Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 30 | Attack Of The Yinzers

– From the Rivers property
in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
this is Poker Night in America.
(bouncy jazz music)
(chips clattering)
Welcome to Poker
Night in America.
I’m Chris Hanson, and this guy
is the pride of central Idaho.
He is Joe Stapleton,
and Stape’s, we’re
wrapping up day three
here at Rivers in Pittsburgh.
– You know and I was just
starting like this place.
I’m kidding!
We’re in the basement
of bar in Fargo.
And speaking of murder,
coming up tonight,
Jen Tilly continues a rare
non-Chucky related bloodbath.
– You are one lucky bastard.
– Put the kids to bed.
Let’s go.
As we get started tonight,
David Baker, ODB,
is up 17 thousand.
He’s rollin’ right.
– [Joe] And I guess whoever
it is he took it from
has left the table,
because no one is even
down remotely that much.
– [Jennifer T] In his mind,
forget that he had that money.
– [Jason] Shame.
– I always love that
when I stuff things away,
and then I’m like
putting on some boots
that I haven’t
worn for two years
and, you know, a hundred
thousand dollars falls out.
(laughs) I’m kidding.
– [Joe] Yeah, I
don’t know about you,
but I’ve never found a
hundred thousand dollars
in my house by accident.
I only ever find
expired gift cards
that I was saving
for a rainy day,
and then place eventually
went outta business.
I’m talkin’ to you, Bennigans!
– I’m gonna raise you,
because I like raising.
So I’ll make it a nine.
– I’m gonna call you
– She’s like,
if Cletus doesn’t raise
– Because I like to call.
– then I’m gonna raise for him.
– [Jennifer T] Okay!
I’m going to bet blind.
I’m gonna bet, uh, 13 blind.
– (laughing) Love it.
– [Dan] This is fun
table right here
– Flops King high,
so that hits Baker.
– [Joe] And the bottom
pair hits Tilly.
– [Jennifer H] Cletus, you
have a little tape here, look.
– Is this where I’m
– That’s where you’re
– supposed to be centered?
– you’re supposed to be.
– [Chris] And another
King on the turn.
– [Joe] That means
Jennifer is drawing
deader than her favorite
on-screen husband, Chucky.
– [Chris] That’s not
stopping her from betting.
Look at this.
– [Joe] I can’t believe
when I was a kid,
I used to check behind
the shower curtain
for Chucky every time I’d pee,
and now as an adult,
I still do it.
(poker chips clattering)
– [Chris] Tilly
will hit the brakes,
and ODB’s wondering
how much more money
he can get out of her.
– [Joe] Don’t think
he’s expecting her
to be as weak as bottom pair.
– Do you have a king again,
because that would
be really rude.
– [Joe] Yas, queen.
– Okay, only thing I can’t
beat is a pocket pair.
– [Joe] She also
can’t beat a king,
she can’t beat a missed
flush with a king of clubs.
– You…
– Can I look and tell her?
– have Matt Glantz’s.
– (chuckling) No!
– Lucky ass
action that you’re sitting on.
– [David] Because
you’ll her the truth,
and I don’t want her
to know the truth.
– [Joe] And she cannot beat
somebody trying to outplay her
with pocket threes or better.
– I feel like you
have pocket sixes.
– But can you beat pocket sixes?
– No I cannot, ass (bleep).
– This is Jennifer’s
gang up on David day.
– [Chris] And Tilly will fold.
– So sad.
– [Jason] He one hundred
percent has the King.
– [Joe] I wanna say good fold,
but it kinda more standard
than a ’71 Dodge Dart.
– [Jennifer T] You
are one lucky bastard.
Oh my God, I’m so
– We’re gonna see it,
we’re gonna see
it, he had kings.
– Correct!
– You think?
– If you get up, I’m
taking that seat.
– [Jason] You had
him killed pre-flop,
and then he smashed it.
– How could I have her killed?
She had deuces.
– I did not have a deuce.
– She had like ace queen.
– Three?
She had like ace
queen (mumbles).
– No, she said she had a pair.
– [Chris] I love getting
the local players involved
on Poker Night in America.
It’s such a fun dynamic.
– Yeah,
– I woulda called
you, obviously.
– [Jason] She calls
you with a pair.
– [Chris] We always
do open casting calls
at every spot we do,
and so we never know
who could be
sitting at the table
with regular pros to visit us
on Poker Night in America.
– [Joe] The local
flavor, Nick Immekus,
straddling two hundred.
– This is really bad.
