Penn & Teller Show Off a Poker Game Card Trick

-You’re going to be at the Rio
at least until 2022,
which is incredible.
-They reupped us.
We are — You —
You were a little bit wrong
in your introduction.
-Not the longest-running
headliners in Vegas,
but the longest-running
headliners in Vegas history.
-Oh, gotcha, the history part.
[ Cheers and applause ]
I missed the history.
-And now —
And now we’re going longer
if we can get over one problem.
-What’s the problem?
-We’re playing Vegas,
and we have
the Penn & Teller Theater —
it’s at the Rio —
but Teller has
a gambling problem
that we’re trying to deal with.
And Teller has
the worst gambling problem
you can have in Vegas…
-…which is Teller always wins.
-Oh, yeah.
-And the casino
does not want him there.
So we told them
we’d come on the show tonight
and we would lose
in a hand of poker to you —
Teller would lose…
-…and then we would have
our contract up through 2022.
-So, all you got to do —
You know how to play poker,
-You won Celebrity Poker.
-Yes, the lowest level.
-Yeah, remedial poker.
[ Laughter ]
-And, so, we’re gonna have you
do just one hand of poker.
All you got to do is win.
-Okay, great.
-And don’t do —
We’re not gonna use —
See, this one —
We can’t use these cards.
Do you know how to check
for marked cards?
-You don’t?
-It’s called
“going to the movies.”
-And what you do
is you flip the cards.
If I can get this
right on the camera —
You flip the cards,
and if anything moves around
on the back —
can you see that? —
anything moves around
on the back…
[ Laughter ]
…that means
the cards are marked.
-‘Cause if they were uniform,
you’d see nothing there.
-So we’re not using —
Also, you have these two aces
on the bottom, ace on the top.
These are
how to do bottom deals and…
-Okay, gotcha.
-So, we’re gonna…
We want to be sure
he loses here.
-All right, great.
-So, we’ve got a deck of cards
that is harder to palm.
-Now, my hands
are bigger than Teller’s,
and I don’t think that
I would be able to palm these.
-Okay. Gotcha.
-And so, we’ll use —
we’ll use these.
And, you know, actually,
if he handles them,
he could still do —
so why don’t you just
count off 10 cards?
-All right, 10 cards?
-Two hands of poker.
-All right.
-Just — No, no, no,
right on top of each other.
-Okay. Gotcha. 1, 2, 3?
-Okay, yeah.
-4, 5, 6…
-…7, 8, 9, 10.
-Oh, now, give me —
give me those.
-Okay. Gotcha.
There you go.
-You got to get rid of these.
-Thank you.
[ Laughter ]
-And what we’re gonna do is —
all you got to do is win
a hand of poker…
-…and we’ll be fine.
Then we have to —
we get the whole deal there.
-All right.
-Here we go.
He’s gonna deal them out here.
And, actually, I don’t feel good
about Teller dealing.
-I don’t feel good about that.
So why don’t you tell —
He dealt this one to you
and this one to him.
-But you tell us —
which one do you want?
Do you want to go
with the one he dealt you?
-I’m gonna take Teller’s.
Pull that over for yours…
-Okay, great.
…and put that over for Teller.
-All right.
-Now this next one,
you’ll pick either
of the two cards you want.
We’re gonna put two cards down.
-Pick either one.
Which one do you — Which one —
-This one. This one.
-Okay. Pull that one over.
-All right, great.
-Pull that one over.
Now, we’ll give you
another chance.
Pull — Pick
the one you want for this one.
-I’ll take this one.
-All right?
-Okay. Okay. Those two work.
Now, this one for Teller —
these will be the stinky ones.
Pick the worst card here.
Put that over in Teller’s pile.
-That’s one’s the worst card.
-Put it in Teller’s pile.
-All right. There you go.
Now we’ll give another bad one
for Teller.
-Now, you’re making
all the choices.
-Okay, gotcha. So that’s a bad
one for Teller right there.
-Bad one for Teller.
-I’ll put it over in Teller’s.
-Right there. Good.
-There we go.
-And we’ll do
another good one for you.
-Okay. I’ll take this one
as the good one.
-Good. Take it.
-All right, great.
-Now do another bad one
for Teller.
-That’s the bad one right there.
-Okay, put it right over there.
-All right. There we go.
-And now
we’re gonna do something
that’s never been done…
-…’cause you got to win, Seth.
Look at your cards.
-‘Cause you’re gonna decide
what card you want.
-You got two cards
to choose from here.
What do you got here?
You got a…
-…9 of hearts, king of spades.
-All right.
-Which do you want?
-I’m gonna take the 9 of hearts.
-You’re sure?
-You had a choice, now,
on every card that went there.
-I had a choice. Okay.
-Okay, all you got to do is win.
-And what does that end —
What do you end up with there?
-I have a very strong hand.
I have a — I have a full house.
-Oh. 9s back with aces.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Yeah. Yeah.
-Yeah, there’s no way.
-Okay. We’ll be able to do —
’cause Teller doesn’t even —
yeah, he doesn’t have
two that match —
doesn’t even have a match.
-They’re — They’re —
They’re all different.
It’s just a royal flush.
[ Laughter ]
-[ Laughs ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
So, um…
we’ll be — we’ll be in Vegas,
but probably at
the David Copperfield Theater.
-Yeah, probably.
-I don’t know.
-Give it up for Penn & Teller,
[ Cheers and applause ]


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