Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 10 | Pillow Talk

– [Voiceover] From Turning
Stone Resort in upstate New York
this is Poker Night in America.
(exciting jazz music)
– Welcome to Poker
Night in America!
We’re at Turning Stone
Resort in upstate New York.
I’m Chris Hanson, and
that’s Joe Stapleton.
– Hello, my babies.
Things have calmed down
a bit testosterone-wise,
but Shaun Deeb
keeps things moving
with a healthy
disregard for money.
– I’ll get 20,000 in
pretty wide with you.
– And Joe McKeehen
shows everyone
what a future world
champ looks like,
other than a hobo.
– He can’t go to the
final table like that.
– I’m pretty sure I can.
I do need new sneakers.
– New sneakers, yes, yes.
– [Deeb] Seriously, you
gotta see these things.
– [Thomas] I’m gonna
let you borrow these.
– Look at Travell’s,
showing off the kicks.
– I’m getting molested again!
What is going on?
– Look at these things!
– [Thomas] He just won
a million dollars!
– Look at them.
Look at that bottom!
– [Chris] We’re
kicking off day two
here at Turning Stone resort.
One of the new players
who’s sitting down
is Dominick Christiano,
he is a online qualifier.
Welcome to the fun, Dominick.
– [Joe] That explains
why he’s only in
for five thousand, what’s
Matt Glantz’s excuse?
– I actually think Travell
should be your stylist
for the Main Event Final
– [Travell] I should be.
– [Joe] Looks like the
straddle’s on for the qualifier.
Is Travell Thomas shirtless?
♪ Joe-meister,
Joe-meister, sweat pants ♪
– [Joe] Celebrating
that American right
to bare arms, I guess.
– Joe told me he’s not
making shirts for his rail.
– Really?
– [Thomas] You’re not gettin’
shirts? What’s wrong with you
– [McKeehen] I’m all good.
– This guy, man.
– I think they’re making
different color shirts
for the levels and (bleep).
– [Chris] Matt Glantz will
pop the first raise up to 300
with ace, king of clubs.
– How can he not make
shirts for his rail?
– Why’d you do that?
– It’s part of the fun of it.
– People can do
whatever they want.
– [Joe] Of course McKeehen’s
not gonna have t-shirts,
he’s getting bathing
suits, for his McKeenie’s.
McKeenie’s bikinis.
– I got a lot of offers from
a lot of people about shirts.
I’d rather have people
like, wear what they want.
– [Deeb] That’s the face
and the shove, I know.
I know you’re shoving, Matt.
– I don’t wanna let you
off too easy by shoving.
– [Thomas] I’m in Vegas,
we’re gonna find you a nice BMW
while you’re down there.
– You gonna make it 21?
– No, a little bit more,
so it’s like shoving,
but then it will let you,
allow you to shove.
– There’s a lot
of money in this.
– Bigger than second place
right now.
That’s insane.
– Nobody can affrod a piece of
– How many big blinds?
– Do I have?
– Yeah.
– Like 160 or something.
– He was hoping you were
gonna pull it back.
– Matt has aces, I
know he has aces,
and I’m still gambling with him.
– I don’t have aces.
– You have kings?
– No, I have no pair.
– [Joe] These two
are going to insist
on slow-rolling each other,
so they won’t know
what each other has
until the boards run out.
Oh, we’re showing an ace,
and a king!
– [Thomas] You gonna
slow-roll or you gonna flip?
– [Glantz] He
wants to slow-roll.
– That’s what I’m
playing, the jack.
– Oh, he has jacks.
– [Joe] Shaun’s just gonna
show his one live card.
– I think Shaun’s telling
the truth this time.
Come on, two diamonds.
Put two diamonds out there.
– [Thomas] You might
need to issue a king.
(table chatter)
– [Joe] That is not a
great flop for two diamonds
but it’s a decent turn.
– Or a deuce, or a deuce.
Or a nine.
