Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 35 | California Cooler

– [Announcer] From
Thunder Valley Resort
in Lincoln, California, this
is Poker Night in America.
(big band music)
– Hello, and welcome to
Poker Night in America,
I’m Chris Hanson,
this guy is the pride
of Southern Tennessee,
he’s Joe Stapleton,
and Stapes, time for day
three here at Thunder Valley.
– Is it just me or
does Thunder Valley
sound like the name of a
roller coaster at Disneyland.
– Thunder Valley.
To me it sounds more
like a Garth Brooks song.
How ’bout we split
the difference
and call it a
fansastical NASCAR track
where all the drivers are
anthropomorphic bears.
– Or how about we
call it a place
where poker pros and
Silicon Valley tycoons
play some of the sickest hands
of cash game poker
you’ve ever seen.
– Whatever.
– [Chris] Here’s
the starting lineup
for today in Thunder
Valley, welcome to JC Tran
making his very first Poker
Night in America appearance.
– [Joe] Is that guy’s
name really Bonsack?
I’m allowed to say that,
like as much as I want?
Bonsack, Bonsack,
Bonsack, Bonsack.
– [Chris] You can
say it all you want.
– [Joe] That is
awesome, Mark Bonsack.
– [Chris] Welcome back to
Poker Night in America, Mark.
I actually know exactly what
you mean too
– The first few shows I watched
of Poker Night in America,
– [Joe] I love when
Phil’s in producer mode.
but the last year we’ve done
really good I feel like.
ú- At the beginning we had
like, it was nine-handed
and it was a bunch of alphas,
I mean it was all
like supreme talkers.
Oh wow! We’re getting started
some high notes tonight.
Bonsack raises with ace ten
Bowmans got pocket tens.
and then you got David Baker
with aces.
– That was still almost
the hand of the day,
did you see that one JC?
We were playing, yesterday,
third hand of the day,
straddle, double,
triple for 400,
and Chamoth had the, and
then David made is 1250,
and it got to Chamoth,
called but you could see
him hesitate a little bit,
like he had something,
and then David Baker said,
“I bet 1250 no matter
what the flop is.”
And Chamoth said “I’m all in
no matter what the flop is.”
And then he made a big
speech of only folding
if it comes exactly
– I had two nines.
– [Man] What did it come?
– Jack-Five-duce.
Chamoth had ace ten
An Ace or a 10, might call.
Turned a King and
like 20K, like that.
That’s a baller move though
to move all-in the dark,
’cause if it comes King-Queen.
– I might fold King-Queen.
He might get me.
– I mean, the timing
was sorta right.
– I mean I thought
about that a lot,
I really like this play,
because he’s getting paid off.
I think if any random
ace comes, he calls.
– I think it’s tough for, it’s
really tough for him to call
a lot of flops, actually,
one over at the most.
– How did you do in
the Chinese yesterday?
– I lost 8,000.
But that’s a small,
that’s 40 points at 200.
We’ve already had
sessions this year
where one of us has lost 60
or 70 or 80 or 90 thousand.
That is some expensive Chinese,
that is like P.F.
Chang’s expensive.
– [Man] I’ve never ordered
Chinese by points, I don’t know.
– Well what happens,
we’ll go to 200 a point,
then 400 a point, then 800,
so things get out of control.
By the way I can’t
afford to play that high.
– Just think, if
you lose 500 points
at 800 a point, it’s 400K.
– He might have a
little bit more money,
even he might have a
little bit more money
than the entire poker community.
– Everybody combined?
– It may be possible.
– [Chris] Bowman calls.
– I’m all in, 4200.
– so sick.
– [Joe] This is the
time for a soul read,
and then possible a soul fold,
and then maybe a shower
followed up by some Soul Glo.
– It’s too early now.
– [Joe] Nice fold.
– Do I have to show?
– Is this a show?
– I think it’s a show pot.
– You sure you wanna see?
– [Joe] He’s the only player
who doesn’t wanna
see what it is.
Pat yourself on the back,
my friend, you earned it.
– Have a nice article in
Golf Digest coming up,
I did a photo shoot where
I stood on the table
and they put stacks of chips,
20 stacks of chips 30 high,
and they said
‘Phil, we want you to hit
a wedge through them.’