I coulda had that seat.
– Camera’s can confirm
the no look.
– But Phil complained, “I
don’t wanna sit there.”
Now I’ve got David
Baker to my left.
– [David] I missed
my blinds anyway,
so I shoulda
– Every time I
ended a pot
– came in on straddle.
– he’s gonna flat me.
– Right.
– [Jennifer T] Alright.
Okay, shove bird.
– I think if you were that
good at acting, you would have
become a Jennifer Tilly by now.
– [Jennifer T] I raise.
I make it 900.
– [Dealer] Nine
hundred straight.
– If you could act that well,
– I’m like the worst player
– that you would have
– ever, really.
– become an actress by now.
– [Jennifer T] And
I’m not saying that
to give you false security.
– I really am
– It would be fun
the worst player.
– to be, but.
– [Joe] The only
thing I like more
than Jennifer Tilly, by
the way, is Jennifer Tilty.
– I know.
– You don’t really have
– You got like 5,000.
– Trying to outplay me?
– [Jason] 5,000s a decent stack.
– [Joe] Tilty versus
the local flavor
in a three bet pot.
– [Jennifer T] I check.
– [Chris] And Jason Andrews
is in a bad, bad way.
Although they checked the flop,
and he gets a little
more hope on the turn.
– [Dan] I don’t even know
if that’s in the first 10
questions I ask
– I bet
– about your marital status.
– [Jennifer H]
Maybe it should be.
– [Chris] Tilly bets a thousand.
– What do you think?
– [Chris] Andrews calls.
– [Dan] Do you
think it should be?
Top five, top 10, or what?
When I first meet somebody,
the question, are you married?
– [Chris] Oh wow!
– [Joe] Wow!
– [Dan] List of first
questions that I ask ’em.
Is that top five?
– [Joe] Cletus, by the way,
trying to get some dating
advice from Jennifer Harmon.
– [Jennifer H] Well, if
they’re not wearing a ring.
– [Joe] She gives
great dating advice.
I know from experience.
Still single, though,
by the way, Jen.
Thanks for that.
– I didn’t like that turn,
didn’t like that river.
– [Joe] Tough fold for Jennifer.
– You have a boat?
– You don’t have a pair?
– [Joe] This guy’s
a Steelers fan, huh?
– I have a pair.
– [Joe] You don’t say.
They’re usually
much more svelte.
– I’ll have to call,
so the internet people
don’t make fun of me.
– [Jennifer H] Like,
where do you live?
Something like that.
– Threes?
– [Jennifer H] Maybe the
first question should be,
how old (mumbles)?
– I knew I didn’t
like that river.
So bad.
– [Dan] Shove birds.
– Did you have me
kicked to the river?
– No, I did not.
– [Joe] Yes, You Did.
– She had pocket fives.
– She had a worse ace.
Worse ace.
– I am so sad.
– Couldn’t have been worse ace.
– [Joe] Hard to have a
weaker kicker than ace deuce.
Come on, everybody, get
yours heads in the game.
– Sorry, Jen.
– No, that’s okay,
I could’ve folded.
I was gonna fold.
– You just don’t know how
the local flavor plays.
If you think Jason
Andrews got lucky there,
stick around for the
rest of the show.
This guy can not be stopped.
-This is a really good hand
for me so..
I’m gonna play it.
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Welcome back to
Rivers Pittsburgh
with Joe Stapleton.
I’m Chris Hanson.
– [Dan] I hope you get aces,
and I get some garbage.
Sorry, Jason.
– This is on the table.
I’m gonna find out
– I hope
you stack off.
– how much I lost.
– Me on the winning end,
because I offered it.
– [Jason] I’m just trying
to stack you, man. (laughs)
– Shove and stack, right?
Step one, shove,
step two, stack.
– [Chris] You ever feel
like things are just
really loud around you?
Like there’s so much going on?
That’s what I feel like
at this table tonight.
– [Jennifer T] I
can’t let you people
see the raw, naked
fear in my eyes.
– [Joe] Everyone’s having
so much fun, I love it.
– [Dan] A lot of fear
come out of them.
– [Jennifer T] I’m gonna call.
– [Jason] Wow, it’s a snap call.
– Yeah.
– Tons of fear.
– [Jennifer T] I’m
just calling fast,
’cause I’ve had caffeine,
not because I have
a fantastic hand.
– [Jason] You brought David.
– [David] I’m just calling,
’cause I have the button.
– [Nick] Dave is
a grown-ass man.
– And I’m running hot.
