Poker Hands With Doug Polk – Ms. Finland vs. Ronnie Bardah

hello everyone my name is Doug pulk and I’d like to welcome you to a new YouTube segment we’re going to be doing called poker hands we’re going to be taking famous poker hands played either at high stakes or just well-known hands and analyze the play of both players this is actually going to be a strategy based segment so you can learn what they should have done as well as some insight into how to play poker at a high level this week we’re going to be covering the infamous hand of Miss Finland Sara chafing against PLO player Rani Barta without further ado let’s roll the clip hold I’m gonna call okay yes great idea Sara love it love you I mean I love it she’s lived with ace deuce me and mrs. Finland right now heads up I believe it’s miss miss I’m sorry mr. Isaac let’s see a cloth she limps in I believe the hijack with a stew off maybe it’s the cut off it doesn’t really matter as we know we should not be limping into pots we should be raising also out of the cutoff for the hijacked ace to off is far too weak of a hand to choose to play so you could say she opened this up with a pretty bad play out of the gate that’s a full on the flop ronnie has Boston Pat hi I need Ronnie if you bust her on the first hand he bets Bogota and Sara races with a straight rule you have something yes I do I believe you 30,000 yeah on the flop she actually just makes a pretty reasonable decision and decides to raise the flop lead now why is that reasonable to raise with a stew on Queen five four well you put hands like let’s just say a four or five into a tough spot because now they might be up against a bigger hand you have out to improve making a straight on a three or top pair on an ace and if you decide to leave the flop as a bluff with a hand like let’s just say eight six or eight seven you make him fold out his equity in the pot and put in a difficult spot now the size she chooses to raise to thirty thousand it doesn’t really make much sense now because of how cheap it is if he does have a hand like let’s say eight six or eight seven he’s going to have to call because his odds are simply too good to fold his hand so I would while I think it’s okay to raise the flop I would pick a size more like forty five or fifty thousand and additionally calling the flop is totally reasonable if he is bluffing you’re ahead and you complain later streets so I didn’t call will raise both totally be reasonable options from this felon on the flop so Ronnie has called the race and improves two trips on the turn oh boy why are you checking you raise me on the flop um num-num she bets just over half the pot Ronnie do not bust her before the swimsuit portion Ronnie’s clock is running remember every player has 30 seconds per decision if he thinks she’s bluffing he’ll call if not he could raise yeah I forgot that I raised 155 155 she really should not be calling this 255 shiri raises what okay I’m not used to those yeah haha really huh 255,000 yes Roni Kohl’s once he calls the turn and checks she makes a comment why are you checking you raised me on the flop if I’m Ronnie and she says that to me and you know we’re looking at from Miss finland’s point of view of course but let’s put ourself in Ronnie’s shoes for a second what does that comment mean because Ronnie should be checking every hand he can have here she’s raised the flop she’s saying she has a good hand so his check means nothing and the fact that she makes a comment about his check signifies to me that she does not know much about poker and I would treat three-of-a-kind accordingly he or she decides to carry on with her bluff and bet 50 5050 5050 cuz there’s two fours out there afore is even less likely so I don’t mind team you fire on the turn however when Ronnie check raises it’s time to abandon ship Ronnie has signified multiple at multiple points in this hand with his flop lead and then call and raise here on the turn that he does in fact have a strong hand so there’s no reason that we can’t just believe him if he’s let’s just say for a moment he’s bluffing well then we will have hands like 5 5 or 5 4 or queen queen or all these other strong holdings now we might not be limping some of those hands which makes it a bit more confusing but the point is this we can easily have stronger hands in a stew and now is the time to let it go what I would do in Miss Valens position here is actually not have any hands raised and I would either call or fold because really Ronnie’s saying now he has three of a kind or better what does reirei zhing do if Ronnie’s bluffing he’s going to fold if he has a good hand he’s going to continue so I don’t really think that this rear aise on the turn makes much sense I would elect to either call or fold and definitely fold with these two when she raises over the top of his check raised the hand is getting kind of absurd this is a lot of bets and raises to have gone into a limp pot and I think she’s way over playing the