– King! King!
– Diamond.
– There we go!
– [Chris] Oh, come on!
– [Joe] How?
– How much you have?
– [Thomas] Don’t take the
money ’til he shows his —
– King of diamonds?
– [Joe] Glantz doesn’t
even know he’s lost yet.
– You think I would get it in
with king, jack, diamonds?
– I would bet he
has jacks for sure.
But if he has a
diamond it kinda sucks.
– [Chris] He was
asking how much it is.
– [Glantz] Should I push it
over to you?
– [Chris] As in, he’s wondering
how much he has to pay him.
– [Joe] They just paid.
What is happening?
– He’s slow rolling guys,
someone’s gotta pay.
– Push it over to him.
– [Chris] Wait a second.
– [Joe] Oh!
– [Joe] So close to being
the most amaing slow-roll ever.
If only he had turned
the card over right.
– Matt was so convinced
I had jacks, too,
that was the best part.
– The ace of diamonds,
so brilliant.
– [Chris] That’s not
the first time,
and it probably
won’t be the last,
that you see Matt
Glantz getting felted
on Poker Night in America.
– I’m always a target
when I’m playing poker
because I dish it out, so I
have to be able to take it.
– Normally, in a poker
game there’s ethics
about not talking during a hand.
We just threw that
out the window.
This is Poker Night in America,
we do whatever we want.
– We just try to beat each
other while we’re at the table,
and we’re all friends
off the table,
so when we’re at
the table we try
to beat each other’s heads
in, that’s what it is.
– Glantz is a pillow,
he’s the easiest target.
– [Chris] Wait a second, Travell
Thomas just put a shirt on?
– [Joe] Well there
goes the female audience.
– [Chris] And I did just buy
two tickets to the
gun show, as well.
Goll dang it.
– [Joe] Non-refundable.
– [Deeb] Dentale,
you ready to join us yet?
– [Dentale] Yes.
– You’re on the list?
– [Dentale] Yes.
– [Deeb] Okay.
– [Joe] Hey look,
it’s Beardy McWeirdy.
– [Glantz] He’s
second up behind Rep,
because Rep busted first.
– [Chris] Richard Anthony
is raising with six-five.
Richard Anthony, don’t
you know who the man
in the orange Flyers shirt is?
That’s Joe McKeehen, son.
– [Joe] Richard
Anthony appears
to give zero you-know-whats.
I like the c-bet, it’s not
gonna work against ace-king
but sometimes you get called
you make your hand on the turn
and six-five is
pretty disguised.
– [Chris] Alright, so
here we go to the turn.
Well, now Anthony’s got some
help with that turn card.
– [Joe] Yeah,
he’s up and down now,
and like I said before,
sometimes the second
barrel will get it done.
Of course, still not
against ace-king.
– [Chris] One of the hands
that, hypothetically,
McKeehen would be
scared of here?
– [Joe] He’s maybe
afraid of some sets
and some weird two pairs,
but it’s all pretty unlikely.
– [Chris] Anthony
misses his draws
and McKeehen makes
two pair on the river.
– All in.
– [Chris] And Anthony just
totally ships it in here on the
“5800, I’m all in.”
– [Joe] I didn’t even
have a chance to say
after I get stationed twice,
I’m probably gonna
give up on the river,
– It’s like 6 thousand.
– [Joe] And Dick Anthony just
shipped it all in.
And I don’t know
anything about this guy
and how likely he is
to be bluffing here.
– I call.
– You win.
– [Joe] Just a very easy call
for Joe McKeehen, top two pair.
– What took you so long?
– [Joe] Like I said, very
unlikely that he’s beat there.
Good call, Joe.
– [Chris] I really wonder
if Joe would have called
if he didn’t make two
pair on the river, though.
– [Thomas] Shaun said
“what is you waitin’ on?”
– [Joe] I think
he still might have.
You gotta wonder if he’d call
if he wasn’t gonna win nine
million dollars in a few months.