– And I think he chose
to bring himself.
– Look, we’re all
telling truth now.
– [David] I’m running hot.
– [Joe] Suited
connectors, small pairs.
Exactly the kinda hands people
snap-call with pre-flop.
– [Chris] 1,400 from Andrews.
And a call from ODB.
(chips clanging)
– [Joe] And Andrews
turns two pair.
In the words of Ernest
P. Worrell, “Ew.”
– [Chris] 2,600 and a call.
– [Joe] Almost
10k in the middle.
And David Baker rivers
the straight draw.
– [Joe] He’s facing another
large bet from Jason Andrews.
– Ah, Jason. (sighs)
Got anything?
– [Nick] Jason.
– [Chris] That’s 3,675 for
Baker if he wants to call.
– If I fold, are you just
gonna whip over a
bluff really fast?
– I’ll either show you or muck.
It’s your choice.
I mean, if you don’t wanna
see ’em, I won’t show you,
but if you wanna see
’em, I’ll show ya.
– [Joe] It would pretty heroey
to call with third pair.
– I don’t think you
can beat ace high.
What are you trying
to call with?
– [Chris] But if he calls,
and this hand is shown down,
he is not gonna
like what he sees.
– You gonna call
me with king high?
Get your name in the paper?
– [Jennifer T] Get
your name in the paper?
– Wanna see it or not?
– [Chris] Nice laid down.
– Show it.
– Yes, yes.
He wants to see it.
– Yeah.
– I had two pair.
– [Jennifer T] You had two pair?
– Nice hand.
– [Jennifer T] Oh, no.
– Shove.
– I think the six was good,
so you know.
– Jason.
– Was the six?
– [Jennifer T] How
it works around here,
you only show your cards
if it makes the other
person feel like (bleep).
– [ David] Nice hand, Jason.
– [Jason] Thanks, man.
– [Joe] Only if it has a
chance of making them cry.
– I missed it, Nick.
– [Jennifer H] Came
right for your blind.
– [Nick] You missed it, bud.
– [Joe] Oh look, it
looks like Samwise Gamgee
is finally gonna
join the Fellowship.
Oh, and look at
that, he’s got kings.
Must be the bottom of his range.
– [Jason] How much?
– [Dealer] 475 total.
– [Jason] This is a
really good hand for me,
so I’m gonna play it.
– [Dealer] 475.
– [Joe] I was gonna
say, ace incoming,
but since we missed the flop,
I guess trip twos is the only
way kings get cracked here.
They have not been faring well
on Poker Night in
America recently.
– [Chris] Turn is a jack.
– [Joe] Alright, well, I
guess I’m finally ready
to take the side of
kings on this one.
Horter checks behind.
I think king’s got a bet there.
No, no, no.
Why do you do this to me?
– [Chris] Andrews checks
again, begging Horter to bet.
– [Joe] Clever girl.
– [Chris] Oh, and
he’s taking the bait.
– [Joe] Kings aren’t
losing to much here.
– [Chris] 1,475.
– [Joe] And there is the
raise from Jason Andrews.
This poor kid plays
like a nit all day
to get kings cracked
by ace deuce.
Smell ya later.
Ah, this is a good time.
Everyone’s lovin’ it.
Yeah, this is fun.
– Yup, there is a
– shove.
– [Jason] So the hand’s
been good for me.
– [Joe] That’s exactly what
you wanna hear, by the way,
when your kings get
cracked by ace deuce,
“Ah, this hand’s
been good for me.”
Go ahead and keep
the urine sample.
I’m outta here.
Smell ya…
– [Chris] Dave Eldridge
back at the table,
and taking up seat two.
– [Jason] Where do you live now?
– [Eldridge] I live in
Arizona, Tucson, Arizona.
– [Jason] Nice.
– [Joe] I once heard
Tucson, Arizona described
as nothing but garbage
and southwest mom art.
I don’t know if that’s
true, but it tickled me.
– [Nick] Shove nation
stacked this kid, and then.
– That nice young fella
to my left,
– I stacked, I stacked him.
– And now we’ve got Eldridge?
– I stacked him with ace deuce.
– [Jennifer T] Ace deuce.
– Swear to God, against kings.
I cracked kings.
– [Jennifer T] You have
to get a t-shirt made,
and that can be your
cards from now on.
– Alright.
– [Jennifer T] Ace
deuce, you’re lucky
you had it.
– It’s gotta be
some days.
– Immekus calls
the 300.
– [Jennifer T] God,
that could’ve been me.
