Positions on the Poker Table

Hey guys, this is Goku and today we are gonna
be talking about the positions on the poker
table. You will learn that there are 3 kinds
of positions on the poker table and that the
positions are very important in Texas Hold’em.
You will also learn what kind of hands you
should be playing from certain positions.
So lets get right into it.
9 max poker tables are the most common ones.
There are nine positions which are generally
split into 3 groups.
Early positions, middle posititions and late
First we have early positions which are:
The Small Blind
The Big Blind
The Under The Gun or just UTG
Then we have middle positions which don’t
really have their own names so we just call
Middle positions or MPs
and then we have late positions
the first late positition we usually call
the Cut Off-1 or CO-1
then there’s Cut Off or CO and then the best
position on the poker table – the Button or BTN
To quickly sum up we have:
3 early positions which we call
The Small Blind
the Big Blind
and the Under The Gun
3 middle posititions
MP1 MP2 and MP3
and 3 late positions
Cut Off-1 Cut Off and Button
So you’re probably asking why are the positions
so important?
Well, its because you simply win more money
from late positions, than you do from early
That’s why you should always be aware of your
position relative to the dealer button.
The later you act in a hand, the more information
you will have available to you by the time
the action gets to you.
You want to pay attention to how your opponents
are acting while you wait for your turn.
If they check it is usually a sign of weakness
If they bet it is usually a sign of strength
Also you wanna pay attention to the size of
the bet. Bet sizing is very important and
I will dedicate a whole video to it, but for
now just remember that the size of the bet
is a valuable piece of information.
Another thing you wanna be aware of is the
time it takes your opponent to make their
For example a quick check may indicate that
their hand is weak, and on the other hand
if they take a long time to check, it might
indicate that they hand is actually strong,
and they are only trying to set a trap by checking
So in general you wanna play more hands from
late positions than you do from early ones.
For example a good tight aggressive player
will either raise or call preflop with around:
13,5% of hands from early positions
and I’ll show you how a range of top 13,5%
looks like.
It is all the suited aces from ace 8, so it’s
a8, a9, at,aj, aq, and ak and by suited I
mean that both cards are of the same suit,
for example a8 of hearts. It is all the suited
kings from king 9, all the suited queens from
QT and the suited JT.
It is also all the off suit aces from AT,
and off suit kings from KJ.
And of course it is all the pocket pairs from
pocket 7s.
Good tight aggressive player will also play
15-17% of hands from middle positions
and that’s what top 17% range looks like:
And lastly good TAG will play
19-30% of hands from late positions
and this is what top 30% range looks like:
In texas hold’em we say we are in position
in the hand when we act after our opponent,
and we are out of position when our opponent
gets to act after us.
This is very important as when you are in
position you are in control of how the hand
plays out, for example if your opponent checks
to you, you can check back and see a free
card if you like, or you can bet if you think
he’s weak to make him fold. You are the one
calling shots and you are also the one who
has all the information available. It’s your
opponent who is out of position and thus basically
in the dark in the hand. When you develop
a good game sense you will be able to win
a lot of hands in position regardless of your
actual hands’ strength.
For now just remember that you always wanna
play hands in position.
So to sum up there are 3 kinds of positions
on the poker table
There are early positions, and they are least
favourable, because you’ll be one of the first
to act after the fop and there will be many
people that will act after you.
So from these positions you want to play the
least amount of hands. You only wanna play
strong and very strong hands.
Then there are middle positions,
you can play slightly more hands from these,
but still you have to keep in mind that most
likely you’ll be out of position in the hand.
And lastly there are late positions and these
are the ones that will bring you the most
profit, as you will most likely be in position
in the hand and thus you should play a wider
range of hands from these positions.
Remember, positions are crucial in no limit
texas hold’em and hands can be won or lost
based on position alone, so always pay attention
to the positions on the table.
thank you so much for watching and congratulations!
you are now one step closer to becoming an
awesome poker player
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you should know that it is very important
that you put the knowledge you have acquired
into practice
this course will teach you all you need to
know in order to beat the small stakes games,
but you gotta practice
you have to get comfortable playing poker,
you have to learn these fundamentals by heart.
I cannot stress that enough, you will only
get better if you practice, even 15 mintues
a day will do wonders for your game in the
long term
so have fun playing and I wish you all good
luck! See you in the next lesson!


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