– [Chris] Above it, that is
the main question, if he’s like
“I don’t care,
call, eh, whatever.”
– What were you considering
on the river when he bet?
I’m just curious.
– I just wanted to
know, I didn’t know —
– He was counting exactly
how much he was going to win.
He had to count his
stack before calling.
So he could say 5825.
– I’m just wondering, what
options were you considering?
– Was that some
type of slow-roll?
– I’m putting on a show so,
everyone that’s watching
will try to bluff me
in the future, okay?
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Night, visit
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– Welcome back to Poker Night.
That’s Joe Stapleton,
I’m Chris Hanson.
Let’s return to the action.
Stapes, how long
would it take you
to grow a beard
like Christiano has?
– [Joe] Three, four days.
Depends how hard I
was concentrating.
– [Thomas] Do me a favor,
stack the deck towards me.
– [Chris] I don’t think
if I lived to be 100
I would get to have
a beard like that.
– I’m the only one
you really know.
– He’s known me for
longer than you.
– [Chris] Matt Glantz,
up to 150 with threes.
– [Travell] You
been playin’ here,
or y’all just really
know each other?
– Been playing here.
– [Dealer] I just babysit him.
– [Thomas] How do you
all know each other?
– Just from here.
– [Thomas] Oh, from here?
You started here at 18, too?
– [Chris] Hanson
calls, Anthony calls.
– Oh, let’s juice it
up for you, Matty.
– [Chris] So five players
will see the flop together.
– [Joe] And Bart Hanson flops
bottom two pair, checks it.
– [Thomas] I’ve got two
horses left in the tournament.
– [Joe] And Richard
Anthony’s gonna think
he has the best hand.
Little does he know…
– [Thomas] You know I’m
a master at horses.
– [Joe] You know all these
people talking about horses?
If they wanna win
money they should try
to bring people into the
tournaments instead of horses.
– [Chris] They don’t
even have thumbs.
How are they supposed
to look at the cards?
– [Joe] They can’t
peel the cards, exactly.
I like Bart’s raise there a lot.
Anthony’s mostly going
to have an ace here,
and he’s not likely
to fold if he does.
Like I said, top
pair, not folding.
– [Chris] The turn’s a five.
– [Joe] That is a really
safe card for eight-ten.
So Bart should be able to
follow up that flop raise
with a bet here very easily.
Anthony’s hand, fairly face
up as an ace at this point.
– How much you got?
5000 behind-ish.
– A little under.
– [Hanson] 47.
– [Chris] 2100, the
bet from Hanson.
– [Joe] And from what
I’ve seen of Anthony so far,
he seems to be
reluctant to fold.
Either that or he
just hates money.
This is a pretty
good run-out for Bart,
he should be able to go for
three full streets of value,
raise, flop, bet,
turn, bet, river,
and he went a little
bit less this time
relative to the size of the pot.
Gets called, really well played
by Bart Hanson the whole way.
– [Chris] I don’t think
there’s maybe a dime more
that he would’ve
gotten out of that.
– [Joe] He just
played it perfectly,
and my guess is
that Richard Anthony
is the most popular player
at the table right now.
– [Chris] This is
usually where somebody
will offer to buy him
dinner if he wants to stay.
– [Joe] (laughs) Do
you need a hotel room?
– [Chris] Bart Hanson this
time with pocket queens.
– [Thomas] Man, my man comin’
after the Tmister, man.
I gotta put a stop to this.
– I raised your
straddle last time.
– (bleep)!
– You folding? You wanna tell
everyone else on the table?
Or do you just wanna throw your
cards in the middle already?
– [Thomas] No, I’m a re-raise,
I’m a re-raise.
– [Chris] The actions
on Alec Torelli he’s been
pretty quiet so far here on
day two at Turning Stone.
And apparently he was
bored, because he’s raising
with three-four of hearts.