– David Baker.
– Upsy-daisy
from David Baker
with queens to 1,500.
– [Jason] Baker likes to
put max pain on people, man.
– Max pain.
– [Joe] Max Payne, aka Mark
Wahlberg’s 11th worst movie,
which is oddly also
his 8th best movie.
– ‘Cause I know Dave
and Nick are gonna call.
We’re not afraid of those
$1,500 bets around here, buddy.
– It’s really humiliating.
I was back there trying to
put my eyelashes back on,
and I could hear Phil
and David Tuchman
talking about my play
in the ace two head.
Just like, anybody in the
world would fold here.
I’m like, I’m right here.
– [Jennifer H] Am I invisible?
– We just had 15 four-ways.
– We’ve got a big pot
brewing here, pre-flop.
6,100 bucks in the middle.
– [Joe] I don’t know why,
but I’ve got a real bad
feeling about queens here.
Oh, wouldn’t you know?
Jason Andrews can
do no wrong today.
– [Dan] Remember it was
three, three, and one?
Now it’s four to three.
– [Jennifer T] Yeah, four
– So this table’s
changing a lot, and I don’t
know yinz are ready for it.
– [Jennifer T] Yeah.
– Four yinzers.
– Four yinzers?
– Four yinzers.
– Yes.
– Is that what they call
you guys?
– Right.
– Yinzers.
– This guy is running hotter
than the buttered
atomic dust wings
at Big Shot Bob’s
House of Wings.
– Yinzers is
people from Pittsburgh.
– [Joe] Little Pittsburgh
reference for ya.
– Alright, Jason.
– [Jennifer T] Wow, big hand.
– The Baconator is
not laying down.
– [Joe] Baconator, I wish
I had thought of that.
Good one, Cletus.
– [Jennifer H] Ugh.
– [Joe] So many more reasons
for David to fold his queens
once that king peels off.
– [Chris] Wow, and
just look at Andrews
just pouring in the money.
And Baker just obliging him.
Look at this.
– [Joe] Has he not been
watching the hand, so far?
– [Chris] Don’t you know
this guy’s the best at poker
in all of Pittsburgh?
– [Joe] Okay, literally
every possible reason
for queens to fold.
There’s an ace, there’s a
king, there’s the sevens.
There’s the guy that
won’t stop betting.
– [Chris] This is just,
this is just a gross
amount of chips.
Oh, and he’s putting
french fries on top of it,
like they do with everything
here in Pittsburgh.
(Joe laughs)
Look at this.
– Welcome to Pittsburgh, baby.
(group laughs)
– You’re not
worried I have aces?
(Joe laughs)
– [Joe] Alright, that
was the most badass line
to come out of Pittsburgh since
Jack Reacher told that guy
he was gonna drink
his blood from a boot.
– Do you have any
idea what I have?
(group laughs)
– I am not that good
at reading people.
– [Joe] He doesn’t care.
He knows he has the best hand.
He really isn’t supposed
to have a seven.
– I figure a pocket
pair’s gotta be good.
– Okay, Jason.
One for the Pittsburgh guys.
– Wow, Baker calls.
– Thank you.
– Maximum pain.
– Oh, boy.
(bouncy jazz music)
– Good hand.
– Thanks.
-Well played.
– We’re gonna take a break,
but make sure you come back
to see how far the local
dude can take this run.
– Well, I mean, hopefully
he won’t run too far,
because then he won’t
be local anymore.
Don’t hit me.
– But I do wanna look
good for my mom, though,
’cause I don’t want her
to send me that text.
She hasn’t been
proud of many things,
so I need her to be
proud of something.
You know?
– Welcome back to
Poker Night in America,
where a certain Mr. Andrews
is about to show
’em how it’s done.
– Did you just call
him Mr. Andrews,
because you forgot
his first name?
– No.
– Prove it.
– Let’s just get back
to the table, huh.
– I don’t know it, either.
Check out Stacks
McNasty over there.
Jason Andrews
crushing this game.
– [Jennifer H] Oh, I really
should raise with this hand.
At least call.
– [Nick] You good?
– [Chris] There’s
pocket queens again.
This time they’re
with Dave Eldridge.
– [Joe] Well, I was about to say
Andrews is either gonna win
one with a big pocket pair,
or finally have one of
his cracked, but no,
he’s just gonna start off
dominated before the flop.
– [Chris] He made it three,
Eldridge makes it 1,700.
– [Joe] This guy, Immekus,
is like a normal
human-looking Mike Matusow.
