Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Gameplay Runthrough

hey everybody welcome back and thank you for your patience so that overlong set up there’s just so much to talk about I really wanted to give a full view of how everything worked and so but now at long last we can finally start fighting off the attack on Sand Point although well there today we have a suppressed a special surprise guest appearance by my wife Jennifer hello everybody say hi to Jen basically what happened is she heard me she was in the other room she heard me say about how this was going to be a real adventure I mean I was gonna be using our two characters whatever we find we really keep you know if we live or die it’s real this is all counts and then she said hey wait a minute if you’re using my character I am gonna be in there I’ll be making decisions for my character Thanks and I said well honey that means you have to be in the video and so we reached an agreement and so she is sitting over here with her stuff and I’ll be sitting over here and you’re getting two for the price of one today and the rise of the rune Lords attack on sad point Pathfinder adventure game okay so let’s jump right into it now I will be the first player at all actually the first thing that Jen said is when she came along said we are not starting in the town square we are definitely starting in the cathedral like okay honey specifically because because Jen actually has a lot of blessings in her deck and this the special thing here about being able to if you defeat a monster you get your blessings back she really liked that she wanted to start over there so she said hey that’s what we’re starting I’m okay pooped and so there we are so he just moved that around moved the decks around so she can reach where she’s gonna be because let’s see we’re gonna start playing I’ll be the first player and the back page of the manual is a very very nice summary sheet of a bunch of stuff but most most importanly the turnover first thing you do every turn every player’s turn you advance the blessing stack now this is a stack of 30 randomly chosen blessing cards you can see there’s still some in the box 30 random blessing cards and this is a timer we have 30 turns 3-0 turns to finish this adventure before time runs out and we just automatically lose now so far in every game we played we haven’t even come close to running out of time I don’t know if it seems like it’s a very very soft time or maybe with more players and makes more of a difference but anyway I’m gonna go first so I reveal the first one which is a blessings of the gods that’s the bog-standard blessing and I put it down to indicate it’s my turn so I’ve advanced the blessings deck and now if I want to this is optional I can give a car to another player at same location this is why Jen and I always start in the same location every round every game because I found almost every game we played I always end up I have five weapons in my deck of my in my deck of 15 cards so every time I’ve always started with a couple of weapons in my hand and I have this time too I’ve got my death bein light crossbow thanks again for finding that honey which I’m not giving her but I am gonna give her my sling so because the interesting thing is Jen’s character lynnie has no weapons I’ve mentioned this in the setup she cannot have weapons but at the beginning of the game there’s nothing stopping me from giving her a weapon and we’ve always done this I always give her one of my range weapons then that’s why she chose to level up her dexterity so that she’s better with all these ranged weapons I keep feeding her okay so that means I’m actually starting with a hand of four and one less hit point I basically given a hit point to Jen because the number of cards we have in our deck is our life if I ever run out of these cards and I have to draw a card and there’s nothing here I die and it’s perma death it is the real death to quote True Blood so it is something to bear in mind and you’ll I don’t want to die because he’s got a lot of really cool stuff you know I’ve been playing with him now I’m gonna played what five or six games he is not gonna die today not on my watch anyway though so I did use my option of giving a card to another player now if I want to I can move to no vacations it’s aa slash likens all slots I can stay where I am or I can move and then finally we get into the meat of the game I explore wherever I go and I am gonna move I’m now I’m gonna move away because Jay and I have found actually with this combination of characters it’s good that we split up because specifically by horse had this cool ability where I can recharge a card which basically means take a card from my hand and put it at the bottom of my deck whenever I discard a card that’s basically like losing a hit point you know because you’re it’s youdescribe pally can’t use anymore but if I take a card and put it to viola my deck I didn’t lose any hit points you see so basically I can recharge a card and add a one d for the four-sided die to any combat check in another location so because I’m this great range guy I could run over to the other side of town and I could still keep an eye on Jen if she gets in trouble I could discard a card – pew fire an arrow off to help her in a fight so that’s why we usually split up and then what happens is I usually go get the crap beaten