Poker Terminology: The Acton – A Back Door

Hi, I’m Martin from I’m gonna
run you through lots of terminology and lots
of knowledge about the game of Poker.
Action. Action refers to the amount of play
in a game. You can have lots of Action when
there’s lots of people betting in the hand, you can have a low Action hand when everyone’s
checking and moving it around. “The Action
on you”, means you’re the next person to act
in the hand. It’s up to you next to decide
what you’re gonna do.
An All In. An All In is when a player decides
to go for broke, to put all his chips in the
middle and to try and double up his entire
chip stack. We can see an example at the table
here, you’ve got a Small Blind a Big Blind,
a Call. The player here, looks at his cards,
got a lovely hand, there’s the line, put all
your chips over the line, All In, all your
chips in. If you get a Call, you’ve got the
chance to double up. Very risky, a lot of
players call All In’s when they’re bluffing,
a lot of players only call All In’s when they
think they can’t be beaten. It’s taking a
chance, it’s a good chance though to double
your stack by going All In.
A Backdoor is when you get a little bit lucky.
You catch the last two cards perfectly to
complete a Straight, or in this particular
example we’re giving here, a Flush. You can
see the player here, he’s got 2 clubs, first
three cards only included one club. By having
a Back Door there, the Turn Card and the River
Card, both Diamonds, was a long shot but it’s
worked out for him. It’s a Back Door, the
last two cards have worked in his favour and
he’s completed the five cards to the Diamonds
to complete the Flush there. You could do
the same thing when you’re going for a Straight
for instance, by getting the two matching
cars that you needed on the Turn and the River,
the fourth and fifth cards. That’s a Back Door.

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