This is a pretty big call
to make with ace ten.
I don’t hate the fold,
especially being that he’s
up against queens and jacks.
– I’ll tell you
that in a minute.
Okay, so,
I’m a loser
– Take it easy on me
– You’re a winner.
– Well, you gonna
take it easy on me?
– So you think you feel worse?
– [Jason] Never.
– [Jennifer H]
Probably makes sense.
– [Chris] Here comes the flop.
– [Joe] Oh, man.
Jason Andrews is running
hotter than Marvin Gaye’s oven.
– I was losing like 400
thousand (mumbles).
– at least David Eldridge
has got that king out there to
maybe scare him off this pot.
It’s just hard to give the
guy who’s always got it
credit for always having it.
– [Nick] Would you have
called Shove, pre-flop?
– [Dan] I didn’t know if
he had that like (mumbles).
– [Chris] Well now,
Eldridge did pick up
the flush draw on the river.
– I guess I am.
– [Dan] Did you get a
lot of like endorsements?
Yeah, you got a lot
of endorsements.
– [Chris] So if he
calls this $3,400 bet,
he could still hit a queen or
a club on the river to win.
– [Jennifer H] Jason’s
a beast over here.
A beast.
– Shove Nation.
– [Chris] Eldridge calls.
– [Joe] And he’s got just
over pot left behind.
– [Jennifer H] Yeah, that’s
a pretty big frickin’ pot.
– [Dan] Yeah, this is what
we’re like used to.
– Once again,
Jason Andrews is going
to win a massive pot.
How much bigger will it get?
– [Chris] Now you’re just trying
to sell him a house in
Value Town.
– I love Shove Nation.
He’s my
– 475.
– [Joe] Makes a very
reasonable value bet.
Right around half-pot.
– I thought you were
gonna take it easy on me.
– Shove Nation don’t
take it easy on nobody.
– I think you’re gonna be
up like 13,000 more, Shove.
– [Dan] Look at this.
– So they started doing that.
Let the viewers vote
the person off the island.
– 27 turns into up 40,000.
– It’s a great game.
All the poker TV (mumbles).
– Shove Nation.
– Oh, no!
– Oh!
My goodness.
– Oh, so sick.
– Shove Nation.
– [Joe] I don’t even run
this good in my poker dreams.
– Wow.
– [Joe] Like, in my fantasy,
Eldridge even
finds a fold there.
Oh my…
– [Chris] Pretty soon, we’re
gonna have to tell someone
from the crew to
get that extra leg
to put under the
table over there,
because he’s got a lot
of chips in front of him.
– [Joe] If there is such
a thing as chip porn,
that stack would be illegal
in some of the more
conservative states.
– [Chris] Dave Eldridge,
just fine, here take it.
7,400 and jacks.
(group talking over each other)
– [Jennifer T] Five more hands.
– I got like 5,000 or so,
and I wanna try and get it in
at some point in
these fives hands.
– [Joe] Well, y’all are safe,
because Jason Andrews
isn’t in the pot.
– [Dan] Alright, I
think me and Dave.
– [Eldridge] All in.
– Uh-Oh.
– Alright, Dave.
– I might make the loosest
call ever here for
5,000 if I can.
– That’s a good card you
wanna look at right there.
– [Eldridge] I haven’t
looked, for the record.
– And I believe that.
– [Chris] So Dave Eldridge is
pumping in 7,450 on the blind.
What do you think
of that, Stapes?
– [Joe] I think the
good news for him
is that Jason Andrews
is not in this hand.
– I have not been
running very good today.
You should definitely call.
– What do you have, 7,000?
– Lock set, I mean.
– [Joe] He is stuck
more than a mouse
in one of those inhumane traps.
– No reason not to call.
– [Jennifer T] God,
I would totally call
if I still had cards.
– We can next hand.
– [Jennifer T] Alright, maybe.
– [Dealer] 7,450.
– 7,450?
– Awesome.
– Yes.
– Haven’t looked.
– [Joe] And there
go three stacks.
Four if you count
the cherry on top.
– Is anybody rooting for
Cletus for this sweat?
– [Jennifer T] Alright.
– [Dan] Thanks, Ricky.
– [Joe] I’m rooting for Cletus.
That’s not looking
too good, though.
– [Nick] Is that
a face card I see?
– It’s the old
– Is that a face card?
– T-Pain 69.
– If that’s a face
card, you should call.
Nah, actually, I’m
inducing action.
– Ah.
– Nice.
