Pizza Fries and Video Games ~ Featuring Playtika Bingo Blitz App ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

Hi everyone welcome back to my kitchen today
We’re gonna add to our Italian style Super Bowl feast and we’re going to make up some of these delicious pizza fries
These are just like a pizza except instead of crust you’re gonna use some french fries
Super easy super delicious and everyone who comes to your Super Bowl party is gonna absolutely love them
Let’s go see how these all come together
Okay to get started before we move on to making our pizza fries
I want to let you know that today’s video is being sponsored by play tikka
And they are the makers of the most popular
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Let’s move on and I’m gonna show you how to make these awesome pizza fries
We’re gonna make some pizza fries to go along with our kind of Italian themed Super Bowl snacks
I don’t know if any of you noticed that but we kind of went with a theme this year
And it’s all kind of Italian style everything from the pizza burgers a la Rix cafeteria
So we did the pizza burgers, and we did the pasta chips
and then we made not Italian nachos out of the pasta chips, and then we did the garlic and Parmesan wings and
Now we’re gonna
Do these Pizza fries and that’s gonna conclude our Super Bowl snacks for 2018?
Because I feel like if you put this spread out for your friends and your family
They’re gonna. Love it and nobody is gonna go away hungry
You can just keep replenishing
Depending on how big your party is and it’s gonna be super easy and it’s pretty low on the budget if you ask me
So what I have here is just one bag of frozen french fries, but these are nice
And I went ahead and I just pop them in the fryer for about 10 minutes, and they’re nice and crisp
So what we’re gonna. Do is really simple as you might expect. We’re gonna top this with some pizza sauce
And we’re just gonna randomly
Put this is an 8 ounce jar of
pizza sauce this is not my homemade pizza sauce this is off the shelf because
It was convenient and and easy and you know some of you aren’t gonna take the time to make your own and that’s just fine
This is the DiGiorno brand pizza sauce and it’s my favorite store-bought sauce
it’s nice and rich and thick and
Then we’re gonna take a couple of cups of
Mozzarella cheese, this is whole milk mozzarella. I am lucky enough to get
the whole milk mozzarella
Cheese at my local grocery store, and yes, this was pre shredded
But you do what you like if you have a particular kind of mozzarella cheese that you like
Go ahead and use that so it’s about 2 cups. This is one 8 ounce bag
Then um Molly opened up a can of mushrooms this morning for her um
breakfast or yesterday morning something
But we’re gonna go ahead and use the remainder of that can of mushrooms
You can top this with whatever you like I’m gonna use some more of these mini pepperoni because that’s what we have
Use what you like? What do you like on your pizza?
Do you like a veggie pizza go all out and do green peppers and onions and?
whatever it is you like on your pizza olives and and
green chilies or jalapenos or peperoncinis
Whatever it is. You love best you can put on these pizza fries and
This is about a cup so it’s about a half a bag of those mini pepperoni
Easy stuff I
Have my oven preheated to 350. I’m gonna pop these in there for about 10 minutes until this cheese is melty and delicious
And we’ll be back and we’ll show you what these pizza fries look like
Okay, guys while our pizza fries are in the oven coming to a delicious melty goodness
I thought that I wanted to take some time to share with you all about
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And what do you have to lose absolutely?
Nothing, you get to play a game for free you get some free coinage
You get some free power-ups, and it’s gonna just be a little bit of fun for you
So let’s go see what our pizza fries look like I can’t wait. I think they’re gonna be fantastic
There you have it our pizza fries are hot out of the oven and I think they look fantastic
Rick is like really excited about that morning Rick loves fries, and he loves pizza
So this is like a marriage of two of his favorite all-time things if I could fit Twinkies in here
it would be all over for him I
Know, but you even had Twinkies and like forever
Look at that look at that
cheesy goodness
How is it
Yes, yeah well probably not my cup of tea, but
It’s actually not bad at all no no it’s good a
Sprinkling of some pizza seasoning would really top it off perfectly and I wasn’t thinking when I put everything together
Those are really good
These are easy to make you can make a double batch put them on a big sheet pan
Just put them on your on your super bowl buffet
You can even make these in a casserole dish
And then just put out some tongs and let everybody serve themselves it’s gonna be great. They’re gonna love it
So I hope you like this, and if you liked today’s video, please consider giving me a thumbs up, and if you’re not already
If you’re new to my kitchen and you’re joining me for the first time welcome always a pleasure to
Welcome new friends in if you would look good. Yeah
I’m starting that over
So how easy was that pizza fries. I hope that you’ll give these a try if you liked today’s video
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Real easy recipes that we present all the time right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen
I hope that you give Pizza fries a try sometime soon, and I hope you love them and until next time. I’ll see ya


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