Początek polskiej sceny w DBS Card Game!

Hello! Happy New Year!
I know that most of you are from many different countries.
For sure you noticed that this channel was kind of dead.
I decided to change this situation due to New Year and increasing popularity of DBS Card Game in Poland.
From now on this channel will be only about Dragon Ball Super Card Game.
And I will focus on delivering content to Poles.
That’s because Polish community of DBS Card Game is still minor.
Why the change?
I’ve been working on different channel, which was meant to be mostly about video games.
Meanwhile, DBS Card Game has appeared and took over the control of the channel.
But still, there were many videos about games, gameplays, artbooks. There was everything.
I don’t like it, so I decided to divide those two themes.
On this channel we’ll focus only on DBS Card Game.
And the previous channel will focus on video games.
Next two weeks will be full of reuploads of old DBSCG videos from previous channel.
I know this will be chaotic on the beginning.
There will be guides, unboxings and more, all from that other channel. I started to create some community back then.
Most of videos were about DBS Card Game last time.
All of them will be reuploaded here without any changes. Which means you will see old intro and old logo.
The videos, dedicated to this channel will have some slight changes.
Some of the videos will include English subtitles, like these.
But all videos will be in Polish.
As I said, I want to strengthen the Polish community of the game.
People who don’t speak Polish still can find here something useful, I think.
But still in English there will be only subtitles.
Name of the channel came to me, when I wanted to make something simple and “talking” about basic guides of the game.
Starterku. All interested in people know that’s called the very fist Leader Card from starter deck of DBS Card Game.
It’s very good Leader for everyone, not only for the beginners.
But the beginners will find here very much starting information. Like starting point.
Advanced stuff will be on later stages of the channel.
Our start now will be the Hirustorm deck profile.
And that’s all from me.
Thank you for your attention.
As I assume that was a shock to see this channel alive after all this time.
Thanks and see you soon.
Take care, see you!

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