeping track of their money or any of that stuff so the trust you know that they’re fine and me I’m gonna burn some stuff to I will burn one too and so there goes my natural gas and I only made four but and so actually Jen and I both into the first round with exactly ten bucks we started with 12 or at 10 and but the thing is the difference is I’ve got enough resources to run my plant the next turn and make four more Jen does not she has to oil but she needs three resources to run this thing um and that was it folks that was the first round now at the end of a round this is a funky thing that players from Power Girl remember the most valuable plant on the market gets taken and put at the bottom of the plant deck because currently at the bottom of the plant Tech there is the one more around once we make this deck is the time of the game once we make it through all of these cards and this gets revealed every higher value plant that was below it will get seeded into the game for one last super turn which is when we score points instead of make money so anyway we’re seeding and so everybody knows hey at the end of the game a nuclear plant is gonna show up that generates seven bucks but remember at the end of the game it won’t generate seven bucks it’ll generate seven points if you can run it so there’s like some advanced knowledge about what’s coming in the future at the end of the game but in the meantime that means another one comes out and hey it’s another hybrid that costs a minimum of eleven but for only burning two you can make eight so that is much nicer than the one gen got but it would because it’s crazy expensive so that becomes the new most expensive thing and we have finished the first round of the game wait no no there’s one more thing that happens at the end of the round the most expensive thing goes away and the market the more expensive stuff that didn’t get bought gets cheaper so what happens is we have to move everything from three over to two and then if that doesn’t quite do it move everything from four over to two and once two is filled up we move everything from four over anything that’s left than four and three and then we start filling up four so I’ve got to move this coal that was it three has gotten cheaper as has this oil as has this uranium so nothing from four has to come over here so everything in four slides over to three and now we’ve got to fill in some new resources we finish out three and hey it’s a natural gas natural gas is considered to be higher you always order these coal natural gas oil and then uranium and now let’s see what’s in the four there’s two there’s some more uranium and so we can see two sources of uranium that makes this nuclear power plant a little bit more attractive because you can see you only need one to run it and here’s one two three so if you get this in these two that’s fifteen bucks you’re gonna make over a few rounds so the nuclear power plant might be a hotly contested item going into the second round and we are now ready for the second round and jen is still the first player oh no no no shoot there’s one more thing I forgot when we make our money before we get rid of the and before we refill the market as we make our money we have to keep track of how much money everybody makes because that can read a terminal although and as you recall in this case Jen made five bucks by running hers I made four and so I am considered to still be the losing player so I still say last intern order and Jen states first because again the trust just always stays in the middle so because Jen made more money she’s going into the next round being the first player which means I am gonna have first dibs of whatever’s in the market when we go to buying the market so you know Jen got this hoping that this would be a would put her in last place because she figured hey at the time it was the lowest thing but then I got a bit lucky because an even lower value one came out and that’s paying off for me right so we go into the second round this is now the new cheapest thing Jen has to start the bidding and she could start the bidding of this with one and I’m but you know she can see there’s a future in nuclear power so Jen is gonna start the bidding for nukes at three or does she start it at four because she would like to get this and she goes to three I might go to four but if she goes straight to four will I go to five maybe because I know I can do the math just as well as her if she gets this for four and then I mean and because if she gets this she’s the only person who can buy this uranium so she gets this for four and then gets this for – that’s six which will generate her ten because she’ll get to use this twice so getting this at four plus this is gonna get net her a profit of four plus then she’ll get to run it a second time so you know spending four five six to generate don’t yeah to run this twice will generator ten she’ll make a profit of four and then later on when this gets cheaper in value she’ll buy this maybe at three to make it even more profit so Jen can see and she can base on that well you know if goes up to five then it’s five plus the two is seven so then she’s only making three profit over to turn is it worth it more to the pole would I go for to make a guaranteed profit of three maybe she should then go for five in which case will I go for six because then 6 + 2 then we’re only talking about a profit of two over two turns and there’s probably better options particular this oil is so cheap that’s the other thing Jen might then because there is oil out here although that’s another problem as well Jen needs more oil or more gas to run her existing plant she wants to get this oil but she knows she’s not the first to get in here so if I buy this plant and then I get the oil first cuz I’m last in turn order Jen’s gonna have to pay more to get the oil she needs to run her hybrid plan ah whoo tough choice or does she just go for this oil hopefully get it cheap and then she just tries to gobble up oil to run both her plants now she wants she believes in nuclear so she