This was on Tuesday.
And I was worried
about hurting my wrist,
and the first swing I just went
and I went through ’em all.
So I did that like
five or six times,
seven iron, sand wedge,
it was the coolest photo
shoot I’ve ever been in.
– Steel shaft?
– I tried not to use my clubs.
They wanted to bring
my clubs and I’m like
you want me to hit through
all that stuff with my clubs?
– [Joe] We’re missing a
major cooler this time
and it’s Bowman who got David.
There’s a chance he could get
his money back and then some.
This hand is much
harder to get away from
than Bowman’s 10s were before.
Baker has raised
the raise, ruh roh.
– [Chris] We’re now at
2450 back to Bowman.
– I raise 1000 more.
– [Joe] With Bowman’s stack he
could probably move in here,
but if you do you’re
running the risk
of taking away your
opponent’s ability
to continue to bluff if he
is bluffing, which he’s not.
Either way, anything but
folding looks awfully strong.
– [Chris] Alright we’re at
5900 as we go to the turn.
Ace of Spades, now Baker
picks up the nut flush draw.
And there are lots more
chances for chopportunity now.
One quarter of the time
they will chop at showdown.
Both players check,
and the river is
the Queen of Spades,
so Baker now has
got the nut flush.
– [Chris] And Bowman
loves his hand so much
he’s just puttin’ out
a tiny little bet,
he has no idea he’s
just been rivered.
Now does David know enough
in this hand to raise,
that’s the question.
He has the nut flush,
but it’s not the nuts.
Lots of full houses out there.
David probably wondering
if Bowman would pay off
with just a king and
it turns out he would.
– [Chris] There’s somebody
looking for the
rewind button today
and it’s definitely Mr. Bowman.
– [Joe] David Baker’s
gonna be looking
for the replay button.
Boy, Keith Bowman’s really
takin’ it on the chin.
– Well he’s saved
by the bell for now,
let’s see if he
can compose himself
and win back some of that
money when we come back.
– [Announcer] Get ready to win,
by downloading
Insta Poker Coach,
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– Wanna do a round of limps?
limp dark?
– Just a round of antes.
– A round of aunties, how
about a round of uncles,
hashtag everyday sexism.
– [Chris] JC Tran is straddling,
he’s an absolute
tournament legend,
but I haven’t seen much
of him in cash games.
I assume he’s no slouch.
– Did you look yet?
Did you look yet?
– I peeked, I didn’t
look real serious.
– [Chris] Tran’s got Ace-Queen
vs. Bowman’s Ace-Jack,
I mean,
Bowman just can’t get out
of anyone’s way here today.
Especially his own.
– [Joe] Been a rough day so far,
it is not looking like
it’s gonna get much better
after this flop.
– You’re like 4000ish left?
– Yeah about that.
So the best hand gets besterer.
Keith Bowman’s also
picked up a draw.
No help for Bowman, man
this is the kind of day
that can make you
want to quit poker.
– All in.
– Oh, goodness.
How do I get these hands.
– [Joe] Yeah, you said it
pal, this guy is running bad.
He is running worse than
a PC full of spyware.
Can he save himself
$2500 at the end?
Yes he can.
– Was that 5000?
– There’s no, there’s
not 5K in there.
’cause we didn’t count
it with him earlier.
– It was over 7K?
– I’ll let you pick one.
– You said it’s not 5K.
– Oh wow it is, no it’s not,
this is 2500 right here.
We’ll find out.
– [Phil] We just take your word
or should we count the pot?
– Wow.
I got it.
– [Joe] Just show
the hand there we go.
– [Chris] David Baker
in the seven seat,
taking advantage
of the straddle.
Pocket sixes for Mark Bonsack.
– [Joe] For who? Is there
a guy sitting there?
I just see trees.
– I like Omaha 8 in the mix
but I don’t like it,
when I’m playing with
all you O8 professionals
I don’t do that well
but when I’m playing
with draw game people
I think I’m pretty good
at O8 compared to
draw game players,
but compared to O8
players I’m average.
– [Chris] From the
straddle, David Baker calls.
