Playing Poker : How to Play Strip Poker With Your Partner

If you’re ever sitting at home, you and your
partner, and you want something fun to do,
my name is Dean Hale and I’m going to teach
you how to play strip poker with your partner.
Now strip poker you play, it’s very similar
to the other varieties of a poker game, you
still have your same basic hand values. The
only difference in strip poker is you’re not
playing for chips, you’re playing for clothing.
Now one might say what if somebody goes all-in
or what’s the value of this bet? Before you
go ahead and you start playing, go ahead and
assign different values to certain articles
of clothing. Is a sock worth the same as a
shirt? You go ahead and make a sock say a
value of one and you can go ahead and you
can rank the various clothing, articles of
clothing depending upon how crucial they are
to the game as it goes on. So somebody could
bet say a sock or they could bet a shirt,
so on and so forth. Now the interesting thing
about playing strip poker with your partner
is, obviously this is something you do for
fun, something to pass the time and a way
to spice things up between the two of you,
you can play along, you can change the rules
as you go along. You could start out with
chips and as you gain chips you could even
buy back some of your articles of clothing
if you wanted to. In strip poker, the game
ends when the person you’re playing with no
longer has any clothes on and what goes on
after that is up to you guys. My name is Dean
Hale and I’ve just taught you how to play
strip poker with your partner.


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