Phim hoạt hình trẻ em | Tập 14 – Ông Già Noel | BINGO Và Các Bạn

Cartoon for Children BINGO AND FRIENDS SANTA CLAUS Where are you now, Santa Claus Mom, when will Santa Claus come? On Christmas midnight, babe Have you written a letter for him? Yes, I have, mom Dear Santa, My name is Bingo I’m 5 years old I wake up early go to school I can brush my teeth myself I can wear my shoes myself and I no more fussy with mom anymore Dear Santa I like a remote control car toy Do you know where to buy it Will you buy it for me, please I really appreciate for that. Thank you very much. Good! I will send this letter for you tomorrow Thank you mom Do you know when will Santa come? My mom said that Santa will come on Christmas night Wow, we will see him soon Have you written letters for him? Yes, I have My mom sent the letter to me What’s Santa’s hair color? Black like us, right? He’s old. I think his hair is white. He is no hair so he wears hat, right? Haha there is no Santa in the world Why not? He live in North Pole, and he can here anything you say I don’t believe. Why hasn’t anyone ever met Santa Because he just come when we’re deep sleeping Wait and see Your letters won’t reach him either Where are you now, Santa? Runi said there is no Santa in the world Right or wrong, mom? Do you believe there is a Santa? Yes, mom I think he’s in heaven and he can see anything I do Right, babe Life always has miracles that people cannot know it all As long as you believe in Santa, he will come to you. Yes, mom Ho ho ho Santa Claus! It’s not that I’m dreaming, right Are you Santa, aren’t you? Haha it’s me, boy! Yeah! Santa Claus is real in the world My friend said that there is no Santa in the world Please docile and study well I will come and give you a present Ding dong Believe in the miracles, the miracles will happen Ho ho ho Merry Christmas Hey hey guys Santa Claus is real I’ve received his present Oh, we’ve received his presents too Surprisingly even though I never told anyone my favorite present I received the right present I met Santa last night Wow He told that we believe in the miracles the miracles will happen He can understand us Do you believe there is a Santa, Runi? Yeah I believed. I have to try to study well to not betray him So do we Maybe he will happy when he know we’re nice Hi guys, do you believe in Santa? And I, I believe that Santa Claus embodies the messenger of peace He delivers gift bags to children around the world He brings joys and believe in a happy world As he said Life always has miracles As long as we believe and pray, miracles will come to us Merry Christmas Subscribe and ring a bell to watch newest videos


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