– No.
– I’m gonna have
another chance.
– Cletus.
– Two kings?
– That is such a.
– Out.
– That is.
– [Jennifer T] That’s so funny.
– [Dan] Ricky, you shoulda got
the chant going or something.
– [Joe] You gonna turn
’em up, huh, guys?
– [Jennifer T] Are
we gonna show it?
You wanna turn
– I just wanna do one.
I wanna see both his,
but just one of mine.
– [Joe] Ace for Baker, and
a jack showing for Eldridge.
I guess we’re just
gonna look at one.
It’s looking pretty
good for David Eldridge.
– [Jennifer H] The
battle of the Davids.
– That’s a good ace, though.
Good job.
– He’s in good shape.
– [Chris] Ah, but
there’s an ace to Baker.
– He hasn’t looked
yet, though.
– I told you there was that
chance of me winning.
– He hasn’t looked yet.
– He doesn’t even know
what the other card is.
– [Jason] You might
have two pair, Dave.
– [Eldridge] Yeah, I
don’t know what I have.
– [Jason] Dave, you might have
two pair.
– I just have a ace only.
– [Jennifer T] Ace only.
– You wanna chop it?
– [Joe] We gotta see
those other cards, guys.
(group laughs)
– What do you have?
Three, six.
– [Chris] Who’s
getting the 15,000?
– [Joe] David Baker
very likely to win this pot.
– Nine, 10, 11,
12, 13.
You have 13 outs?
– Oh my God.
(group roars)
– [Joe] Oh, it’s a set
of jacks for Eldridge.
Baker mucks.
(group talking over each other)
– Ah, that’s crazy.
– Well, he can do with any,
whatever he wakes up with,
’cause he does not look.
– [Joe] In the words
of Jennifer Tilly,
even a blind squirrel finds
a nut every once in a while.
– He had pocket jacks.
He went all in without looking.
– People say playing
jacks it tough,
but he made it look easy.
– Yeah, he now goes from
losing a lot of money
to just losing money.
Find out who’s winning and
losing when we come back.
– Phil when’s your next charity
event you’re gonna host?
– Probably—
– I wanna come out to—
– Probably I’ll host Tiger Woods
– Ok.
– You were at that right?
– Yeah, I was there.
– And you went out late with
Mark Cuban, I know that.
I showed up at 12:45 and you
guys were with Mark Cuban
and his, he had a booth.
And Mark’s like, “Phil just take
my booth, take whatever you
need, whatever you like.”
I’d rather play black jack with
Tiger Woods then be at a club.
Closed captioning
is brought to you
as a public service by
Poker Night in America.
Welcome back to Poker
Night in America.
– (Mimics German accent)
In the game of poker,
sometimes you are up, and
sometimes you are down.
– Thanks, Claudia Schiffer.
– Just trying to tee
up the leaderboard.
– Awful.
– Go.
Um, Chris…
who’s Dan Wolf?
– [Chris] That’s Cletus.
– [Joe] Oh.
– [Chris] You know
the guy that we didn’t
really see play a hand,
but somehow managed
to lose 2,300 bucks?
It probably went all
to Jason Andrews.
– [Joe] Yeah, let’s take a look
at where that guy’s
fat stack ended up.
– [Chris] Jason
Andrews up over 40,000,
and he just played at
the end of the session.
My goodness, I wonder if
Tom Schneider’s wishing
he’d have held that seat
a little bit longer.
– That’s a pretty good tactic,
’cause nobody can
run that hot forever.
So, what did we
learn here this week?
Don’t try to take the
money out of Pittsburgh,
and don’t try taking
that local freeway.
It’s always packed.
Am I right? (laughs)
And next time, we’re
headed west to Sacramento.
– Uh, more like Sacramental.
Am I right?
– Yeah, alright.
For more from Poker Night,
or find us on Facebook,
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and unedited live streams.
Thanks for watching.
– Ace on an eight?
– You wanna chop it?
(group laughs)
– Well, what do you have?
Three, six.
– [Jennifer H] Where’s
the other card?
– Three, six.
– It’s underneath it.
– Nine,
10, 11…
12, 13.
You have 13 outs?
-Oh my God.
(group roars)
– [Jason] Oh, he
didn’t look, either.
That’s sick.
– He did look.
– No, I did not look.
– No, I believe you.
– I did not look.
– [Jennifer T] That’s insane.
– [Nick] I don’t know about
yinz, but to this point,
this is the most stellar poker
that I’ve ever seen in my life.


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