Poker Terminology: A Loose Player – An Out

Loose. A Loose player is somebody who tends
to play a lot of hands, who tends to Raise
a lot, tends to get involved in every pot.
You can never be sure if a Loose player is
bluffing or if they have a big hand. If a
Loose player plays every hand generally though,
they are running into somebody with a really
big hand who will take them down; Loose players.
They can win or lose a lot of money very very
In the Muck. That means when you decide to
discard your hand, throw it away and surrender
in the hand. I’ll show you how to Muck a hand.
The Dealer here, Small Blind has placed his
chip here, the Big Blind behind. He’s Raised
and he’s bet another hundred. This player
here has looked at his cards, he’s gone “Oh
dear, I haven’t got very much here, I don’t
wanna play.” What they do, they throw their
cards into the middle into the Muck, they’re
out of the hand. In this case, they’ve Mucked
their cards without even spending a Dime,
a Penny, a Cent in the hand. A Muck is when
you throw your hand in and give up.
An Out. An Out is your chance to catch up,
catch up on the last card in the hand. Let’s
see if there’s any Outs for the players here.
Let’s have a look at our two hands, player
here with the Ace-Jack, he’s got a Pair already,
he’s in the lead. The player looking for Outs
is the player here with the Ace and the King.
What are his Outs then? Let’s work them out.
If the last card was an Ace, he’d have a pair
of Aces, he’d win. If the last card was a
King, he’d have a pair of Kings, he’d beat
the pair of Jacks. One more potential win
over him actually is the Queen as well. We’d
have 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace, a Straight.
So the player in this scenario’s got a few
Outs. He’s got three different Outs, three
ways of catching up at the last minute. The
more Outs you have, the more chance you’ve
got in the hand. If you can work out you’ve
got lots of Outs, maybe it’s a better idea
to stay in the hand. If you’ve got very few
Outs, maybe the wisest manoeuvre would be
to give up the hand, throw it in the Muck
and of course in this occasion, the Ace comes,
the Out has come in, they’ve caught up, it’s
been a lucky catch on the River. That’s an Out.

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