Poker Terminology: The Short Stack – A Tell

The Short Stack. The Short Stack is the player
at the table with the least number of chips
at the table. He’s the one that everyone’s
normally looking at thinking, “We’re gonna
try and eliminate him, we’ll put him under
pressure.” When a Short Stack is put All In,
sometimes he won’t have enough money to cover
the other players bets. That doesn’t matter,
he can still push all his chips and be allowed
to bet just that amount. The Short Stack,
sometimes they get put under pressure, sometimes
people will bet against the Short Stack when
they shouldn’t .So it’s not always the worst
position to be in. You can quite often double
through your chips when you’re the Short Stack
because people will try and get you at the
Side Pots are when one or more of the players
in the hand, hasn’t got enough to cover the
entire bet. They go All In with the chips
they’ve got, as an excess, that the other
players at the table are playing for that
they haven’t been funded enough to play in
the hand. That’s called a Side Pot. When one
player hasn’t got quite enough chips to play
the entire Pot, the remainder is played by
the other players, in what’s called a Side
Pot, which they play separately against themselves,
rather than with the player who is All In.
The most skilful players in live play look
for things like a Tell. A Tell is sometimes
a little scratch of the nose, sometimes it’s a
nervous little twitter, sometimes it’s playing
with their chips. It’s when a player kind
of lets you know what’s going on. Now highly
skilled players can spot what’s called a Tell
in other players. In fact, the craftiest players
will throw a Tell out there that’s a Bluff.
So Tells can work for you and Tell against
you. Are you good at spotting them? I don’t
know, I can’t. The Tell.

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