– [Joe] Oh this is lookin’
like an awfully good flop
for crackin’ 10s,
especially since sixes
have already done it.
– I play so much Omaha
high to where I hate O8.
– [Joe] Look at that,
JC insta-mucks the 10s.
Baker’s behind but
has got lots of outs.
That nine being one of them.
Oh my god David Baker
you’re running like Prefontaine
and Forrest Gump had a baby.
Bet and a call, ship another
big pot to David Baker.
– Play it on the flop,
Mark, play it on the flop.
– [Joe] Right in the Bonsack.
– Yeah that was dirty.
– [Joe] How does
one guy run so good,
he’s running like the greased-up
deaf guy from Family Guy.
It is eerily quiet with
Phil Hellmuth’s seat open.
– Weren’t we doing
a limp round too?
When’s that comin’?
– [Man] I don’t know,
let’s get a big pot
goin’ here, though.
– We could do a limp round.
– Alright, 300.
– [Chris] Welcome to
the game Bart Hansen,
Ace-Jack of Hearts,
raises to 300.
– [Joe] And Baker’s in
with Queens, come on.
– Huh, lemme think.
– They think these
blinds are easy.
– They’re never getting
these blinds, ever.
– [Joe] JC Tran, you
are our only hope
against the evil David Baker.
– Did you check?
– [Joe] Up and
down draw for Tran.
– [Chris] Tran bet 625.
– That is for you.
From Keith for the table.
– [Joe] What’s Bart
getting up to here?
Guess he’s got a wheel draw.
– [Chris] But it’s
not a wheel good one.
– [Joe] Okay, let’s
leave the jokes to me.
– We got something going on now.
– We lost one.
– [Man] Put that in your box.
– [Joe] Put that in
your box? That’s rude.
– [Chris] Well Hanson picks up
the nut flush draw on the turn.
– [Joe] Yeah I guess his
plan was to go runner-runner
if he didn’t make the wheel?
– [Chris] Tran continues
to bet his draw.
– [Joe] Let’s hope
that’s his plan.
Because makin’ a move
here ain’t gonna work.
– [Chris] If you’re
David Baker right now
you know you’re up
against at least one draw,
if probably not two.
– [Joe] Absolutely,
but you cannot fold.
And they’re closing
in on another 10K pot
as the three peels
off on the river,
JC Tran makes his straight.
– [Chris] Oh and that
is a sneaky looking
straight to make as well.
– [Joe] Bart’s also
got a straight, but
it ain’t the winner.
– [Chris] Forty-seven
hundred is the bet.
– [Joe] Finally somebody has
run down old dirty Baker.
Bart’s actually in a much
tougher spot than David,
think it’s a pretty easy
fold when it gets to him.
Bart’s gotta worried
about JC and David,
and he’s got a straight.
Good fold Bart.
– Fold.
– Gotta show it right?
– Oh you gotta show it, yeah.
– [Joe] Someone finally
dethrones Baker.
Just like a dude named
JC to pull off a miracle.
– I folded the ace,
I had the nut flush
draw too on the turn.
– [Chris] We’ve got more
Poker Night in America
from Thunder Valley in
Sacramento, California
when we return.
Hey you know what?
I’ve gotta redeem myself
From that field goal experience
Cause that was the most
pathetic thing.
I have ever seen.
– Welcome back to
Poker Night in America
where there is lots more
action from Thunder Valley.
– (echoing) Valley,
valley, valley.
– It’s worth getting
that 15 minutes berating,
because I did get
that instantaneous,
two second, congrats, nice call.
– Buddy you are pretty,
you’re a pretty defensive guy.
– No, I liked that I
got the compliment.
I like the compliment at first.
– You got a little defensive,
you said “I’m not easy to be,”
and all the stuff like
that, it’s defensiveness.
Folks at home, you can rewind.
– [Phil] So I don’t
know what that means.
I said, it was worth it,
for the compliment
when I made the call.
– This is going to make, all
this will make the show anyway,
it’s good stuff.
– I like the
compliment you gave me
when you said ‘nice call.’
– [Man] Yeah but then there
was more after that, though.