will start the bidding at 4 hoping that scares me away so I don’t go to 5 and do I go to 5 I will go to 5 cuz I just like the fact if I’m the only one who owns a nuclear plant nobody can buy this out from under no no no no no I’ll let her over 4 because I can see how cheap this is and that’s the thing Jen’s the only human if I let her have this for 4 then I get this for 1 and I’ll get this oil and I’ll be able to run it yeah I’ll let Jen have it for 4 if she gone for 3 maybe I would have done it maybe that would have been enough to entice me away from this but Jen went for 4 so she paid for she gets or 5 she gets 1 and change and she takes this ok she’s got her second plan and now a new plant has to come out and oh it’s a 14 so that means this all slides down to make room for this 14 and so Jen got her plant and now in turn order the next player to do something is the the trust and the trust doesn’t do auctions the trust is grabs the most valuable thing there is which is the green power plant power plant but the trust takes it ah I would have totally paid for for that easily because hey it’s for it so it pays for itself in the very first round you pay for to get it home you get for back and it never needs because it just it runs on wind oh I would have taken that but the trust took it replicating another player which means another one comes out and it’s 17 so that pushes this cold down here and this is the best coal plant we’ve seen so far a single coal to make five this one is three coal to make six so I would have hated to get that in the early game because this one is so much better and now there’s interesting there’s a triple one that makes seven coming up singly so Jen’s gotten hers the trust has gotten hers and I’m gonna get one and I just pay the face value because there’s nobody left to bid me up do I get this oil for for one or do I pay a bit more and get this super efficient coal plant because heck there’s a triple coal here I could get this for to play that’s seven and I could run this yeah I was gonna get this but I say nah I’m gonna pay more because this came into my life I’m gonna get the best coal plant the world has ever seen it cost me five and that means another one comes out and it’s a nine so that pushes this seven down here there’s a lot of coal in our future and this one is just waiting the future market and now because nobody went for this and I have every intention to go in for this until that coal came up that means nobody went for it it’s gone it’s removed from the game which means once again some new stuff will come out it’s a six oh it’s another clean plant alright and so this will be the cheapest one going into the next round okay so we’re done with that and now once again it’s time for the market but this time we do not in the first turn remember we had to rearrange based on the value of our plants we don’t do that anymore I am still the last player which means I’m first to the market and Jen doesn’t have to worry about me taking her oil because I can’t buy oil because I don’t have any place to store it I am going to pay two to get three coal so I hope I mean so that’s gonna I’m paying two plus the five I’m gonna run this three time and make fifteen bucks over a few rounds very very nice and you know what while I’m at it so I just paid five right no no I haven’t paid anything yet so I just paid two I’ll pay I’ll pay two more and get this while I’m at it so now I can run my coal plant five wait oh no I can’t no I can’t oh shoot shoot shoot I forgot the downside to this the upside to this it’s so awesome because hey look at that it generates you know it’s you know it’s it’s so efficient but the downside is I only have storage for two so if I buy this it’s not bad I’ll pay two for it but I’ll only get two because I only have storage for two and that’s gonna put one over here in the reserve and that’s fine um because you know I could have bought this one and not putting the reserve but that’s okay anyway I mean I’ll still I only paid to whether I got this one or this one so it came out the same and now there’s some coal in the reserve I need it in a future turn anyway I’m gonna be able to run this for two turns but the interesting thing is after I run it once I’ll have room again to buy this single later on which will be better because it only cost me one instead of buying some double it too so that makes sense anyway so um so I bought that for two and you know I could get some more natural gas for three so I’m gonna spend two for that and three for this I’m spending the rest of my cash and I’m gonna buy some more natural gas because hey I can store for of that stuff alright so there we go and I’m broke and now the trust yeah is next in reverse turn order the trust doesn’t need anything or that is just gonna buy some natural gas but oh no all the natural gas is gone you can see why I went and grabbed that natural gas as quick as I could because otherwise the trust would have taken it and then I might not have gotten any for a while but as is so the trust doesn’t get anything doesn’t anything so trust isn’t taking anything and now it’s finally to Jen she’s got six bucks to spend and let’s see so she’s gonna spend two of it on this plutonium and she could spend four but she’ll wait for this to get cheaper so that’s two over six and remember she needs some more oil so she’ll spend two to get some more oil um so that’s four and so she cannot afford this at three so she’s done so she spent four of her six putting her down to two and that was the end of the second market phase and now in turn order starting with Jen she burned stuff so she will burn one uranium to make five and she will burn one two that gets discarded three to run her hybrid plant she ran all on oil and so Jen just made ten and what you’re supposed to do is you’re supposed to keep this off to the side as well this is how much money she had at the beginning this is how much she made because remember whoever makes the most he’s gonna be first player going into the next round so Jen just made ten the trust never bothers to