(Poker Vlog) California Poker ACTION!

at the airport and I go to TSA
PreCheck give him my ID forwarding info
and she says sorry you got to go in the
normal line I asked her why and she said
you don’t have TSA PreCheck this time
apparently you randomly get it or
randomly don’t get it
there is no random I have TSA PreCheck
either have it or you don’t
Thanks TSA let’s go to Sacramento this
bacon and egg burrito from 360 burrito
gets the score of 8 out of 10
hour-and-a-half flight everyone was
silent except for two 50-year old
Caucasian females behind me some real
housewives of a Sacramento that wouldn’t
stop talking go to put on my Bose
headphones hook it up to my phone and I
forgot the dongle no dongle Max Payne
non-stop Chatty Cathy’s let’s hope I can
get some sleep you get in this main
all right that we get to stones
at 3:30 late reg till 4:30 so we got an
hour to build a stack possibly reenter
25,000 starting stack blinds are 600
1200 we sit down at a table that looks
pretty soft sit back and enjoy some
action observe our opponents and we
don’t get any hands I mean nothing 9 4
off Queen 3 off so we’re just folding
getting blinded out while other people
are playing pots having a good time
not a good time for me but that’s okay
we’ll get them we’ll find a good spot
we’ll get a premium nice little squeeze
spot or open jam spot
the duck tacos and caramel pudding PO
Fiat eight out of ten ratings the very
last hand before break and reentry’s
over I’m in the big blind at twelve
hundred fourteen thousand in my stack
action folds to see three who’s pretty
spew II he snap shoves twenty four
thousand everybody folds and actions on
me I looked down at East eight of Spades
definitely not my favorite hand I take
my time and eventually I put in the call
he shows pocket deuces we’re flipping
it’s time to win a hand the flop comes
queen nine deuce two spades the turn is
a brick and the river and we are out six
hundred dollars now I have to
contemplate if I’m going to re-enter if
I was to reenter I’d come in with
fifteen blinds I am here two more days
at least so day one C of the main event
is tomorrow
so I can just come in with a big stack
relative to the blinds get a lot more
play for my six hundred dollars so let’s
just hopping some cash games will focus
on the turnover tomorrow just wasn’t our
chips on 10 might be on a live stream
tonight little 5 5 half PLO half no
limit with Chris Moneymaker don’t have
all the details but check out the stones
live poker twitch stream
all right so in this one three No Limit
game in for 500 haven’t won a hand still
a couple limbers in late position I’m on
the button with three four of hearts so
probably a good time to use my image and
position to try to win a pot pre or post
flop I make it $20
Caucasian male age 60 to 65 flats the
small blind and the Overland per calls
over Lim pers lost to huge pots already
the flop comes king/queen ten two hearts
we got a flush draw and four hi small
blind 65 year-old Caucasian male leads
out for 15 loose player on my right flat
calls we got the range advantage unless
they have specifically jack 9 or East
Jack they’re gonna fold to my rear A’s I
make it $80 to go old man a small blind
accounts out some chips and makes it 160
just over a click back what the hell’s
going on here other guy folds we have a
four high flush draw he’s saying he’s
got a straight we’re getting direct odds
to see another card I don’t like it but
we put in the $80 let’s win a damn pot
the turn is a red card it’s the six of
diamonds any shoves all in
you’ll be on a draw
we have about 280 behind and we fold
really butchered that one yeah yeah
gotta turn some things around let’s
refocus and getting a better mindset
cut-off raises the minimum to six
dollars the button flat calls as does
the small blind
we have ace jack of spades in the big
blind great squeeze spot let’s make it
$30 to go original RAZR clearly weak
puts in the fold guy on the button wants
to see a flop so he puts in the
additional $24 and the tilting guy in
the small blind eventually calls there
were three ways to a flop almost $100 in
there the flop comes eight eight three
two spades great flop for us we got the
flush draw and a lot of our hands are
gonna miss this board I think it’s a
good time to put in a seabed of right
around half pot we could have no repair
but we haven’t put it back what are you
worth with our flush draw I bet $45
Ashton Falls to the guy on the button
he thinks better of it and folds loose
player in the small blind goes into the
tank and puts in the call let’s see a
spade a sore jack on the turn dealer the
turn is an off suit five and the guy in
the small blind gives me a little look
and starts to line up a bet he’s betting
how to flow that’s very disrespectful is
he gonna do it is he gonna bet into me
I’m rapping at an overpair he bets into
me $75 so he either has an 8 a mid pair
or worse flush draw against this range I
just can’t ever fold so hopefully we
just hit a spade on the river or he
gives up with his flush draws and we
take you down with ace high put in the
call the river is a deuce of Hearts a
complete brick and it’s decision time is
he gonna barrel with a Miss flush draw
or is he gonna go for value with 8x he
does go for value
and I don’t think there’s much decision
there isn’t too many flush draw combos
still remaining maybe King Queen of
Spades King 10 of spades things like
that that don’t have really any showdown
value but for this size and it looks
like he’s just milking us he wants us to
get a call when he has his brand of a
tax trash hand that he should have full
of dream flop again and he takes down
the pot we still have not won a pot at
this table all right
so Bennett stones for three or four
hours we lost $600 in the tournament and
I lost five hundred and twelve dollars
in the one three game so of course the
best thing to do is hop in a 5/5 pop up
of a pot limit Omaha No Limit half and a
half game with Chris Moneymaker and some
guy named Mike Postel that everybody
tells me to avoid yes I’m gonna buy in
for a thousand and try to win all the
chips commentary by poker mama and
special guest appearance by mr. Burton
they can’t see me
this isn’t this lighting as in black
people friendly


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