factories has a straight Ronnie as hi it’s my belief that maybe she doesn’t actually know hand rankings and might not even totally be sure if she’s bluffing or value betting at this point I don’t know I could be wrong it’s just my opinion but the confidence displayed with how weak her hand is definitely show she’s not familiar with poker in general bullet bricks alpha Sarah she has just a sigh honey she’s a little better looking than you were kind of rooting for her so yeah check she’s blocked every Street so far Marlin and she shops she slides out the bluff card AHA oh my god I was is happening I thought it would be I wanted to stay and play with you miss Finland understand on the river she makes probably the best decision of the entire hand and she puts Ronnie to the test jamming it in when he checks to her on the river the size here is fine and I like the play if you’re going to get to this point with some Bluffs a lot a big mistake a lot of players have when they start poker or they’re learning poker is they’re afraid to fire that last barrel and sometimes you can get people off of big hands by letting the river just letting that River barrel fly and trying to get the fold so I like her plans ever but other than that I think she has a lot to learn and definitely not a very well played hand from her perspective but at least she has the gusto you know I was talking about the ham from Ronnie’s perspective preflop he checks in dealing with 84 which is totally standard on the flop he leads which is actually very peculiar what is he trying to do with bottom pair here is he trying to get action is he trying to get a fold I’m not really sure generally speaking when you have a weak pair and no limit you want to be checking because that they have hands like ace high you want to all pot if they have hands like air you want them to try and Bluff that you can catch with your pair so here’s the flop lead is definitely a mistake when raised he now has to call and this is exactly why you don’t bet hands like a four on the flop what do you do against the raise well it’s not very clear what if your crush she could have a hand like a set or two pair or even an over pair or queen you know depending on what she’s limping so now because he led and gets raised he’s put himself in an awkward situation which could have been avoided by checking the flop on the turn he checks and faces a bet here he decided to check raise I could see being I could see there being some merit to raising or calling one of the things that I like about calling is that if I have a hand like a queen I protect myself by having some very strong hands also if I check raise and she sides to be raised me I’m in a tough spot so I can see merit to just calling however check raising is also fine she could have a hand like a queen or you know queen five or maybe even just a five or frankly given the way she’s playing the hand lord knows what she could have when you do check raise and she then min re-raises and is unfamiliar with how to put the chips into the pot I feel like it’s time to look at the situation you’re playing someone that limped in pre was confused by a check is putting in action in a weird spot and is min three betting you on the turn at this point I think it’s time to just say okay I have three of a kind and I’m playing a recreational player and call her down I don’t I can fold his hand I don’t know how you play it’ll play with you before what is going on here if I fold his hand and they see this fold and you have like king queen or something it’s ND the most embarrassing thing ever for me you understand this right I don’t have any time to think over his hand I’m like a nervous I don’t know to and on it’s nice over there three hundred five hundred oh my god six hundred five seconds and Ronnie’s folded holy schnikeys calling the turn and folding the river is a disastrous play he’s putting her on essentially one hand pocket five it even makes comment about fives you have five hole or something he loses to five five maybe five four suited and then maybe I hand my Queens but than that she basically can’t have hands that beat him maybe maybe she raised a four on the flop hard to say but the point is this when very few hands beat you and you’re playing someone that’s clearly new to poker you need to just call down or else you should be playing in a passive way the two just makes sure that you get to see showdown until you know the way she’s going to play so in summary this was too aggressive from Miss Finland and Ronnie should have realized based on some clues that she was a recreational player and called her down with his three of a kind but luckily she bombed the river and got one through and this is really a great poker hand is this real-life thank you for joining me for this week on poker hands and I’ll see you guys next week what’s that subscribe to the channel add me on snapchat WCG writer sure that sounds great you


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