out of me and then I come crawling back to her so she can cast The Cure’s spell on me and heal me but you know it works it works you know we’ve got a good plan Galia system so I’m gonna come over here to the Swallowtail Festival primarily because this is a brand new card we’ve never seen this card before as you can see this is a location one this is in the new you know the the expansion the rise that comes with the game so I just wanna come over here is it’s a new place now at my location at the start of my turn I can see well it doesn’t matter at the start of my turn I was in the cathedral so I can’t do this so I’ll worry about that next turn and so basically I’ve arrived and now I have to explore it’s really simple I just flip the top card and see what I found and Wow right off the bat I found the villain I found rip nugget and stick foot this is the guy you can see he’s a cute little goblin on cue the gigantic gecko which I guess is the size of a probably a Saint Bernard or something like that I have found him and I have – this is who we have to be if we beat this guy we win the entire the entire scenario but it’s not going to be that easy because he’s going to get chance to run away now so I’m gonna get a chance to fight him and interestingly actually this is first time I’ve ever seen this honey we have to hit him twice first he has to be beaten with combat and then oh because we have to beat stick foot his his lizard and then we have to beat him in comet so he has to be beaten twice to actually win and this is interesting both Jen and I if we were both together if Jenna over here with me she could help I could fight one and she can fight the other but since we split up I’m gonna have to fight both of these by myself so anyway but now here’s the first thing after this fight is over whether I beat them or not oh you know whether I hurt him or he hurts me either way he is gonna run away he is gonna go hide himself in one of the decks it could be any of the decks but now before he before I fight him before he gets chance to run away Jin has that option to try to close the location she is in if she does that that means the the Sanford Cathedral it means we flipped this everything is gone and this is not a place he can run to then he can only run to one of these three places so Jen has the option to attempt closing this down but there’s a downside to it if she does that all this cool stuff goes away and Jen was really looking forward to exploring this because there’s some blessed there’s three blessings in here there’s two spells there’s an ally and yeah I just said honey if you want any oh you didn’t see she could shut this down honey you have the option to shut down too are you she is not going to she’s being a little greedy we’re here trying to stop this guy from escaping but Jen’s gonna know I just want to go search to the cathedral okay so Jen could shut if she wanted to she would attempt to close this now by banishing a blessing or Father’s antis if she had she doesn’t have father chances but she does have a blessing she could banish this blessing banished means removed permanently this is not a temporary thing it goes back in the box and Jen forever loses forever her the blessing of the goddess Kellie college trio so and you don’t want to do that do you so she had the option but she’s not going to alrighty so now we continue on and now I am going to engage ripp nugget and his trusty steed in combat that’s a little bit closer okay now before the encounter so before the fight even happens I have to succeed at a stealth check I have no stuff I am NOT a stealthy guy at all or the difficulty Dawid rib nugget is increased by two so I have to sneak up on him and if I don’t he gets tougher he goes from a 10 to a 12 which is very very tough so and he’s got a little quote there he’s always got a little it’s a goblin song like Tolkien do you want to sing the song no all right got feet crowns got big knives got big gems for goblin wives me Big Chief him big gecko nothing to make your face go a wreck oh okay that’s not exactly Tolkien it’s not 15 birds in five four trees but it’ll do that’s that’s very very cute that’s very sweet a lot of flavor you’ll actually this is mostly river scene but you know anyway so I have to first of all try and sneak up on him I have to do a stealth of nine now i stealth is a subset of dexterity I don’t have it I’ve got a subset ranged so basically I have no stuff you know we’ve seen stealthy boots and like potions of stealth I have none of that stuff so when you don’t have the skill and I don’t that means you’re crappy at it and you always have to roll the d4c for instance if I if I want to do fortitude my fortitude under my Constitution I get to roll as 12 sided dice but since i have no stealth i have to roll a four-sided die which means it’s impossible for me to beat a 9 now we could throw some blessings at it it’s throw blessings of the gods you know i could throw a blessing of the gods Jen could throw a blessing of Calista every time you use a blessing yo Jen could bless me and your ask for blessings and Calista will bless me even though she on the other side of town I would add another side so if we both ruin a blessing I get to roll 3 I get to roll this three times but even still that’s a long shot of beating a 9 went on average you’re gonna get a 2 out of this so I think I’m just gonna I’m