People Play Emoji Tattoo Roulette [Technically Speaking]

– Just gotta get the right shade
of poop brown for this& – Hi, I’m Amanda Mas from Amanda
Mas Tattoos. Today, people are coming in to
spin the wheel, and I’m going to
tattoo whatever they land on! – My name is Sheleque and I have
7 tattoos. – I have 15 or so tattoos. – I lost count! – I actually have a pizza rat
tattoo. – I don’t want this one. – Sh*tty situation though. – I could do without the
eggplant. – My Mom is gonna be so mad
about this! – I’m feeling a little bit
nervous. – Yes! – That’s what the f*ck I’m
talking about! – Um, it’s a little phallic. – I’m so happy I didn’t get the
poop, even though I am the sh*t. – I’m getting the alien ’cause
I’m outta this world. – It’s like a light serrated
knife just scrapin’ ya a lil’
bit. – I’ve never done an eggplant
emoji tattoo before. – I think my Mom will laugh and
like it, ’cause it’s kinda cute. – I can’t wait to text this to
my friends and tell him to keep
it one hundred. – You have any tattoos you don’t
like? – This says “Mars”, it’s
kind of like a coverup. A relationship could be going
great- once you get that tattoo,
and then once you get that
tattoo it’s downhill. – Believe it or not, a lot of
women get their boyfriends’
names on their vaginas. – Imma call him “Crappy the
Poop”. – Lil’ Crappy? – There ya go! – It feels like a vibrator you
know, like zzzzzzzz! – That’s the sound I love to
hear! – You’re done!
– It’s awesome. – Lil’ Crappy! – I f*ckin’ love it! – I never thought I would have
an emoji tattoo. – It’s the Praise Hands, duh!
Double high five emoji- that’s
awesome! – I got the 100 ’cause that’s
how I keep it! – Oh this is probably one of my
favorite experiences actually! – It’s a good story to tell. -For sure going to regret this
in 10 years.

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