Pixie Belles Visit the Pretend Toy Hotel

(xylophone music)
– [Narrator] Tic Tac Toy
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(spring releasing)
(upbeat music)
Okay, I have you down for two
nights in the WowWee suite.
Thanks for choosing the Toy Hotel.
Where did all this glitter come from?
(spring releasing)
(upbeat music)
– What left this trail of
glitter all over the table?
So very odd.
– [Rosie] Hello
(spring releasing)
(cafe music)
(singing in French)
– Oh what is this?
A shiny, shimmery substance
on my pancake plate?
This plate won’t work.
That is better.
(spring releasing)
(upbeat music)
– Maya, Maya.
It’s time to wake up.
Did the Tooth Fairy come?
– Oh yeah. I just forgot
that I lost my tooth.
Let me check under the pillow.
There’s a key here.
– That’s not what the Tooth
Fairy usually brings us.
– Yeah, what do you suppose the key’s for?
– Hey, look over there.
– Whoa.
Where did all this come from?
– I have no idea but it’s so enchanting.
Hey, the key must be for this locker.
– You’re right, let’s open it.
(soft music)
(Esme sings)
– Wow, she’s so beautiful.
– And so mystical.
– [Esme] Hello.
– I just love her light up horn.
– Oh look, there’s a note in here.
– Really?
What does it say?
– Dear Addie and Maya,
there’s been an emergency
in the enchanted forest,
and I need your help watching
over my precious friends,
the Pixie Belles.
This is Esme, and you’ll
find her friends Aurora,
Rosie, and Layla around the Toy Hotel too.
– There’s more of you?
– When attached to their
Pixie Pods they love to spin,
dance, react to touch, sound, and motion.
However, they are
happiest when worn by you.
– I could wear you?
– My Pixie Belles love to be loved,
and I’m sure they’ll spin
their way into your hearts.
Many thanks, the Tooth Fairy.
– Wow, I can’t believe we
get to babysit Pixie Belles.
It’s way better than what the
Tooth Fairy usually gives us.
– For sure.
Let’s figure out how we wear Esme though.
– Okay Esme, I’m going to
wear you close to my heart.
– Okay, I think we need to
take that magnetic Pixie Pod,
and slide it under your shirt.
Then you can attach Esme to it.
– [Maya] Okay.
– Put it right here.
And now attach Esme to it.
– [Esme] Hello.
– [Addy] There you go.
– Her tail was tickling me.
(Esme laughs)
– (laughs) So cute.
– Today’s gonna be a magical day
with you by my side, Esme.
– For sure.
Now, let’s go get dressed
and find her friends.
– Give me a kiss Rosie.
(Rosie kissing)
(Natalie laughs)
– Thank you.
(Rosie squeaks)
– Hi housekeeper Natalie.
– Oh, good morning Addy.
– You found one of the Pixie Belles.
– I sure did.
I stumbled across Rosie
while I was dusting the lounge.
I just fell in love with
her graceful little wings,
her big magical eyes, and
the color changing horn.
– [Addy] And I love her
fluffy, striped tail.
– And don’t forget the
adorable little heart.
– Apparently, the Tooth Fairy
had to leave her Pixie friends
behind last night.
– Oh.
– So Maya and I are keeping
an eye on them for her.
(Rosie purrs)
– Well, I’ll let you
take care of Rosie then,
but before I hand her over,
let me show you some
fun things she can do.
– Okay, sounds great.
– Well, she woke up in
nurture mode this morning,
which apparently all Pixie Belles do.
And, I found out she just adores it
when you pet her head and back.
Watch this.
(Rosie squeaks)
– Aw how sweet.
– Now, try blowing in her face Addy.
– Alright.
(Rosie sneezes)
(laughs) That’s so cute.
– She sneezed.
– That’s probably the cutest
little sneeze I’ve ever heard.
– I know.
And now, try holding down her back.
(Rosie purrs)
– [Rosie] Uh oh.
– She tooted.
– I know.
Excuse you Rosie.
– At least it was a cute toot.
– Well, I better get back to dusting now.
I’ll let you take good care of Rosie.
Remember, Pixie Belles love to be loved.
– Oh, I know.
I’ll wear Rosie everywhere I go today.
– I know she’ll be in good hands.
– I’ll wear you on my shoulder Rosie.
(Rosie squeaks)
(spring releasing)
– Pixie Belles.
Wear your Belles.
So you must be the one responsible
for all the pixie dust we keep finding
all around the Toy Hotel.
– Good morning Lucy.
– Oh, hi there Maya.
– It looks like you found
another Pixie Belle.
– Yeah, do you know what
these are all about?
– Yeah, the Tooth Fairy left ’em,
and me and Addy are babysitting them.
(Esme squeaks)
– Oh wow.
– Hey. I think I found
something on the Pixie Belles.
– Oh great.
– Oh, hi Maya.
– Hi Bellhop Jason.