just gonna I’m gonna fail what did I get and it’s a 3 and I failed to sneak up on red million stick but so he is actually a 9 and a 12 this guy’s gonna work me over I might be having to go bake for some healing sooner than I thought okay so didn’t sneak up on him rip nugget is increased by two now we get into the fighting he is a monster to beat him I do a check I’m gonna do a combat check first I’m gonna do a combat check against stick foot his steed and I have to meet or beat I have to hit a nine basically nine or better so how do I do combat well I’ve got a cup well no I don’t jen has a lot of options Jen could use the sling I gave her or she could use her big nuke spell the Holy Light which is a super powerful spell especially against undead or she could literally turn into a bear she has a special power that lets her turn into her animal form and she could fight her as an animal Jen’s got a lot of options me I got a crossbow that’s it so I think I’ll just go with the crossbow if I had the sling I could use the sling instead but you know and then this sling is good because it does bludgeoning damage which you dungeon dragons geeks know is good against skeletons but this guy is not particularly weak I’m just gonna use my crossbow now how’s that work I have to play my card however basically for my combat check I reveal it now what that means is I show everybody at the table I’ve got it I am NOT going to discard this card it stays in my hand I can use this turn after turn fight after fight after fight because all I have to do is reveal it which means keep it and so I reveal it and that means I’m going to get to roll my dexterity or ranged and then on top of that I get to roll a 1 d8 and I get to add one to the whole thing and if I was fighting Undead I’d get to roll another a bit but this is not undead this is a goblin so I don’t get this special super undead the death bane ability but c’est la vie also if I’m proficient in weapons which I am I am proficient with weapons I want to I can discard this and add an additional one d4 at another location or one d8 if it’s against an undead so I’m not gonna do any of that stuff though that’s for helping Jan in a fight let’s see so I’ve got to beat a 9 I’m gonna use this I reveal it and that means I choose my die my dexterity or my range and if I look at my dexterity my dexterity is a d 8 + 1 because I love that my dexterity but my ranged is my dexterity + 3 so I’m gonna choose ranged because that’s what I’m a ranger that’s what I’m good at so that means it’s a d 8 + 1 + 3 so it’s a d 8 + 4 so I take the d 8 I’m gonna roll this in that part and then I’m gonna roll it again and add one more to it and now we have an option before I roll we actually is all laid out over here when you attempt checks first you determine the skill you’re using I just did I’m using ranged then you determine the difficulty it’s gonna be a 9 things you might change it might make you go higher or lower but I know my difficulty is a 9 then I play cards and not just me anybody any player can play cards that affect my check or I can use my powers then after I’ve done that I settle my dice I’m a I make the roll I take damage if I lose and then I resolve the check alright now I could add more by giving up my blessing of God so as you see if I discard this card I’ll add another die so that means I get to roll my d8 8 a third time Jen can do the same thing she could give up her blessing which allows her patience you know how these go your turn will come shortly discard this card and add oh well it’s really good if I was doing a non-combat dexterity because I guess this is the goddess of non-combat dexterity but I can all gencode discard it to add one to my check and that means not what do you think I mean I gotta fight this guy twice though and the second fight is the 12 if we’re gonna give those up I should probably do it on the second fight well you’re gonna fight him and he’s gonna run away anyway I don’t think you should blow everything yeah but if if I if I don’t get a good showing I’ll lose a lot of cards and I’ll take a big hit well okay I’ll fight the wait to see how the go how it goes with the lizard first and if he really works me over hard maybe well that’s the thing if he if he hurts me hard I might lose my blessings who are you exposed to use it okay Jan agrees so I’m not taking any chances this is probably overkill but I’m gonna throw in my blessing of the gods as well because I’m worried I’m gonna she’s only a 9 let’s think about this for a second I’m gonna get to roll this twice and add 4 so that’s 4 plus 4 Ellen average you gotta assume in each side I on average is gonna give you a 4 so it’s 4 plus 4 plus 4 that’s a 12 he’s a 12 no but right if I’m fighting the lizard first so I should be able to be delivered with my super crossbow okay let’s go with it okay so I’m gonna roll this twice and is there anything else I could do my portion of fortitude just helps me in a 4-2 to check but I’m not gonna be doing any 402 checks this ghostly form lets me AV lets me banish this card and choose a character in my location in that character can evade a barrier so if I run into a barrier and it was gonna really work me over I could poof disappear in a ghostly form I’m not gonna use either of those I’m gonna save my blessing to the God for the second fight I’m just gonna show my crossbow which means I get to