Playing Poker with NELLY!

be your own bank Vegas Li was smokin of
one of those prominent companies in the space and in fact I remember when I
first heard that slogan yeah the windfall classic $400 event $50,000
guaranteed it’s a one-day event 15,000 starting stack we’re arriving at 1:00
p.m. let’s stay focused today run up a big stack abuse the bubble use our chip
lead at the final table deny all chops and take down first place that’s the
goal let’s make it happen there’s no reason we can’t win first break 12500 chips have won one pot
we’re at radius between ten suited got three calls the flop came East ace six I
see bets small and they all folded tried to set mine a couple times was
unsuccessful and made some more tight folds makes me really realize that this
really is a marathon not a sprint it’s an endurance challenge got to stay
composed tight is right with blinds at 200 400 400 to the first
hand back from break big blinds sitting out and to where people are missing so I
raise it up with East 9 offsuit and middle position button calls and small
blind calls small blinds an 80 year old Caucasian man flop comes ace king 7 two
hearts one diamond I see about 1,500 button folds small blind 80 year-old
puts in the quick min checker haste to 3,000 what’s the repin pocket sevens a7
King 7 suited I don’t know but I’m not ready to fold yet so I put in the call
turns a 10 of diamonds boards very wet a lot beats us and he checks so I checked
behind thought about betting for value but see what happens on the river the
river is the ace of spades and he bets 5000 one of the best rivers for us what
do you guys think should I put in the call
is he ever bluffin here sometimes you just gotta throw logical out the window
and put in the call I call and he shows king queen off suit value bet Bluff
not sure and we now have 23 thousand ships with blinds at 200 500 – 500 there’s an
open seat on my right which gets filled by an african-american gentleman wearing
gym shorts a hoodie on top of his head a Rolex a bracelet with diamonds and
he’s on his phone for the next 30 minutes
never posting is blind and never paying attention to the action other than
cursing his bad luck when he doesn’t get a playable hand the man on my right
looks familiar and when he talks his voice has a familiar country grammar to
it although it’s 70 degrees outside in the Encore it’s getting hot in here
that’s right none other than Nelly is sitting to my
right we have a few small words regarding his
unlucky streak in poker and he eventually busts with the flush draw I
asked for a selfie and he declines onde no selfie for me probably not the best
time but I thought it was equally bad to ask him at the table because I could
tell he was really trying to stay low-key he didn’t want a bunch of people
saying Oh Nelly Nelly that’s probably why he had a hat on and
his hoodie up and was just constantly looking down at his phone and not
talking to the table at all but my favorite rapper of 1999 came and went
and denied me a moment in time with a selfie with blinds at 500 1000 1000 middle
position opens to 2500 the cutoff flat calls I’m in the small blind with pocket
fives and 17,000 at the best spot set mine but I think we do have fold equity
so let’s shove it all in big blind folds original RAZR snap calls and the flat
collar says he has ace Queen and folds original RAZR has two black tens we have
two red fives let’s see that red five flop comes jack seven four all diamonds
turn is an eight of Hearts and the river is a queen of diamonds and we are out of
the Encore $400 50k it’s five o’clock just in time for rush hour
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have a special giveaway just for you guys you know I love the win you know I
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