– [Joe] Torelli
is squeezing here,
like a month-old
tube of toothpaste
and it’s a good
hand to do it with.
If you get folds
before the flop,
very happy about that.
If not, there’s some
pretty cool disguised hands
you can make with
suited connectors.
And he’s in position.
– You start with
nine or something?
– I think I started with 10-11.
This is 10, so I got 11
behind, so I started with 12.
– [Joe] Alec Torelli definitely
knows what he’s doing.
– [Chris] Everything
we’ve seen from Alec
on Poker Night in America has
been just rock-solid poker.
Winning in every session.
– [Joe] And Bart’s
no slouch either,
he’s a really good
cash game player,
he’s been teaching it for years.
Pay attention to what he does
if you want your
cash game to improve.
And he just calls with queens.
I think it’s because he
knows Alec’s pretty likely
to be squeezing
there, he doesn’t want
to chase him out of the pot.
And Torelli does
manage to flop a pair,
but my guess is he’s gonna
rep this ace regardless.
Bart’s probably
not folding for just one bet.
The problem is that he
knows whether he’s up
against an ace or not, he’s
gonna be facing more barrels.
– [Chris] I also
noticed that Shaun Deeb
immediately to Bart
Hanson’s right,
is paying very close attention
to how he is playing.
– [Joe] Two
very good players,
you’d behoove yourself
to pay attention.
– [Chris] And what a
turn for Alec Torelli.
– [Joe] Torelli
went from bluffing
to being able to value bet
in the turn of one card.
– [Chris] That is a
nice gear to shift into,
from hoping to knowing.
– [Joe] Yeah.
And that’s a bad card for
Bart because it’s a diamond.
Puts more wheel
possibilities out there,
but it looks like a bad
card for him, which is good.
And Bart’s got no
diamond, no straight draw,
this is a big bet from Torelli.
He’s probably convinced
himself at this point
that Bart’s got an ace and
will call this big bet.
And even if Bart calls here,
I think there’s very few
rivers he’ll call on.
– [Chris] Well, Hanson’s
not done with this hand yet,
he calls the 3200.
Over 11K in the pot
as we go to the river.
– [Joe] That
board doesn’t get
much worse for either hand.
– All in.
– [Chris] Hanson checks
and Torelli is all in.
– Hey, TK, are we gettin’ pizza?
– [Joe] Pizza dude!
– I just want sausage
on there or something.
– [Joe] Order a Hawaiian
and watch all these
East-coasters’ heads explode.
Bart gets away
from it, well done.
– You got away
with them there.
– [Joe] I think Alec
could have played
the exact same way
if he was bluffing.
– [Alec] Nobody
ever believes me.
– I believe you.
– [Joe] I would fold
there every single time,
but I would be wrong a lot.
– Matt can confirm
I believe you.
– [Alec] Two believers.
Three believers.
He folded.
– [Tom] How much is it?
I’m not kidding.
– I got like 20 grand.
– [Tom] Seriously,
how much is it?
– Oh, this is going to
be great (bleep) TV.
Please record this.
(exciting jazz music)
– [Chris] Poker Night in
America at Turning Stone Resort.
He’s Joe Stapleton
and I’m Chris Hanson,
and these are poker players.
– [Joe] (laughs)
Yes they are.
Some of them at least.
I’m not gonna say
which ones aren’t.
Straddle’s on Matt Glantz,
putting in a 100 bucks blind.
He’ll be last to act pre-flop,
and with Shaun Deeb raising,
this is very likely
to be a Glantz-Deeb battle.
I love this online qualifier,
it’s like he was eating
a jarful of honey
and fell face-down
in a barbershop.
– [Chris] Well, Dominick
actually does grow his hair out
and then cuts it off
for Locks of Love.
He can’t donate the
beard hair, though.
– [Joe] Thank God for that.
– [Chris] I would actually
be a recipient for that,
I would take that donated
beard hair, I can’t grow one.
