(Poker Vlog) Day 2 of the $5,000 Buy-In Live Cage Event in Costa Rica!

I’m scared attacked I know I mean they
played a lot of not an element let’s go
on a tour of the Americas card room
offices and a tour of their future
there’s lounge represents bill bill Pete
bill bill I had to go fire the big 50
like any other crazy human so my going
to Vegas for quite literally finding out
the babies for the big 50 right because
he said he said I’m better than the
other 24 thousand players in the
tournament’s yes
nineteen players returned for day two of
the live cage sitting on just under
thirty two hundred dollars blinds are 40
80 with a say fifty dollar button big
blind ante my tables for handed first
break nineteen players remain so it’s
going to be some action very first hand
under the gun that makes it 175 I’m next
to act on the button with nine ten of
I could flat or could three but both are
reasonable but with a short handedness
and big blinds and the button like a
small three bet is better to force out
the blinds maybe take it down free or
maintain range advantage and bluff at
ace and King high flops make it 450 the
blinds fold and under the gun calls the
flop comes Jack eight deuce to clubs one
Dimond pretty damn good flop from my
hand I’m also pretty good for my
opponents range for their flatting range
so I think we could bat or check he
checks to us and I think I’m gonna go
with option B bet I bet five fifty and
he shoves all in having us covered not a
great spot at all not a good idea to
call it off with 10 high with no overs
to the board would be getting it in
pretty bad getting a decent price to
gamble but in the long run I think this
is a losing call against even king-high
flush draw Taipans Jack acts we’re a big
dog so we lay it down and really regret
our decision there the very next hand I
have ace 10 off suit under the gun for
handed so we open to 175 action folds to
Asian male in the small blind who makes
it 650 alright another tough spot what
do we do here
big blind folds and good call good
jammed we have fold equity three xìng
eventually I just put in the fold do I
want to put him a whole stack with ace
10 here maybe it’s right maybe it’s
wrong I don’t really know and the table
immediately breaks we played two hands I
lose two hands and we now have under
2000 chips in hindsight I wish I would
have checked back the ten nine suited it
turns out my opponent head 10 9 of clubs
I also regret not 4 but shoving the ace
10 4 handed versus a wide small blind 3
bet range I get to the new table Ryan de
Paul is on my left tom connealy is
across from me six handed much better 18
players remain and we win no pots pretty
much by folding we defended the big
blind a few times and with the flop and
we now have about 1000 chips action
folds to the small blind who puts in the
limp I looked down at Jack for offsuit I
don’t think there’s much merit and
raising here so I checked behind flop
comes Jack 7 deuce rainbow
alright we got top hair and he bets
$80.00 the minimum I think about raising
here for protection definitely think we
have the best hand the majority of the
time but we got position and we can play
various run outs the plan is just call
down if he wants to barrel it off so I
put in the call the turn is a three-way
tie off top pair worst kicker any bets
all right standard size up sizing on the
turn he could be barreling with various
straight draws
maybe a 7ex type of hand I put in a call
and the river isn’t 8 so 9 10 gets there
a small possibility he has tons of chips
and he shoves all in I have about 750
behind it’s a pot size bet and we’re
getting put to the test we don’t beat
much I don’t think he’s shoving an 8 for
value or 7 for value and there’s not
many missed draws very frustrating spot
if I fold I’ll have just under 10 blinds
to work with but we have top pair I call
twice and the board didn’t change too
much and fold now this is the quandary
our tournament cash game the cage life
is on the line
Ryan de pollo provided the video I call
oh he was trapping with pocket queens
nice run out and we’re out of the easier
$5,000 live cage
alright sorry dude
thanks man I’ll see you later a lot of
effort a lot of time zero reward 24
hours before my flight time to find
something to do
time to get a massage let’s heal that
pain it’s 2:30 in the afternoon and all
the massage girls are done for the day
when will the pain end
we’re in the losers lounge
yeah you took $3,000 for me no I did I
already got mine I got you on 905 18000
coach oh no boy no towel the ladies
alright so playing cash for a bit
I finally figured I see that chip
stacking is that of a like that’s scary
when I see someone second I know they
play a lot do they know how high I can
stack without it falling over I’m not
that good at I’m scared I have like my
girlfriend stressing me out so
like a roach big blood
Lamia good one I know I’ve kings I gotta
go judge the judge the Polsky chip cock
that’s cheating you’re great as a minute
– no I her fee – the balls – you did all
a little Jody
now we do marenkov no we trenchers wait
you never use their yeah no like chips
alright so the day total aside from
losing the greatest opportunity of our
lives to get a lot of chips we broke
we lost 103 enemies and in slots then we
won back 100 in the cash game raped on
the Vic raped on the exchange rate
I was tipping away too much but we got
GTO brownies and we outplayed our table
brawl no speak they wants being English
at the table though they were breaking
that rule a lot I don’t know what to get
near that mouse
eita paçoca Charlie Charlie at this
point I realized that my connecting
flight is in Panama which is the exact
opposite direction of Las Vegas so I’m
in for a seven-hour non-stop flight next
I’ve made it to Panama that’s right I’ve
always wanted to visit Panama here we
are at the airport
nice connecting flight seven hour
non-stop ahead of us should be fun
Panama home of the Panama Canal bananas
and a bunch of people that don’t look
like me here we are


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