do anything because they don’t care about money I’m there just the public trust there they’re not they’re nonprofit anyway and so now it’s my turn I will burn one coal to make five and I will burn one two gas to make four so I made nine so once again I am staying behind you I made nine this round Jen made ten and so the turn order doesn’t change Jen is still the first player going into round three which again puts her to disadvantage although it hasn’t been too terribly much because there’s not that much overlap on our plants so far but seeing as how we both like natural gas and no mores come out that could change over time but in the meantime we’ve now got to restock so we basically move this stuff over here we go and some new resources get added there’s some one two three four so coal is the cheapest coal and some natural oh there’s all the natural gas but right now the natural gas is very expensive I don’t think either of us want to be paying for to get it perfect because hey I’ve got enough to be able to run my plant one more time and Jen that’s the point of having a hybrid Jen will probably say oh this is too expensive but she’ll be able to buy some more oil relatively cheaply to keep running her hybrid plant in addition to that the most valuable plant out here number 17 goes to the bottom of the deck so now we know at the end of the game these two cards may or may not show up at the end of the game and this is a way to score 9 points in that last round this is a way to score 7 so if you’re planning on getting this at the end of the game make sure you’ve still got some uranium because again uranium is hard to get ceiling um so that the biggest one one way which means a new one comes out and it’s a much lower value it’s a 7 so there’s already a 7 here if a new 7 comes out it is considered to be more expensive so this is in the future market ok and this is now this really crappy coal plant that’s been around since the beginning is now the new cheap thing to buy and we’re going on to the third round and once again jen is the first to open bidding and now here’s the interesting thing we’re about to get you don’t to give a turn you don’t have to buy a power plant but you want to to keep making yourself bigger and bigger but once you’ve got three say this round oh oh there’s the six everybody wants that and here’s the thing um jen has more money to me I’ve got 9 bucks jen has 12 bucks if she wants this because the trust doesn’t care the trust has engaged she could start the bidding at 6 but I might go to 7 if she just doesn’t want to mess around if she just starts this at 9 it’s hers and then she paid 9 but this will generate five for her without any Goods for the rest of the game I think oh but does she go straight to 9 or does she go to 8 or 7 and hope I won’t raise her because I mean hey there’s lots cheaper stuff there’s this $1.00 coal plant and a lot of cheap coal does it make sense to go bid so high to mess me up yeah Jen’s not gonna mess around she’s gonna bid nine but if she does that then she only has three bucks left yeah and that will give her enough to buy oil okay although if the oil goes away but Jen can see well there’s a chance that this oil might come in in which case the trust player but no even still gentle have three bucks she figures she can buy some more oil so Jen’s not even messing around she’s gonna pay she bids opens the bidding at nine the trust doesn’t care I can’t go higher so Jen got it alrighty Jen is the queen of green she’s very happy about that and right so she paid through the nose for it and now a new card comes out and it’s Oh all right so this is I think I talked about this right up front because the new card that came out is lower than the discount card now what happens is this does not get lower than this yeah I mean it doesn’t come in and we shove everything back this way this gets discarded and the discount comes off of this and this is out of the game so now we got to pay full price for this thing and we got it then we got to keep filling up and okay what’s a nine which means who this oil plant comes down and this nine is to be it considered to be more expensive than this nine so there we go and Jen got what she wanted now the trust player will take this oil and now that’s bothersome for Jen so the trust player has three plants now Jen has three plants and that means in the future if either Jen or the trust player get another plant they will have to demolish one of their existing plants and just throw it away however I should mention um PowerGrid the card game comes with a very cool variant you can play with called the demolition crew which says the first time somebody demolishes a power plant to make room for another the first player to do that gets one buck on that round and anybody else who demolishes on that round doesn’t get anything the next time it happens though in around the first player to do it gets two bucks and nobody else gets anything the third time it happens the first player to doing it around gets three to demolish and everybody else who demolishes that round gets one and it gets more and more up to five and two so this that you don’t have to play with this in which case demolishing you know demolishing your power plants is a painful loss but it makes you some money back so it effectively means you got the new power plant effectively for cheaper because you demolished your old plant and made some money off of that and now the interesting thing about this this is a variant for power grid the card game but if you flip the cards over it’s also a variant that works the exact same way for regular power grids so power grid fans if you want to add the demolition variant to your game pick up power grid the card game but anyway so and it functions the same it’s just the numbers are different because of course you make a lot more money in power grid the board game alright see what so this is this mine coming to play in the next round when players start trying to trash their their power plants right so anyway so this went away and now I can go ahead and bid and