– [Joe] Do you think he
could donate the food from it?
– What’d he start
this hand with?
– I think five.
Maybe a little more.
– All in.
– [Chris] Alright,
as you suggested,
a Glantz-Deeb all-in
battle is brewing.
– [Thomas] I’m really
rooting for Matt this hand.
– I can beat that.
– Oh there’s a queen dead, I’m
against two queens, (bleep).
– [Thomas] Queen of
heart, queen of heart!
– [Joe] So Glantz
out-flops Deeb.
– How can you have two
queens with a dead queen?
– I didn’t even know
there was a dead queen.
I didn’t see that.
– Really?
– [McKeehen] Yeah Travell
exposed one under the gun.
– I didn’t see it.
– [Joe] I’m not a fan of all
these Freddy Mercury jokes,
the man was an icon.
– I know he’s got queens.
– [Joe] The jack is not
good enough on the end.
– You have queens, you win.
– I don’t have queens.
– Then you have a flush.
– I don’t have queens, I swear.
– You have a flush then.
– No, I do not have a flush.
Torelli, do I have a flush?
– Tommy do I have a flush?
– I don’t have a flush.
– I just have a jack.
– Okay.
– You’re probably gonna win.
– I got it in good for once!
– Misterize.
– You got in with a dead
queen, that is so bad!
– [Joe] Hey guys, can we
just go back for a second?
Because the online
qualifier totally
got denied a fist-bump, twice.
Check this out:
high-fives all around.
Oh! Denied! Twice!
Oh man! Whatcha
want, Grizzly Adams?
You know Glantz totally did
that on purpose.
He was like, “Not you.”
– [Chris] He’s that kind of guy.
– [Joe] Look, a
social experiment,
I bet if he didn’t
have that beard
he would’ve got the fist-bump.
– [Chris] Glantz got this
started with ace-queen,
he made it 400, Joe
McKeehen called,
Richard Anthony called.
Three players are
going to the flop.
And McKeehen pulls ahead,
making a pair of kings.
– [Joe] Glantz is
going to continue.
Perfect spot to just call.
McKeehen probably loving
this spot with top pair.
– Can you add onion rings,
fried goat cheese and meatloaf?
– [Joe] On pizza? Oh
what a time to be alive!
– [Chris] What kind
of an order was that?
– [Joe] By the
way, Matt Glantz just
very quietly turned the nuts,
so when I said McKeehen’s
probably loving this spot,
now, not so much.
Still don’t think he
can fold top pair.
Oh man, what a great card
for McKeehen on the river.
That’s gonna save
him some money.
I think if Glantz even
reduces his bet sizing
McKeehen can’t really
call anymore.
– Show a bluff.
– Ace high is good. (laughs)
– I guess the other card’s
a queen, huh?
Good suck out on the
turn, buddy.
– How bad is that river?
– Not good for you.
– Obviously. Such a
piece of (bleep) river.
– [Chris] It is amazing
how these players
can pick up on every single hand
that the others are
playing, it’s amazing.
– You got me to fold a
hand, congratulations.
– [Chris] Just when
you think that you’ve
got the game figured out,
watch this, and then think
“Yeah, there’s another
level to get to.”
– [Joe] I mean, I’ve
got the game figured out,
but that’s with hole cards.
– Stupid not to sell 2-3
you know?
– [Joe] Actually, even then I’m
probably not so good.
So it looks like we
might see Christiano
finally play a hand, he’s got
ace-king under the gun.
– Especially because first
place has so much extra value…
(table chatter)
– [Chris] 225 is the raise.
– [Torelli] I would give someone
second place money
to take first, almost.
What are you losing, like
2 million?
– You make way more than that
in sponsorship down the road.
And, like, notoriety.
You want to be able to play
for first even more, then.
– Yeah, but Joe doesn’t
want a headache.
– [Torelli] I’d rather not care
about the money at all.