roll to d8 and I get to add for 1 plus oh no 5 it’s 1 2 3 4 5 I get to add 5 to the roll all right here we go this should be fine roll twice and add 5 a 1 that is not a promising start roll again and this time we need a 7 Oh Nate all right so that’s 9 add 5 14 smacked him ok stick foot is down but now I move on to his boss who is very angry because he’s because I didn’t sneak up on him he’s at 12 I gotta do this again if somebody else were here they could take the second fight in nursing lee even if I had lost against the first fight I would still have to do the second fight because I’m fighting both of these so now let’s see I got to get a 12 now what I just got a 14 why did you add five huh because I get plus one you know it’s a I roll my regular die if I roll this twice once we write my reins and one spritz I got plus 1 here plus 1 here and plus 3 there okay so I so I get plus 5 we okay so I I really I don’t need to give up a blessing he is at 12 you know it and I would really suck as if I didn’t use this blessing and then I had to lose it to damage so for the big guy I am gonna throw out my blessing so that means and now Jin I don’t think you’re gonna throw your blessing away on it why don’t you let me use mine really because I’ve got six cards yeah you could use that six card to explore a second time okay yeah I mean – I mean plus I mean you get this special bond that oh but if it’s in your discard that’s cool see gens interesting spot if she uses her blessing it goes into a discard pile the special thing of the Sand Point Cathedral is whenever she beats a monster she can take a blessing from her discard pile and add it to her hand so you would get that back okay so where are we gonna use your blessing instead of mine okay so Jen is discarding her blessing and that means I’m going to get to roll this three times instead of two to hit the 12 of of what’s-his-name of rip Naga all right so three times and then add five five eight nine 10 plus 5 is 15 and if we had not done that osya 15 would be in 13 I still would have so Jen didn’t need to use it if I’d only roll twice I would have barely beat him by one but I would have beat him okay so rip nugget and stick foot are no more now sometimes it says the on defeat do stuff but he doesn’t have that but after you do any what’s it called any resolve the check I didn’t take any damage I resolve the check which means you know if it said all y’all to the check do certain things but he doesn’t now you think yeah we won but nope he is gonna sneak off and so what we do is we draw three random cards from the blessing deck outside of the game one two three okay and we add here and we shuffle those up oh it’s so nice to have a shuffling assistant alrighty shuffle those up and now one of each of those goes in each of the villages so we have no idea where he is yeah and just put anything you have shuffle the whole deck this would be a real pain for me to do with one hand let’s just watch Jen’s beautiful hands adorned by various and sundry jewelry thingies Jim could have been a handball couldn’t she folks have you recently done have you got a manicure lately no all right Jen’s not really wanted to talk much today she talks quite a bit more when we play but I think she’s a little bit self-conscious about being on camera even just her hands in her voice okay so he has run away we have no idea where he has run off to and at the same time some blessings appear now here’s the deal if I had not beaten him if you know say when I had you know I’d rolled snake eyes on all that stuff and I after my three roles in my plus five I had only had a nine and he was coming at me with a twelve that means he would have done the difference three points of damage to me that means I would have had to choose three cards to discard and then he still would have run away but when he ran away instead of taking random cards from the blessing they would have come from the timer so every time you lose against the boss and they run away it digs through the timer that much faster but no problem we beat him easy peasy and off he goes now that was a very long explore phase because it’s you know that can’t happen that you run right in the back guy and if Jen had not been greedy and had taken the chance to close this down he would have only had three places thrown away – but Jen she wants she wants to give some stuff she wants to she basically wants the fat loot that’s what she’s here for and so she didn’t close him down so he might be over there he might be we might run into him next turn who knows or he might be right here he might be screwing with us okay so we reach now I’ve done my explore if I want to before my turn is over I could explore again because I’ve still got my blessing of the gods as you can see one of the things that give you can do several things but one of the things you can do is I could discard it and explore so I could do another explore right off the bat but Jen’s been very patient so I don’t thing I’m going to explore I’m gonna let her so I’m just going to hold on to this for later um well you might run in trouble I’m I need to help you with it right and we’re not in any particular rush right so after the explore if if if there were no cards if I had completely gone through this entire deck I could try to close the location but obviously that’s not gonna happen for a while and so now I reset my hand