– [Phil] I don’t
mind the afterwards,
at least I got the
initial ‘good call.’
I got the compliment.
– If you call that berating,
I mean have you ever
played with me before?
– [Joe] Oh man, Bonsack is
drawing dead on this flop.
Worst card ever, Chris Hansen.
Well now Bonsack, he thinks oh
yeah, Broadway, all day long.
– [Chris] Yeah see those
three diamonds out there?
We got bad news about
those three diamonds.
There’s two other
ones to go with it.
– [Joe] Bonsack raises it 1200
and general I don’t hate it,
it’s hard to put your
opponent on a flop flush,
make ’em pay to see
that last diamond.
– You got me
alleging I’m on tilt.
– [Phil] I don’t
think you’re on tilt.
– I haven’t played one pot
since, threw away an ace.
– I don’t have to gamble.
– You play tilt like
Ivy plays tilt,
Ivy just tilt folds.
– [Joe] JC one last chance
to value bet…. call.
– This is how brutal
I’m running right now.
– [Joe] Not as bad as
the three deer he shot
on the way to the bathroom.
– [Chris] They didn’t
even see it coming.
– [Joe] I do feel
for him though,
that’s a pretty tough loss.
– Aw, Philly straddle.
– [Chris] Aces for David Baker.
– I get accused of not
playing enough hands.
– [Joe] If anything, you
need to play fewer hands.
Including Kings, apparently.
– Did they text you that?
– Todd himself, says hey,
play hands or you’re out.
– [Joe] Woah, where’d
this guy come from.
– We’re just gonna
do it, aren’t we.
– I don’t know,
it’s your choice.
I mean, I’ll make a choice
after you make a choice.
– [Chris] It’s either
a call or an all-in,
that’s what’s going on here.
– Alright, I’m all-in.
– [Joe] There’s the all-in.
– The baker, he’s
a very tricky cat.
– Uh, run it 12 times?
I was wondering
what the odds were
that you had those again.
– What was I tryin’ to bust ’em
with the Jack-nine of Hearts.
– [Joe] That is just so unlucky.
– [Chris] Twenty-two
thousand dollar pot.
– It’s only a King
that’ll save you, Bonsack.
– Nice hand, David.
– [Joe] Just two
of ’em in the deck.
– Back after dinner.
– [Joe] Not it.
Mark we’ll see you after dinner.
What’s for dinner?
Venison, I hope.
Mark Bonsack now
just actual sack.
– [Baker] Thank you sir,
you had the Jack-nine?
– Yeah, I had
Jack-nine of hearts.
I would’a lost.
Alright Mark.
– Yeah I’ll come back after
dinner, we’re all good.
– If it makes you feel any
better I’m actually scared.
– I feel it.
– You should.
– I wanna beat you so bad I just
want to throw the 1025 in
there and see what happens on
the turn, you know?
It’s probably not the proper way
to do things.
– When I went away to college my
parents actually named their
new dog Skippy after me.
So I pretty much had the same
name as the dog for awhile.
– Get ready to win, by
downloading Insta Poker Coach,
the number one Texas
Hold’em training app
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Play, and learn from the pros.
– [Chris] As we pause, day
three here at Thunder Valley,
David Baker doin’ work.
– [Joe] Baker Baker
chicken maker.
I’m gonna work on that one.
Okay we’ll see you next time.
Man, David Baker is running
like Arnold Schwarzenegger
in that movie, where he
was doin’ all the running?
– Wasn’t that, uh, Running Man?
– No, Jingle All the Way, that’s
the one I was thinking of.
– Well let’s see if ODB
can keep jingling all
the way to the bank
as next time we will conclude
day three at Thunder Valley.
For more from Poker Night
or find us on Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch,
for up-to-date
information, full episodes
and unedited live streams.
For Joe Stapleton,
I’m Chris Hanson,
and for everyone at
Poker Night in America,
thanks for watching.
– Right now I’m on the
potato chip theory.
– You’re a potato chip, David.
– I’ve been called worse.
– Eating a potato chip
analogous to calling
Phil on the river,
he ate a chip and he won, so
now he’s gonna want more chips.
And I wanna show
him more chips too.


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