Pope County Casino Lawsuit

((ASHLEY)) MULTIPLE LAWSUITS HAVE BEEN FILED.. REGARDING THE FUTURE OF CASINOS IN POPE COUNTY. ((ASHLEY)) THIS COMES AFTER THE STATE’S RACING COMMISSION MET TODAY. THANKS FOR JOINING US AT 6. I’M ASHLEY KETZ. ((BOB)) AND I’M BOB CLAUSEN. STEPHANIE SHARP áá WAS AT THAT MEETING TODAY…STEPH á YOU HEARD FROM THE POPE COUNTY JUDGE TODAY? ((STEPHANIE)) WE DID… HE ALSO SPOKE TO THE COMMISSIONERS. THIS COMES AFTER THE QUORUM COURT WROTE A RESOLUTION SUPPORTING A CASINO EARLIER THIS WEEK. NOW áá THE STATE STARTS THE PROCESS OF DECIDING WHO GETS THE CASINO LICENSE. I have a statement from the Pope County Quorum Court they would like me to share with you FROM THIS MEETING ROOM IN LITTLE ROCK.. DECISIONS ARE BEING MADE FOR THE FUTURE OF the CASINO IN POPE COUNTY. (Judge Ben Cross/ Pope County) Our commitment to Cherokee Nation Business is just as strong as theirs is to Pope County despite POPE COUNTY judge ben cross PUTTING his SUPPORT BEHIND THE CHEROKEE NATION BUSINESSES áá LEGENDS CASINO the racing commission isn’t ready to place it’s bet yet.. instead it opened the application process for another 90 days… essentially opening the door to other casinos. despite judge cross’s and his court’s adamant stance. (Judge Ben Cross/ Pope County) As far as I’m concerned, Pope County is done with the issue but at least one casino isn’t… GULFSIDE CASINO PARTNERSHIP. It has letters of support from the previous pope county judge and russellville mayor… It is suing the racing commission AFTER its APPLICATION WAS DENIED áá AND DENIED AGAIN áá ON APPEAL. (Casey Castleberry/ Gulfside Casino Partnership attorney) We believe we have the strongest proposal among all the applicants but we believe we should be awarded a letter or resolution, but that’s obviously up to the officials in pope county. AT THIS POINT ááá WE DON’T KNOW WHAT CASINO COMPANY WILL ULTIMATELY WIN.. BUT IT’S MORE THAN A GAME OR ROLL OF THE DICE FOR THE RACING COMMISSION. I think we need to slow down and not make a quick decision ((STEPHANIE)) THERE HAS BEEN A SECOND LAWSUIT FILED. THIS IS FROM THE GROUP THAT OPPOSED A CASINO IN POPE COUNTY AGAINST THE QUORUM COURT. WITH MULTIPLE LAWSUITS FILED áá IT’S UNKNOWN HOW LONG THIS ENTIRE PROCESS WILL LAST. ((ASHLEY)) NASCAR LEGEND DALE EARNHARDT JUNIOR áá HAS BEEN

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