I mean this card any cars I don’t like and I basically have to get my hand size to my hands or Ryan hands eyes and then it might turn my hand size is by default five although someday I could level it up so I wears it so over here is by default five I could someday level it up to six but for now it’s five so I’ve got four if I didn’t like any of these I could get rid of them but I’m happy with all this stuff I’m just gonna draw one and see what I get and I got another crossbow mmm I might take this over to Jen and give her a crossbow and upgrade that sling I gave her although actually they’re both quite nice okay anyway so now that was the end of my turn and now it is Jen’s turn first thing you do on a turn is the timer continues and the rules suggest doing this that every time you put a card out put it facing in the player who did it cuz it’s really easy to forget this step and you always so if you do and you’re like hey oh crap I don’t think did you mean you can just this becomes a really simple reminder of hey look it’s not pointing you so you forgot to do your thing so Jen has put out her timer and now it is her turn she could I’ve done first of all she could there’s nobody that she can’t give anything she could move but she’s just been very patient she is gonna go straight to exploring so please explore and what did you find honey a goblin pyromaniac okay this is we’ve never seen destroy this is one of the new guys okay so after the encounter the Goblin pyromaniac pyro will deal one damage so even after he dies the flame will get you so he’s an easy he’s a medium level guy he’s at got an eighth to beat now also crap I forgot one thing during this scenario the attack on Sand Point if you ever defeat a monster with the goblet this is still on my turn I forgot about this if you ever need a monster with a goblin trait roll a 1 d6 on a1 every character in that location takes fire damage does all these guys are basically carrying grenades you know fire grenades so I forgot to do this after I beat him because he was a goblin if I rolled a 1 I would have taken some fire damage so let’s see if I if before he escaped if he hit me on the way out a – he did not okay so that was fine now Jen is gonna guarantee that because I assume she will beat him after she beats him she’ll take 1 point of damage so she’s no she’s going to discard at least one card and she’ll have to do this check as well every Goblin we run across as you can see this has the goblin trait is gonna have that problem so that’s what Jen is done are and so now Jen has to decide does she want to fight with the range with the sling I gave her zap him with a spell or discard a card and turn into a bear Jen’s gonna fight him with a sling ok so now for her combat check she reveals this card again she keeps it keeps in her hand reveal a card and roll her dexterity or ranged now she doesn’t have the rain scale so it’ll be her dexterity and adds a d6 now instead of revealing it she could discard this and add another before now i’m Stingley normally you wouldn’t do that but if i’m gonna come over to you on my turn and give you this crossbow and i mean you you like the crossbow better than the anyway so do you want to are you gonna hold on to it anyway yes ok well now here’s another thing jen has a druid has certain powers when you play an ally with an animal traits you can okay well now that doesn’t matter right now she’s not gonna she’s not gonna instead of whenever she would have to use an animal to discard it she can recharge it instead you know they don’t they don’t get lost they go back into her deck that’s nice but here’s the important thing also the bottom line whenever you’re doing any check if it’s strength or dexterity you can discard a card and roll at n-side die that’s for turning into a big monster but she’s not gonna do that she’s doing the middle of a bear yes Stephen Colbert is worth notch America instead you can reveal an ally with the animal trait and another d4 to her and she could Hubble great that’s a plus one plus two she is gonna do that before she does her attack she reveals her sling she also reveals her snake to say what’s the snakes name a Slytherin I put her on the spot but apparently she already had a name for it slithering is gonna help so slithering is gonna generate a 1.d4 for helping out because of Jim’s special druid power and her default dexterity is a d6 isn’t it yep it’s a d6 and she gets two so her default 66 plus another d6 also she’s leveled up her dexterity is just he’s gonna get +1 on that so she’s got this twice this once and one more that’s my plus one and now if she wanted she could also add her luck stone to the mix but I think you’re holding on to this right if I wanted I could throw in my blessings of God which the literal again do you think I should use it or you’re pretty confident so I’m gonna save this and then she’s gonna be regretting it when this come when she rolls all ones anyway so you’re rolling the d6 twice it’s a two three so yeah and that’s a four all right oh wait no that’s seven so this was four plus seven plus one remember you leveled up I think so she just barely by the skin of her teeth beat it and so she hit the eight and she defeated him you have to meet or beat it so now this guy’s toast and unlike the the villain who runs away he just goes back to the box but before he does remember you happy you he deals