all that’s left is a lot of coal and unfortunately the cheap one I wanted to get just disappeared because of this that came out of nowhere so do I want to pay three to get a coal plant that I’m burns 3 to get 6 or do I want to pay for to get a gold plant that burns two to get five obviously this is gonna be the better bet and there’s still lots of cheap coal plus well here’s another thing too if I get this one hey I can store six coal I’ve burned so I okay I’ll go on ahead and pay for five and one to get this one all righty now oh wait hold on second of all a second before I pay anything I forgot a new plant comes out maybe something I would like a little bit more will have come out it is who it’s an oil plant okay so uh uh this is already gone so I can get that now for two and start burning some oil yeah that’s something to do instead I’m just gonna pay to to get into the oil game OOP alrighty and so then another plant comes out and it’s a ten so these things are all sliding down slides down these slide over there we go another green plant that generates seven to cost ten this will be in our fuel it is literally in our future so I paid two and got that oil it came out of nowhere and so now I’m still in last place so I buy first I need some oil I want to get some oil on the cheap so I’ll pay two to get this one to run my new oil plant I just got I need some coal so I’ll go on ahead and pay two five one two three to get this one so I’ve got so now I’ve got what I need to run all my plants and I’ve still got two bucks although so I could I know I’ve got three bucks so I could buy some more oil no I can’t because this thing only holds one so I’m full I can’t hold any more oil I can’t hold any more coal I could pay for to get some more natural gas but that’s too expensive I literally don’t have the cash so I’m done buying and now the trust says hey I want oil so I’m gonna take the two oil that I need to run I want gas I’m gonna take the two gas I need to run so these are just going into the oops going into the discard pile he doesn’t anything run for green and now that leaves Jen as the last buyer and so she needs to oil or gas to run her hybrid she’s got plutonium in this so she just needs to buy two oil or two gasps this is although chin only has one dollar now because she spent so much for that green plant so Jen the only thing she could buy is that coal but she doesn’t have a coal plant so she can’t store the coal so jen is not gonna buy anything this round and now once again we move on Jen will be the first generate so she’ll make five bucks off her nuclear fly and this goes into the spent and she’s that’s all she’s making this turn is just five yikes now if you ever in a situation where you don’t have the resources to get anything because all of it got gobbled up you always make at least one electoral return even if you don’t burn anything but Jen just made five I think Jen because she didn’t make very much is gonna be is the turn order is gonna change because now the trust doesn’t care let’s look at me I’ll burn one oil to to make four I’ll burn one coal to make five and I’ll burn to gas to make four and that’s gone so I just made 13 so yeah folks I am the new lead player oh wait oh wait oh wait oh wait oh wait oh wait I totally forgot see I made 13 Jen made five plus five because this has everything so Jen made five more I made 13 Jen made 10 so still I pulled into the lead now this is the interesting thing so I saw Jen made tonight otally forgot she had her green she made five plus five then because it turn order matters I saw how much she burned if I still want to maintain my place in last I didn’t have to run all my plants because if I run all my plants I make 13 and then I become the first player if I want to though maybe I say hey you know what I’m not gonna run this oil plant that way I’ve only made nine anything I think I wouldn’t run I think I wouldn’t run my right okay I wouldn’t run my gas plant ah oh dear so I ran that I ran that say oh no this went to zero because that’s the second time I’ve run this I mean if I hadn’t run this then I’d be making nine instead of 13 and I could still hold my place as last which still gives me first dibs on the market which is a valuable valuable thing so I might consider literally not making money this round so I can still say in last place because Jen made 10 and if I make 9 that’ll work out anyway whatever either way this goes away goes to the bottom of the deck a new one comes out and it’s a 12 so it just goes back in the spot um let’s see the market refills from top to bottom this comes down here and then this comes down here and so this is now now we have to start filling number three with Oh some Anouk and some natural gas and some coal and now you can see oh we got to put over here the deck is empty so we have to reshuffle and now these bigger bigger caches of resources of energy pop into the game as well although who knows we’ll get one right away I’m not doing a very good job shuffling let’s say boom Oh boom no no this was one of the start ones and so we continue and now this becomes the new discard pile so even more big ticket cards will pop up later in the game and we start the new round this is the cheapest thing and if I took less money Jen will still be the first to bid and there’s nothing but coal nothing but coal and remember the first player to successfully buy something and demolish oh by the way since I spent all my that’s gone oh so that’s should’ve gone in the discard pile as well whatever the first player to demolish one of those things with a new thing will get the $1 benefit so this round Jen and I have a vested interest to bid each other up either way we’re gonna get coal but whoever wins this first one to demolish something will get a buck back and that folks is where I’m gonna stop cuz that’s give you a pretty good idea but power grid the card game is all about not feeling here’s some final thought you can hit that I in the top-right corner screen or follow the show notes 5 4 3 2 1


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