– Let me show you what I
found on the Pixie Belles.
– Oh great.
Come on Maya, let’s see what this is.
– Did you know?
(footsteps clicking)
(breaks skidding)
Pixie Belles can hang anywhere.
– So cool.
– [Narrator] Pixie Belles.
Pixie Belles.
Pixie Belles.
Pixie Belles.
Pixie Belles.
Pixie Belles.
Pixie Belles.
Pixie Belles.
(Pixie Belles Squeaking)
– Now you know, Pixie
Belles can hang anywhere.
(footsteps clicking)
– Whoa.
– Oh wow, those Pixie Belles are amazing.
– Well, I’m going to go
see if I can find anymore
around the Toy Hotel.
– Okay, let us know if you do.
– Look Maya, I got Aurora
out of the packaging.
(laughs) So you can love on her too.
(upbeat music)
– Thanks so much.
– Of course.
– Aw.
– And I read that if you
press her heart two times,
she should go into spin mode.
– Spin mode?
I got to see that.
– Now, let her give you
a kiss on the cheek,
and the longer you hold
it, the longer she’ll spin.
– Longer, and longer,
and longer, and longer.
(Aurora squeaks)
Whoa, that’s so funny.
– She’s still going.
Can I see if she’ll spin on my jacket.
– Sure.
– Perfect.
Power Pod, Pixie, here goes nothing.
(Aurora squeaking)
– [Maya] Look at her spin.
– And now, watch this.
– They’re moving to the claps.
– And, they’ll do the
same if you talk loudly.
– So super cool.
(spring releasing)
(Layla singing)
(upbeat music)
(Pierre singing in French)
– Hey chef Pierre.
– Oh, well hello Addy.
– Have you seen any Pixie
Belles in your kitchen?
– A Pixie what?
– Hey, there’s one right there.
Aw you’re cute.
– Oh yes.
That’s my good friend Layla.
I just met her in the
kitchen this morning.
(Layla squeaks)
She’s been a good help.
– How has she been a
good help Chef Pierre?
– Well, it gets lonely
cooking in my kitchen all day,
and she keeps me busy dancing.
– Dancing huh?
– Oh, sure.
She’s a great dancer.
Just click her heart
three different times,
and you’ll put her in dance mode
so you can see for yourself.
– Oh, I’ve got to check this out.
Alright let’s see you dance.
(dance music)
– Ah, you are definitely
in dance mode now.
(dance music)
– Love this.
– And she knows lots of songs and dances.
Check this out.
(Chef Pierre claps)
(dance music)
– I love these moves too.
– Ah, yes.
Each of her sensors activates
a different song and dance.
So, you can constantly switch things up.
– Let’s see what this does.
You know, I hate to break up
this dance party, Chef Pierre,
but we promised the Tooth
Fairy we’d keep an eye
on her Pixie Belles.
– Ah, not a problem.
I should probably get
back to work anyways.
But, before I do.
(dance music)
(spring releasing)
(keys clicking)
(telephone ringing)
– Hello, the Toy Hotel.
This is Lucy speaking.
Oh, it’s so nice to hear
from you Tooth Fairy.
Yes, I will be sure to let the girls know.
Thank you.
(spring releasing)
– Look at them.
(Pixie Belles squeaking)
We’ve had so much fun with you four today,
but Lucy said the Tooth Fairy’s
coming back for you tonight.
– Let’s trade the tails one
more time before we go to bed.
– Okay, good idea.
– [Both Girls] Swap.
– [Addy] Now lets trade Esme and Layla’s.
– [Both Girls] Swap.
– There you go.
You four have a good night’s sleep.
– We’ll miss you so, so much.
(Pixie Belles singing)
(spring releasing)
– Wake up Maya.
Let’s see if our Pixie
Belles made it home safely.
It looks like they made it home.
I miss them already.
– Me too.
– But hey look.
There’s a note here.
– What does it say?
– Dear Addy and Maya, thank you so much
for taking such great
care of my Pixie Belles.
They had such an amazing time
that they want to come
back and visit you soon.
Until then, I hope you
enjoy taking a piece
of Pixie Belles with you wherever you go.
Love, the Tooth Fairy.
– What do you think she means by that?
– I don’t know, but she
left the key and the locker.
Should we see what’s inside?
– Yeah, for sure.
– [Addy] OMG.
– The Pixie Belles’
fluffy tails are in here.
– She must have left them here with us
so we can wear them as accessories.
– How sweet.
A part of the Pixie Belles
will always be with us.
– How are you going to wear yours Maya?
– I’m going to wear
these two as bracelets.
– I think this one would
make a cool scrunchie,
and this one would be a
cool backpack accessory.
– Love that idea.
– Here we go.
How does it look?
– So adorbs.
– Come on Maya.
Let’s go show everyone at the Toy Hotel
what the Pixie Belles left behind for us.
– Coming right behind ya.
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(wind chimes)
(soft music)

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