one damage to you so you have to give something up you’re giving up your luck stone okay and as a scenario thing you have to roll the one d6 and on a one you’ll have to give something else up nope yummy you I mean you can gentle enduring she’s asking silently flying language this has recharged when you when you have to instead of discarding this succeed at a wisdom or survival check and recharge it that’s only if you use this if you use this thing special powers of adding one to your checks and stuff like that you can maybe get it back but you lost this because of the fire text so there’s no saving it your choice you have to discard something because of that damage I will come over and give you my crossbow okay now you also because of the event where you have to roll and if you get a 1 you have to get destroyed something else a 5 ok so no big deal so that is Jen’s and this guy goes back to box now this is interesting um whenever we did whenever we defeat a bad guy when we try to get a spell and we fail everything goes back to the box but when there’s a reminder here that once we make it to once we have finished the hook Mountain Massacre which is the third adventure we’re only in the first dimension once we finish the third adventure which hasn’t even been released yet what will happen is low level stuff instead of going back to the box whenever you vanish a you instead putting it back to the box you remove it from the game permanently you put it in one of these boxes because it’s gone forever slowly over time low level slubs get wheat you end this video like this basic if Jim had to ever banish her card normally would go back to the box and we could find it again someday but you know after we make it to that level all basic stuff is removed from the game perma so that’s actually a really cool thing that over time all the low level stuff will disappear and only be high level stuff and we’re a high level guys anyway this guy for now just go back to the box with the other monsters and that was Jen’s Explorer phase now cutie spork no you can’t now wait a minute now remember Jen at this that she defeated a monster so she can add a blessing from her discard pile back to her hand so you’re gonna do that I assume so you know basically she traded her sling if the end result she traded her sling for her blessing and next turn I’ll come over I’ll give her a light crossbow and she’s got a weapon again everything is good with the world ok so are you gonna do anything to explore anymore I don’t think you can you have no way to explore so now it’s the end of her turn this is ranch you could discard stuffs you could draw stuff are you just gonna stick stick alright so she’s sticking and so now it is my turn again I draw it’s the blessing of in order that’s our thing these times that come up this is just a timer but if I ever use my blessing of the Gods it has its standard thing of if I find it in town I automatic virus you if I discard it you’ve seen it’s discarding it that adds one to a check if I discard it I get member I talked about this I could have explored him in my location but I didn’t this is the interesting thing about a standard blessing of the gods you can treat this as if it were the top card of the blessings so I could either whenever I need to use this I could treat it as a blessing of the gods and have these abilities or I could treat it as the blessing of irori and have this which means I could use this to add two dice to a non-combat intelligence test so if on my turn I find a spell that needs somebody really smart to do it my blessing of the god could turn into this blessing of an ork but we’ll worry about that later because it’s been a half an hour now Jen and I have each done one move only one but I think you kind of got an idea of how this game plays every turn we move around we try to figure out the best place to be you know sometimes you don’t move at all it just makes sense to stay oh we totally forgot when you were fighting I had a special power the reason we split up toys forgot about that is one gem is fighting at Goblin I could have recharged one of my cards I probably taking this ghostly form put it under the deck and that means I would have been able to add another one before and she would have totally forgot sorry honey pie you beat him anyway but that would be really bad if you hadn’t and then I hadn’t helped but anyway that’s why it’s good for us to split up because I can help her from afar when I remember to derp I’m glad I’m not the only one forgetting these things and but anyway so every turn you move around or you stay where you are you explore you deal with whatever you find sometimes you do multiple explorers sometimes you find really big things sometimes you find really simple things and then you keep going until you’ve hunted down the guy he has no place else to escape to and when you defeat him you win the mission that’s how it plays now if you’d like to watch some more we’ll definitely do some extended I see do understand or just want to go straight to the end I think I’m surprised how much we showed there I think no okay we’ll do it extended and we’ll see how long it goes maybe we’ll do an end game to be anyway there’s buttons on the screen pick one of them your choice final thoughts whatever in five four three two one thanks everybody


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