– It’s nicer to get
– That’s for sure the way
to play.
– Especially if ever one knows
that too.
– [Chris] Travell Thomas calls.
– Seven handed they
know you’re literally
playing for first or nothing.
(table chatter)
– [Chris] Well, hello
there, Shaun Deeb.
– [Joe] Jeez, everbody’s got
a hand.
– [Chris] If Shaun Deeb calls
I will eat this pen.
– [McKeehen] Rep told me
about the bubble today.
– [Chris] Knew there was no way
that could be happening there.
1200 is the raise.
– [Thomas] I can never see
a flop, I finally had a hand.
– Can I take half?
– [Joe] It looks
like Bart Hanson’s maybe
eaten a pen or two in his day.
He could be suspecting
that Shaun
maybe could be a
little light here.
– Twenty-nine.
– [Joe] Bart!
Four-betting king-queen,
turned his hand into a bluff,
hoping to take
this down pre-flop.
It looks strong as hell,
I’ll say that much.
– I have an extra 10 yet.
– I started with 9000.
– [Thomas] I would’ve 3-bet,
but with him that opened.
– [Chris] Back to Christiano,
now you’ve got ace-king,
you were the first raiser, with
all this action behind you,
I mean, that’s awfully tough.
– [Joe] It’s really
hard to think ace-king
is in good shape here after
there’s been a fourth bet.
But these guys are maniacs.
I think if I qualified
and I was playing
with somebody else’s money,
I might just ship it in here
and close my eyes and pray.
– The jack-five call,
that was insane.
– [Chris] Wow, he’s
gonna let it go.
– [Joe] So Bart got
one better hand to fold.
But Christiano, we know,
is playing pretty tight.
Shaun Deeb, not as tight.
He is loose, he is
loose like the pants
in a weight-loss
add “after” photo.
– Definitely bought my
hand. Both probably.
– All in.
– [Joe] (laughs)
– [Chris] There you go!
– [Joe] Bart gets ace-king to
fold and ace-jack
jams on him. Blech!
– See ya!
– Two jacks?
– [Joe] Smell ya later.
– Not a pair but ace-king.
– Oh my god, how does
(bleep) Shaun do it?
How does he do it?
– Shaun knows how to
play poker, guys,
if you haven’t
figured that out yet.
– [Thomas] This is why I’m
down, because he’s to my left.
– [Voiceover] Closed
captioning is brought to you
as a public service by
Poker Night in America.
– This is why I’m down,
because he’s to my left.
– Yeah, that’s
why you’re down…
– [Chris] We will hit pause
for day two here
from Turning Stone,
seat one, Richard Anthony was
doling out the money so far.
– [Joe] Nice one, Dick Tony.
Let’s focus for a
second on the qualifier,
Dominick Christiano came
in with five thousand,
is now up over five
thousand dollars.
Well done, him.
Next time Rep Porter, Mike
Dentale join the table,
and one of them is mildly
rude to the waitstaff.
Tune in to see whose
drink gets spit in,
and the gang plays a
little blind man’s bluff.
– For more Poker Night in
America, go to
to see unedited live streams
and complete episodes.
For Joe Stapleton,
I’m Chris Hanson.
We’ll see you next time
here on Poker Night in America.
(tape rewind noise)
– How do you have two
queens with a dead queen?
– I didn’t even know
there was a dead queen,
I wasn’t paying attention.
– You have queens, you win.
– I don’t have queens, I swear.
– You have a flush, then.
– No, I do not have a flush.
Tommy, do I have a flush?
I don’t have a flush.
– I just have a jack.
– Okay, then you’re
probably gonna win.
– I got it in good for once!
– Misterize.
– You got in with a dead
queen, that is so bad.
You were too happy
with your hand,
that I knew I did not win.
(exploding noise)
– Glantz is a pillow.
– I didn’t see the
exposed card actually.
I’m glad I didn’t, wow.
– You’re so awful at poker.

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